Essays on Political and Social Science: Contributed Chiefly to the Edinburgh Review

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853

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Halaman 260 - The taste for luxury, the love of war, the sway of fashion, and the most superficial as well as the deepest passions of the human heart, co-operated to enrich the poor and to impoverish the rich. From the time when the exercise of the intellect became...
Halaman 89 - He that is unjust, let him be unjust still ; he that is filthy, let him be filthy still : behold I come quickly, to give to every man according as his work shall be ! " The prevalent immorality showed itself to the French themselves in many minute symptoms which were unobservable by other...
Halaman 328 - Chancellor of the Exchequer as well as First Lord of the Treasury; Bruce, created Lord Aberdare, President of the Council; Bright, who had retired through ill-health (Dec.
Halaman 350 - They were men to gain whose hearts and the hearts of their fathers, had been the aim and exultation of his life. They had extended to him an unlimited confidence and an admiration without stint. They had...
Halaman 365 - All my life long, I have beheld with most respect the man Who knew himself, and knew the ways before him ; And from among them chose considerately, With a clear foresight, not a blindfold courage ; And, having chosen, with a steadfast mind Pursued his purpose.
Halaman 259 - ... and the lord ; equality penetrated into the government through the church, and the being who, as a serf, must have vegetated in perpetual bondage, took his place as a priest in the midst of nobles, and not unfrequently above the heads of kings.
Halaman 350 - His ego gratiora dictu alia esse scio : sed me vera pro gratis loqui, etsi meum ingenium non moneret, necessitas cogit. Vellem equidem vobis placere, Quirites : sed multo malo vos salvos esse, qualicunque erga me animo futuri estis.
Halaman 57 - I must first beg leave just to hint to you that we may suffer very great detriment by being open to every talker. It is not to be imagined how much of service is lost from spirits full of activity and full of energy, who are pressing, who are rushing forward, to great and capital objects, when you oblige them to be continually looking back.
Halaman 275 - But, whilst the transition from one social condition to another is going on, there is almost always a time when men's minds fluctuate between the aristocratic notion of subjection and the democratic notion of obedience. Obedience then loses its moral importance in the eyes of him who obeys ; he no longer considers it as a species of divine obligation, and he does not yet view it under its purely human aspect : it has to him no character of sanctity or of justice...

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