The Agricultural magazine, and journal of scientific farming [afterw.] The Agricultural magazine and farmers' journal [afterw.] The Agricultural magazine and plough [afterw.] The Agricultural magazine, plough, and farmers' journal. Mar. 1845-Dec. 1847. Jan. 1854-Dec. 1856, July 1870

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Halaman 199 - These streams in this district almost universally have worn their channels through the substance of the bog down to the clay or limestone gravel underneath, dividing the bog into distinct masses, and presenting in themselves the most proper situations for the main drains, and which, with the assistance of art, may be rendered effectual for that purpose. " Such is the internal structure of the bogs in this district.
Halaman 86 - ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. A WEEKLY COUNCIL was held at the Society's house in Hanover-square, on Wednesday, the 26th of February ; present:—P.
Halaman 29 - ... gluten in wheat. Though the general composition of plants is very analogous, yet the specific difference in the products of many of them, prove that they must derive different materials from the soil; and though the vegetables having the smallest...
Halaman 296 - ... manure, a sufficient quantity of these ingredients in a state to be immediately taken up ; the second, that of waiting until the action of decomposing agents disengages a fresh portion of those ingredients from the soil (as by letting the land remain fallow) ; and the third, that of accelerating this decomposition by mechanical and chemical means. Thirdly, that it is probable that in most districts a sufficient supply of phosphoric acid and of alkali for the purposes of agriculture lies locked...
Halaman 233 - Town, Ireland, a summary of which was published in the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, Vol. IV., it appears that an average of nine and a half quarts of the milk of the -Galloways produced a pound of butter.
Halaman 234 - June), it will be fit to mow green by the middle of September, and in favourable seasons may be fed off again in November, without preventing its giving ample feed in spring, and a good crop of grain at the next harvest. It might be advantageous to introduce this variety into England, if it be not already known.
Halaman 102 - In 1531 a statute was enacted, requiring that, under certain penalties, " for every sixty acres of land fit for tillage, one rood should be sown with flax and hemp-seeil.
Halaman 308 - ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND A Weekly Council was held at the Society's House in Hanover-square on Wednesday, the...
Halaman 335 - Queen." (The toast was drunk with all the honours.) "Her Majesty Queen Adelaide," (cheers). " His Royal Highness Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales , and the rest of the royal family.
Halaman 269 - Every child knows it, and the little village groups which perambulate the hedges for the first offspring of the year, amuse themselves by hanging circlets of its stalks linked like a chain round their necks : yet if we examine this in all the stages of its growth, we shall pronounce it a beautiful production ; and its blossom, though often a solitary one, is perhaps the very first that enlivens the sunny bank of the hedge in the opening year, peeping out from withered leaves, dry stalks, and desolation,...

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