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Halaman 33 - General Expenses: Salaries and Expenses of General Officers Salaries and Expenses of Clerks and Attendants.
Halaman 37 - PRODUCTS OF ANIMALS: Live Stock Dressed Meats Other Packing House Products Poultry Game and Fish Wool Hides and Leather ' Other Products of Animals PRODUCTS OF MINES: Anthracite Coal * Bituminous Coal Coke Ores Stone, Sand and other like Articles Other Products of Mines PRODUCTS OF FORESTS: Lumber.
Halaman 37 - Iron, pig and bloom . Iron and steel rails . Other castings and machinery . Bar and sheet metal Cement, brick, and lime . Agricultural implements . . Wagons, carriages, tools, etc. Wines, liquors, and beers . Household goods and furniture Other manufactures Total .... Merchandise .... Miscellaneous — other commodities not mentioned above Total tonnage . Freight originating on this road.
Halaman 38 - Freight-train cars — depreciation Work equipment — repairs ..... Work equipment — renewals .... Work equipment — depreciation .... Shop machinery and tools Injuries to persons Stationery and printing Other expenses Maintaining joint equipment at terminals — Dr Maintaining joint equipment at terminals — • Cr.
Halaman 37 - Products of animals : Live stock Dressed meats Other packing-house products Poultry, game, and fish Wool Hides and leather Products...
Halaman 31 - Injuries to persons Insurance Stationery and printing Other expenses Maintaining joint tracks, yards and other facilities — Dr. Maintaining joint tracks, yards and other facilities — Cr Total MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT: Superintendence...
Halaman 39 - Train Mileage: Miles run by passenger trains, .... Miles run by freight trains, ..... Miles run by mixed trains, ..... Total mileage trains earning revenue, Miles run by switching trains, .... Miles run by construction and other trains, . Mileage of loaded freight cars — North or East, . Mileage of loaded freight cars — South or West, . Mileage of empty freight cars — North...
Halaman 29 - Conducting Transportation : Superintendence, Engine and Roundhouse Men, Fuel for Locomotives, Water Supply for Locomotives, .... Oil, Tallow, and Waste for Locomotives, . Train Service Train Supplies and Expenses, Switchmen, Flagmen, and Watchmen, Telegraph Expenses Station...
Halaman 10 - These expenditures may be summarized as follows : Construction and acquisition of new mileage, including the acquisition of bonds and stocks of other railway companies : Arizona & California Ry $526,853 72 Bamwell & Searchlight Ry I9.97 97 Cane Belt R.
Halaman 5 - The Lines comprising the Atchison System, the operations of which are embraced in the following statements, are as follows : June 30, 1909.

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