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to pay expen

act of Feb.

lars and sixty-one cepts, to be applied to the discharge of accounts to that amotint, stated to be due from the commissioners of fortifications to sundry carpenters, masons, cartmen aud laborers; and the said commissioners shall account with the comptroller for the ex. penditure of said money; and it shall be lawful for the comptroller, on the final settlement of the accounts of the commissioners of for. tifications, to allow the expeuses heretofore incurred by them for

taking care of the fortifications at the garrows. 1.500 dollars V. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer, on the warappropriated rapt of the comptroller, pay to the person administering the goveri.

des under the ment of this state, » sun or sums not exceeding fifteen huodred dol. • set of Feb.

lars for defraying the expenses which may be incurred in executing

lars for defraving the ex 10, 1818.

the act, entitled “ap act respectiog the settlement of the demands of this state against the United States," passed February 10th, 1818, including compensation to the agent appointed uoder said acts which compensation shall be determined by the person adinipistering the goveroment of this state, and an account of said expenses

shall be examined and audited by him. 1000 dollars VI. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer, on the warappropriated rant of the comptroller, pay to the order of the person administering ses under the the government of this state, a sum or suns pot exceeding obe 27, 1818.

be thousand dollars, to defray the expenses which may attend the car

rying into effect the provisioos of the act, entitled "an act of honor to

the memory of general Montgomery," passed 27th February, 1818. 2685 dollars VII. And be it further enacted, That the sum of two thousand appropriated six hundred and eighty.five dollars, be and the same is hereby apry's depart. propriated for the commissary's department, being the amount esincnt, &c.

limated by the commissary general to be requisite lo defray the expense of mounting field pieces, procuring caissons, harness and other pecessary articles, directed to be mounted aod procured by the person administering the goveroment of this state, and for detraying the expense of removing to proper places of deposit the arms and other munitions of war, to be received from the United States, and the commissary-general shall account with the comptroller for said appropriation, or so much thereof as may be drawn

out of the treasury.

a VIII. Anul be it further enacled, That the commissioners of the i lake land office of this state be, and they are hereby authorised and reChamplain eeded to the quired to cede to the United States the title and jurisdiction of this

state to the small island near Rouse's point, on lake Champlaio, called Island Point; also to the land under water opposite the same; . also to the land under water in the said lake, opposite to lols ouni ber sixty, sixty-one, sixty-two, sixty-three, sixty-four, sixty-five and sixty-sis, adjoining the said Rouse's point, the title and juris

diction of this state to which lots have have heretofore beea ceded Subject, &c. to tbe United States; subject however, to the like provisions and

restrictions as are contained in the first and second sections of this


AN ACT for the relief of Hendrich Miller, and others.

Passed April 21, 1818. Be it enacted by the people of the state of New York, represented in senate and assembly, That all the right, title and interest of the people of this state, to the undivided moiety of the farm, whereof Anthony Stimmel died seised, situate in the town of Schaghticoke, in the county of Rensselaer, containing about one hundred and five acres of land, with the appurtenances, be and the same is hereby vested in Hendrich Miller, George Miller, William Miller and John Miller, the children and heirs at law of Hannah, the late wife of Anthony Stimmel, deceased, their heirs and assigns, as tenants in common: Provided, that nothing herein contained, shall be construed to prejudice the right or title of any other person, in and to the said premises,

CHAP. CCNC, AN ACT relative to the supervisors of the county of Seneca,

Passed April 21, 1818. Be it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the supervisors of the county of Seneca, shall be and they are hereby authorised and required, to direct to be levied on the freeholders and inhabitants of the said county, the sums authorized by law to be levied, for the building and completion of the court house and goal in said county, in two annual instalments, with interest from the passing of this act, in such proportions as they shall deem most expedient for the best interest of the county, and shall be allowed to hold extra meetings not to exceed three in any one year, for the purpose of performing their duties under this act, which meetings shall be notified to each member of the board by the clerk thereof, at the request of the last president, as to the time and place of holding them, ten days before the said meetings, unless such time and place as shall be agreed on at a previous meeting,and the commissioners appointed to superintend the said buildings, shall, before they receive from the treasurer of the said county any sum of money for the purpose aforesaid, give security, such as shall be approved by said supervisors, or a majority of them, for the faithful expenditure of the same : And further, that the plans and probable expense of the further erection and completion of said buildings, shall be submitted to the said board of supervisors at their usual meetings, and receive the approbation of said board, before the expenditures shall be applied by said commissioners.


NOTE_In this Index, for the names of persons to whom relief has
been granted, see RELIEF-to whom monies have been loaned, see
LOANS-for new towns, &c. see TOWNS ALTERED and TOWNS
ERECTED_The same of VILLAGES ; and for Roads, Highways, Turn-
pikes, Bridges, Dams, Ferries, Insurance Companies, Churches, Courts,
Schools, Societies, Banks and Loans-sce under their respective heads,
without further reference.

The reader will also please to note the following marks of reference
og refers to the thirty-ninth session of the laws-b, to the fortieth-and
Cg to the forty-first-the three sessions contained in this volume.



c 147

c 167

< 183

| Act annexing the Colonie to amended, 6 264,

| Police justices to account on oath, and

their duty,

May assume the name of Edward, a 19 Mayor and recorder, their duty in re.
ABUSES of the Law,

lation to stolen property,

6 335
See Law to prevent,

c 278 | Act to improve the finances of, c 45

For the better improvement of cer-
Act relative to,

6 80

tain streets,
Academy of fine arts, act respecting, b 114

Proceedings in case of opening streets
See Lowville, c 123, Schenectady, c 171, and

in the fifth ward,
Militia Act, c 216.

| Drains and common sewers, expense
of how recovered,

c 150

| Public markets may be placed in streets, ib.
See Commissioners, Deeds, Affidavits.


Do. law repealed,

Ferries in fifth ward regulated, c 150
See Criminal Proceedings,

c 123 Firemen incorporated,

Allowed 20 dollars,

a 288 Companies may be incorporated for

a 58

His pay and duties-see Militia, 211

Allowed to hold real estate, a 232,6 282,c283

Holding real property to do militia duty,c 216
Act relative to,

6 292


Allowance to him tor attendance as a
Commissioners to be appointed to take


c 296
acknowledgment of,

On sufficient cause shewn by affidavit,

Certain waters in declared public
stay of proceedings on confession of

judgment before justices, may be

ALEXANDER, JOSEPH, and others,

To be credited a certain sum, c 301
AGENT-See Governor.


From justices' courts in certain cases
Act relative to the arsenal and lot in, a 87| authorized,

- C 82
Act authorising a new valuation of

real estates in,


| Act concerning, amended,
Act relative to the library,

a 72
Relative to the assessment of taxes in


6 82 At Hudson, incorporated,
State to pay for laying drain opposite At Catskill, vested with banking pow-
state-hall lot,

6 243

c 44

c 40

the city,

a 39









REFERENCES-, 39th Session-1, 40 , 4ist.

Act to amend the act for determining

See State Prison.
differences by,

a 242


000 Act to amend the act to regulate sales
Said to be lost, claims how audited, c 292

by, 6 12-Repealed,
ARREARS-See Taxes.
Act to regulate sales by,

5 326
ARREST-See Officers, c6-Militia, c218 Auctioneers in New York, not to es.
ceed thirty-six,

6 327
Act relative to the arsenal and lot in
the city of Albany,

a 87

Assessment on arsenal lot in New,
York, to be paid,

c 296 BAIL-See Commissioners—Special Bail.

See Society for the promotion of use.

Niagara bank incorporated,
ful arts--Academies.

Jefferson county

| Geneva

Pay of the members and officers of Auburn

the house of,

288, 6 299, c 295 Washington & Warren do.
Of the clerk for index to journals and Plattsburgh

for an additional assistant clerk, a 288 |Cherry-Valley

c 246
Members to take an oath prescribed



c 266
by the duelling act,

63 New-York Franklin do.
Incidental expenses of,

c 295 | Aqueduct association at Catskill vest-
1 ed with banking powers,

Acts concerning,

12 c 212
Directed to make a new valuation of
lands in their several towns, a 256

May receive an intcrest of seven per

cent on loans exceeding sixty.days, 5 306
Shall make a just valuation of real
estates in their several towns,

b 347 17 per cent clause repealed,
Their duty in relation to Quakers and

Lansingburgh academy authorised to

hold stock in the bank of Lansing-

6 227


Act relative to bills less than the
Authorised to take affidavits to be

amount of one dollar,
read in courts,

6 81 One third of the state deposits to be
Of the common pleas, office abolished, < 50 made in the Mechanics & Farmers
In New York, vested with like pow.

bank, at Albany,

a 291
er's as justices of the peace, c 287 | Debts due to certain banks, how paid, a 292

Manufacturing company in New York
Act relative to his claim to lands in

charter amended, and style of the
Putnam county,

c 96 company changed to that of the .

Phænix bank,
Lottery granted to improve ferry, &c. 6 147 State Bank may reduce its capital,

Middle district, act extended,

Newburgh, do.
Admitted after the 1st July, to take

Orange county, act amended,
the oath prescribed by the act to

Banking powers prohibited unless ex-
suppress duelling,

pressly authorised by law, c 243
And counsellors, prohibited from buy.

Jacob Barker's Exchange Bank, er.
ing bonds, notes, &c.

c 278

cepted from general prohibition, for
Extortion by, how punished,

three years,
ATTORNEY GENERAL Liability if they refuse redeeming
A commissioner of the canal fund, § 301

their bills,
Directed to suspend issuing execu-

of New-York, debt due the state time
tion against G. B. Rapelye, a 291

of payment extended,
Authorised to discharge prior incum-

brances on lands mortgaged to

Allowed 20 dollars,

a 238
the state,

His duty in relation to claim of John

Jacob Astor,

Act for the relief of, in town of Nor-
Under the act relative to banks,
Atve to banks, c 243 wich,

To guspend proceedings against A. G.

| Missionary incorporated,

6 116
Mappa and others,

See escheated lands,
6293 | Act to incorporate,

6 $25

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c 96

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