Victimology: Victimisation and Victims' Rights

Sampul Depan
Taylor & Francis Group, 2008 - 256 halaman
How should the needs of those injured in the 7/7 terrorist attacks be met by the criminal justice system? Have the rights of victims been neglected in order to ensure that a defendant is brought to 'justice'? Who are the victims of crime and why are they targeted? This new textbook examines the theoretical arguments surrounding victims before examining who the victims of crime actually are and the measures taken by the criminal justice system in order to enhance their position. Particular attention is paid to women, homosexuals, ethnic minorities and the elderly as victims and students are introduced to alternative models of victim participation in criminal proceedings within other European jurisdictions providing an enlightening comparative analysis. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach which encompasses law, sociology and social policy, this textbook is ideal for undergraduates taking an option in victimology, race and crime, or domestic violence whatever their disciplinary background.

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