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Halaman 433 - In the case of an assignment of a thing in action, the action by the assignee shall be without prejudice to any setoff or other defense, existing at the time of, or before notice of the assignment; but this Section shall not apply to a negotiable promissory note or bill of exchange, transferred in good faith, and upon good consideration, before due.
Halaman 361 - The execution of a contract in writing, whether the law requires it to be written or not, supersedes all the oral negotiations or stipulations concerning its matter which preceded or accompanied the execution of the instrument.
Halaman 130 - Debt expense" means all expenses in connection with the issuance and sale of evidences of debt, such as fees for drafting mortgages and trust deeds: fees and taxes for issuing or recording evidences of debt cost of engraving and printing bonds, certificates of indebtedness, and other commercial paper...
Halaman 328 - Wherefore the petitioner prays that the defendant may be required to answer the charges herein, and that after due hearing and investigation an order be made commanding the defendant to cease and desist from said violations of the act to regulate commerce, and for such other and further order as the Commission may deem necessary in the premises.
Halaman 255 - Whenever the full production from any common source of supply of natural gas in this state is in excess of the market demands, then any person, firm or corporation having the right to drill into and produce gas from any such common source of supply...
Halaman 18 - ... freight with all reasonable dispatch, and to provide and keep suitable facilities for the receiving and handling...
Halaman 278 - Whenever any business, by reason of its nature, extent, or the existence of a virtual monopoly therein, is such that the public must use the same, or its services, or the consideration by it given or taken or offered, or the commodities bought or sold therein are offered or taken by purchase or sale in such a manner as to make It of public consequence or to affect the community at large as to supply, demand or price or rate thereof, or...
Halaman 219 - It is entitled to see that from earnings the value of the property invested is kept unimpaired, so that at the end of any given term of years the original investment remains as it was at the beginning. It is not only the right of the company to make such a provision, but it is its duty to its bond and stockholders, and, in the case of a public service corporation at least, its plain duty to the public.
Halaman 286 - This is so because as the primal duty of a carrier is to furnish adequate facilities to the public, that duty may well be compelled, although by doing so as an incident some pecuniary loss from rendering such service may result.
Halaman 270 - ... families" as used in this paragraph shall include the families of those persons named in this proviso, also the families of persons killed, and the widows during widowhood and minor children during minority of persons who died, while in the service of any such common carrier.

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