Real Stories: Taken from the Narratives of Various Travellers

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Harvey and Darton, 1827 - 204 halaman

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Halaman 116 - The air was sweet and plaintive, and the words, literally translated, were these : — " The winds roared, and the rains fell. The poor white man, faint and weary, came and sat under our tree. He has no mother to bring him milk ; no wife to grind his corn.
Halaman 97 - Descending from the tree, I found my horse devouring the stubble and brushwood with great avidity ; and as I was now too faint...
Halaman 59 - They that turn many to righteousness (shall shine) as the stars for ever and ever
Halaman 115 - ... me, and perceiving / that I was weary and dejected, inquired into my situation, which I briefly explained to her : whereupon, with looks of great compassion, she took up my saddle and bridle, and told me to follow her.
Halaman 150 - I was thrown instantly off my feet, but was still on my knees and endeavouring to regain my footing, when, in a few seconds, the snow on our right, which was of course above us, rushed into the gap thus suddenly made, and completed the catastrophe by burying...
Halaman 108 - Woman's the same endearing creature, In courtly town and savage wild. When parched with thirst, with hunger wasted, Her friendly hand refreshment gave ; How sweet the coarsest food has tasted, What cordial in the simple wave ! ' Her courteous looks, her words caressing, Shed comfort on the fainting soul ; Woman 's the stranger's general blessing From sultry India to the Pole ! Barbauld.
Halaman 102 - I perceived a number of other lights in different places, and began to suspect that I had fallen upon a party of Moors. However, in my present situation, I was resolved to see who they were, if I could do it with safety. I accordingly led my horse cautiously towards the light, and heard by the lowing of the cattle, and the clamorous tongues of the herdsmen, that it was a watering-place, and most likely belonged to the Moors. Delightful...
Halaman 113 - During this time the people who had crossed the river carried information to Mansong, the king, that a white man was waiting for a passage, and was coming to see him. He immediately sent over one of his chief men, who informed me that the king could not possibly see me until he knew what had brought me into his country, and that I must not presume to cross the river without the king's permission.
Halaman 115 - I briefly explained it to her ; after which, with looks of great compassion, she took up my saddle and bridle, and told me to follow her. Having conducted me into her hut, she lighted a lamp, spread a mat on the floor, and told me I might remain there for the night.

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