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A. Ross Eckler, Deputy Director
Howard C. Grieves, Assistant Director

Conrad Taeuber, Assistant Director
Morris H. Hansen, Assistant Director for Statistical Standards

Lowell T. Galt, Assistant Director for Operations

Walter L. Kehres, Assistant Director for Administration Calvert L. Dedrick, Chief, International Statistical Programs Office

A. W. von Struve, Acting Public Information Officer


The Statistical Abstract of the United States was prepared under the direction of Edwin D. Goldfield, Chief, Statistical Reports Division. Compilation was under the supervision of William Lerner, Assistant Chief, assisted by Dorothy M. Belzer for editorial supervision and Charles S. James, Jr., for planning and review.

The cooperation of the many contributors to this volume is gratefully acknowledged. The list of sources of tables (pp. 956–959) and the source note below each table credit the various government and private agencies which have collaborated in furnishing information for the Statistical Abstract.

JUNE 1960.

Library of Congress Card No. 4–18089


U.S. Bureau of the Census, Statistical Abstract of the United

States: 1960. (Eighty-first edition.) Washington, D.C., 1960.



The Statistical Abstract of the United States, published annually since 1878, is the standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of : the United States. It is designed to fulfill two functions: First, to serve as a con

venient volume for statistical reference; and second, to serve as a guide to other statistical publications and sources. The latter function is served by the introductory tert to each section, the source notes appearing below each table, and the Bibliography of Sources (page 961).

This volume includes a selection of data from many important statistical publications, both governmental and private. The publications cited as sources usually | contain additional statistical detail and a more complete discussion of relevant defini. tions and concepts than can be presented here. Where contributing agencies are cited as sources, without mention of publications, more detailed information frequatly is available from their unpublished tabulations and records.

Emphasis in the Statistical Abstract is given primarily to national data. Data for regions and individual States are presented to a lesser extent. Statistics for outlying areas of the United States are included in the State tables whenever available and supplemented by specialized information for these areas in section 33. Statistics for cities or other relatively small geographic units appear only in a few instances.

Wherever possible, statistics shown for the United States represent the 50 States and the District of Columbia. Figures for the 2 new States, Alaska and Hawaii, are presented separately in State tables, and are also included in United States summary tables, whenever such figures are available. However, figures for the new States were not available for many of the tables presented. Statements specifying inclusion or exclusion of the figures for Alaska and Hawaii appear in the headnotes to each table unless the inclusion or exclusion is self-evident. In the State tables in shich States are arrayed by census geographic divisions, Alaska and Hawaii are included in the West Region and the Pacific Division.

To maintain comparability between current figures and those for earlier years, a Des term "conterminous United States” or “conterminous area” has been adopted to represent the United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the outlying areas such as Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.).

To supplement the growing amount of information shown in other sections of the book, during this transitional period section 33, “Outlying Areas ...", continues to present data for Alaska and Hawaii.

Changes in the 1960 edition.—This edition, the 81st annual issue, presents data for the most recent year or period available during the early part of 1960.

Each year, in addition to the normal bringing up to date of the over 1,200 tables and charts included, new tables of current interest are introduced. Data that are less timely are eliminated and format and text changes are made where considered advisable.

This year, publication of the new edition of Historical Statistics of the United States (see "Supplements," below) made it appropriate to coordinate the tables presented in this edition of the Abstract with the time series in the new supplement. Appendix I ipp. 952-954) links the series in Historical Statistics to the tables containing comparable and more recent figures in this Abstract. In addition, current Abstract tables bave been annotated to relate them to specific series in Historical Statistics. These aids enable users of Historical Statistics to bring many of the series in that volume up to date, and users of the Abstract to find earlier data in the historical volume.

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