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Here the matron and the maid,
In one silent bed are laid;
Here the vassal and the king
Side by side lie withering ;
Here the sword and sceptre rust
• Earth to earth, and dust to dust!'
Age on age shall roll along,
O’er this pale and mighty throng:
Those that wept them, those that weep,
All shall with these sleepers sleep.
Brothers, sisters of the worm,
Summer's sun, or winter's storm,
Song of peace, or battle's roar,
Ne'er shall break their slumbers more,
Death shall keep his solemn trust-
• Earth to earth, and dust to dust!'
But a day is coming fast,
Earth, thy mightiest and thy last,
It shall come in fear and wonder,
Heralded by trump and thunder;
It shall come in strife and toil,
It shall come in blood and spoil,
It shall come in empire's groans,
Burning temples, trampled thrones;
Then, ambition, rue thy lust!
* Earth to earth, and dust to dust!'
Then shall come the judgment sign;
In the east the King shall shine;
Flashing from heaven's golden gate,
Thousand thousands round his state;
Spirits with the crown and plume,
Tremble then, thou sullen tomb !
Heaven shall open on our sight,
Earth be turned to living light,

Kingdoms of the ransomed just-
• Earth to earth, and dust to dust!'

Then shall, gorgeous as a gem,
Shine thy mount, Jerusalem;
Then shall in the desert rise
Fruits of more than Paradise;
Earth by angel feet be trod,
One great garden of her God;
Till are dried the martyr's tears
Through a glorious thousand years.
Now in hope of Him we trust-
• Earth to earth, and dust to dust!'


[MILMAN.] BROTHER, thou art gone before us,

And thy saintly soul is flown Where tears are wipt from every eye,

And sorrow is unknown. From the burthen of the flesh,

And from care and fear released, Where the wicked cease from troubling,

And the weary are at rest. The toilsome way thou 'st travelled o'er,

And borne the heavy load,
But Christ hath taught thy languid feet

To reach his blest abode;
Thou ’rt sleeping now, like Lazarus

Upon his father's breast,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,

And the weary are at rest.

Sin can never taint thee now,

Nor doubt thy faith assail,
Nor thy meek trust in Jesus Christ,

And the Holy Spirit fail :
And there thou 'rt sure to meet the good,

Whom on earth thou lovedst best, Where the wicked cease from troubling,

And the weary are at rest.
• Earth to earth,' and dust to dust,'

The solemn priest hath said,
So we lay the turf above thee now,

And we seal thy narrow bed :
But thy spirit, brother, soars away

Among the faithful blest, Where the wicked cease from troubling,

And the weary are at rest.


My soul, go boldly forth,
Forsake this sinful earth,
What hath it been to thee

But pain and sorrow,
And thinkest thou it will be

Better to-morrow?

Love not this darksome womb,
Nor yet a gilded tomb,
Though on it written be

Mortal men's story;
Look up by faith, and see

Sure, joyful glory.

Why art thou for delay ?
Thou cam’st not here to stay :
What tak’st thou for thy part,

But heav'nly pleasure ?
Where then should be thy heart,

But where's thy treasure ?

Thy God, thy head's above;
There is the world of love;
Mansions there purchas'd are,

By Christ's own merit,
For these he doth prepare

Thee by his Spirit.

Look up towards Heav'n, and see
How vast those regions be,
Where blessed spirits dwell,

How pure and lightful!
But earth is near to Hell,

How dark and frightful!

Here life doth strive with death, To lengthen mortals' breath; Till one short race be run,

Which would be ended, When it is but begun,

If not defended.

Here life is but a spark,
Scarce shining in the dark;
Life is the element there,

Which souls reside in;
Much like as air is here,
Which we abide in.

Hither thou cam'st from thence:
The divine influence
In flesh my soul did place,

Among the living:
To be of human race,

Was his free giving.

There I shall know God more.
There is the blessed choir;
No wickedness comes there,

All there is holy:
There is no grief or fear,

No sin or folly.

Jerusalem above,
Glorious in light and love,
Is mother of us all,

Who shall enjoy them.
The wicked Hell-ward fall;

Sin will destroy them.

O blessed company,
Where all in harmony,
Jehovah's praises sing,

Still without ceasing :
And all obey their King,

With perfect pleasing.

God there is the saint's rest,
God is their constant feast;
He doth them feed and bless,

With love and favour,
Of which they still possess,

The pleasant savour.

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