Gambar halaman

Because the spring of life most pure

Doth ever flow from thee!
And in thy light we shall be sure

Eternal light to see.
Therefore the gladness of my heart

Is by my tongue express’d;
And when I must lie down in dust,

My flesh in hope shall rest.

The path of life thou wilt shew me:

With thee are all the treasures Of joy, and at thy right hand be

The everlasting pleasures. Goodness and



my days Shall surely follow me; And in the house of God always

My dweiling-place shall be.

O still draw out thy love and grace

To them that have thee known; And with thy righteousness embrace

The upright-hearted one.
That so my tongue may sing thy praise,

And never silent be,
O Lord my God e'en all my days

Will I give thanks to thee.


GLORY to the eternal God,

In his transcendant place : Let peace on earth make her abode :

Let men receive his grace.

Praise ye the Lord; sing unto him

A song not sung before :
In the assemblies of his saints,

With praises him adore.

The Holy God his great delight

Doth in his people place :
And the Most High will beautify

The meek with saving grace.
Therefore let God's redeemed saints

In glory joyful be ; .
And let them raise in his high praise

Their voice continually.

Lord, all thy works do speak thy praise

And thee thy saints shall bless :
They shall proclaim thy kingdom's fame,

And thy great power express !
To make known to the sons of men,

His acts done mightily,
And of his kingdom powerful,

The glorious majesty.

Thy kingdom everlasting is,

In glory hath no end :
And thine alone dominion

Through ages doth extend.
The elders and the blessed saints,

Who do thy throne surround,
Do never cease by night or day

These praises to resound :

O holy, holy, holy Lord,

Almighty God alone :
Who ever hath been, and still is,

And ever is to come.

Worthy art thou, Lord, to receive

Glory and honour still;
For all the world was made by thee

To please thy blessed will.

The song of Moses and the Lamb,

They sing with one accord.
Great are thy works, and marvellous,

Almighty God our Lord :
Just are thy ways, thou King of saints,

And true is all thy word :
Who would not fear and glorify

Thy holy name, O Lord ?

The Lamb is worthy, that was slain,

Of power and renown,
Of wisdom, honour, and to wear

The royal glorious crown.
For thou our souls redeemed hast

By thy most precious blood,
And made us kings and sacred priests

To the eternal God.

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O THAT mankind would praise the Lord.

For his great goodness then! And for his works most wonderful

Unto the sons of men !
And let them offer sacrifice

Of praise unto the Lord,
And with the shouts of holy joys

His wond'rous works record.

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Sing to the Lord, and bless his name;

His boundless love display:
His saving mercies to proclaim

Cease not from day to day.
O worship ye the world's great Lord !

In beauteous holiness!
Let all the earth with one accord

With fear his name confess.

Let the exalted heavens rejoice,

And let the earth be glad :
The sea with its applauding noise

Triumphant joys shall add
Before the Lord; for he doth come,

He comes the earth to try;
The world, and all therein to doom

With truth and equity.
O all his angels, bless the Lord !

Ye that in strength excel !
That hearken to his holy word,

And all his laws fulfil. O bless the Lord, all ye

his hosts, And ministers of his : And all his works through all the coasts

Where his dominion is.

Bless thou the Lord, my soul ! my mouth

His praises shall proclaim. Bless him all flesh; all that hath breath,

Praise ye the Lord's great name.



NIGHT is the time for rest:

How sweet, when labours close, To gather round an aching breast

The curtain of repose, Stretch the tired limbs, and lay the head Down on our own delightful bed !

Night is the time for dreams ;

The gay romance of life,
When truth that is, and truth that seems

Mix in fantastic strife :
Ah! visions, less beguiling far
Than waking dreams by day-light are!

Night is the time for toil;

To plough the classic field,
Intent to find the buried spoil

Its wealthy furrows yield;
Till all is ours that sages taught,
That poets sang and heroes wrought.

Night is the time to weep;

To wet with unseen tears
Those graves of memory where sleep

The joys of other years ;
Hopes, that were angels at their birth,
But died when young like things of earth.

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