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III. And be it further enacted, that the freeholders and iohabitants residing within the aforesaid limits be, and they are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be, from time to time, and for- Declared to erer hereafter, a body politic and corporate, in fact and in oame, be a hody by the name of the Trustees of the village of Brooklyo; and by that corporate. name ibey and their successors forever may and shall have perpetual succession, and be persons in law capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, defending and being defended, in all courts and places whatsoever, in all manner of actions, complaints and causes whatsoever; and that they and their successors, may have Common a common seal, aud may alter the same at their pleasure, and shall seal. be capable in law of purchasing, holding and conveying any estate, Purchasing

real estate. real and personal, for the use of the said village, provided the said estate be within the limits of the said village, and of erecting any public building for the use of said village, and of raising povey by tax for Raising moerecting such public building, purchasing such real or persoual proper

ney by tar. ly, or making any necessary repairs or improvements, procuring fire to be as engines and other utensils for extinguishing fires, and for making a rea- sersed ontho sodable compensation to the officers of the corporation ; which money by no less

, so to be raised, shall be assessed upon the freeholders and inhabitants tban three of the said village, according to law, by not less than three, nor more nor more than five judicious assessors, who shall be freeholders in said vil. than five lage

, to be chesen by the inhabitants of said village, qualified to vote to be inhab. at town meetings, and collected by the collector of the corporation, itants of said

village. in the same manier as the taxes of towns and counties are collected, by virtue of a warrant to him directed by a majority of the trustees. lected. Provided nevertheless, that no tax shall be levied, or monies raised, No tak to

he levied assessed, or collecied, for erecting public buildings, or making any

nor monies other improvements or repairs, por purchase or sale of any real raised withestate, to public building erected or disposed of, without the copserit out the con

sent of the of the frecholders and other legal voters of said village, or the ma

freeholders. jor part of them, is open meeting first obtained : Provided also, and it is hereby made the duty of said assessors, in assessing the Assessments tases to be raised upon the inhabitants of said village, to have regard to be made both to the property and relative situation of each individual, so as

in proporthat the said taxes may be assessed in an equitable and just maduer, advantages of and from the owners as well as occupants of the houses and lands derived by in said village, in proportion, nearly as may be, to the property and owners and to the advantages which both owner and occupant may be deemed occupants. 6 receive from the improvement or purchase to be made by said money when collected : And provided also, that if any person shall creceive himself or herself aggrieved by any such assessment, it shall Persons ago be lawful for such person to appeal from the said assessors to the grieved may trustees of the said village, in ten days after such assessment shall be appeal, give made, and public police thereof given, giving notice to the said ing notice of assessors, or any one of them, of such appeal, and of the time and place. place of determining thereon by said trustees, who shall bear the same and do justice in the premises.

IV. And be it further eriacted, That it shall be lawful for the object of inhabitants of said village, as often as they shall vote to raise any taxes to be

specified sum er sums of money for any of the purposes aforesaid, to specify as far as may be couvenient, the particular purpose for which said kuw or sums or any part shall be appropriated, in order that the

tion to the

astcesors may have regard thereto io assessing the same upon this respective inhabitants of said village

V. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawsul for the trustees of the said village, or a major part of them, and their sic

cessors, to make, ordain, constitute and publish such prudeutial Powers of Fruitces." by-laws, rules and regulations, as they from time to time shall deem

meet and proper, and such in particular as relate to the public markets, streets, alleys and highways of the said village; to drain. ing, filling up, leveiling, paving, improving and keeping in order the same ; relative to slaughter houses, houses of ill-fame, and ruisances generally ; relative to a village watch, and lighting the streets of ihe said village ; relative to restraining geese, swine, or cattle of any kind ; relative to the better improvement of their common lands; relative to the inspection of weights and measures, and the assize of bread; relative to erecting and regulating hay scales ; relative to the licensing of public porters, cartmen, hackney coachmen, gaugers, weigh-masters, measurers, inspectors of beef and pork, of wood, of staves and heading, and of lumber; relative to public wells, pumps, and reservoirs or cisteros of water to be kept filled for the extjoguishment of fires ; relative to the number of taverus or ipps, to be licensed in the said village; and relative to

any thing whatso ever, that may concern the public and good govto fis the eromeut of the said village; but no such by-laws shall extend to the price of no regulating or fixing of the prices of any commodities, or articles article ex; of provision, except the article of bread, ihat may be offered for sale: sept bread.

Provided also, that such by-laws be not contrary to, or inconsistent with the laws of this state, or of the United States.

VI. And be il further enacted, That the said trustees, or a major part of them, as often as they shall make, ordain and publish any by-laws for the purposes aforesaid, may make, ordain, limit and provide, such reasonable fines, penalties and forfeitures agaiost the violators of such by-laws, as they may think proper, not exceeding twenty-five dollars for any one offence, to be prosecuted and recovered before any justice of the peace, or court having cognizance of the same, by the trustees, to and for the use of the said corporation ; and in all cases it shall be deemed sufficient for said trustees, in any suit or action to be brought for any such fioes, penalties and forfeitures, to declare generally, that the defendant or defendants, are iodebted to the trustees of the village of Brooklyn, in the amount of such fine, penalty or forfeiture, to be paid to the said trustecs for

the time beiog, when thereunto required, and under such declaration

pore to give the special matter in evidence. Aod the freeholders and inmay be ju- habitants of the said village shall be deemed, and are hereby declared vors and to be competent to sit as jurors, and to give testimony in any cause witnessess.

wherein the said trustecs are à party, notwithstanding any remote interest which they may have as members of such corporation.

VII. And be it further enacted, That the freeholders and inhabit. ants of the said village of Brooklyn, qualified to vote at town meet. ings, at their appual meetings, in every year hereafter, to be held for choosing trustees, or at any other meeting duly notified, shall, and they are hereby authorised and empowered to choose, by a major vote, not less than three, nor more than five judicious freeholders, being inhabitants of said village, as assessors; and that ac

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every such election, the persons having the greatest cumber of votes
shall be deemed to be duly chosen ; and in case that a vacancy shall
happen, by the death of any one or more of the trustees or assessors,
or of the treasurer or collector of the corporation, it shall be the duty
of the trustees, or the major part of them, within ten days thereafter,
to appoint some suitable person or persons to fill such vacancy or

vacancies; ani the persons so appointed, shall be vested with the how filled.
like powers and subject to the same penalties and restrictions, as if
elected by the freeholders and inhabitants of said village as above

VIII. And be it further enacted. That the trustees, assessors, treasurer and collector of the corporation shall, within ten days after their clection, and before they proceed to the exercise of their sere-take an ral slices respectively, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, oath. before any justice of the peace in said village, or within the county of Kings, ihat they will faithfully execute the office or trust to which they may be ses crally elecied.

IX. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer and collector
hereafter to be appointed, shal!, before they enter upon the duties of Treasurer &
their respective oflices. give such security for the faithful perforin- collector is
ance of the trus's reposed in them, as the major part of the trustees givesccurity
for the time being shall deem suficient.

I. And be it further cracted, That if any one of the inhabitants
of the said village, qualified as aforesai !, shall hercafter be elected
to the office of a trustce or assessor, or appointed to the office of
treasurer or collector, and having potice of his said election or ap-
pointment, shall refuse or neglect to take upon him the trust or office
to which he be so elected or appointed, it shall and may be lawful

Penalty for
for the trustees, or the major part of them, to assess and impose upon refusal to
every such person so neglecting or refusing, such reasonable fine or serve.
fines as the said trustees, or a major part of them, may thiuk fit, so as
such fine for each refusal or neglect shall not exceed the sum of
twenty collars; all which fines shall and may be recovered by action
of debt, before any justice of the peace in the said village, or within
the county of Kings, or any court having cognizance of the same, to
be recovered and received by the said trustees, to and for the use of
the said corporation.

And whereas it is necessary for the good government of the said Fillage, that it should be more particularly the business of some one of the trustees of said village to attend to its more immediate concerns :

XI. Be it further enacted, That the trustees, withio ten days after their being elected, in every year thereafter, or the major part of them, shall, and it is hereby nade their duty, to assemble in some convenient place in the said village, and there to choose and appoint some oze suitable person of their body, to be president of the said President. board of trustees, whose duty it shall be when present, to preside at the meetings of the board, to order extraordinary meetings of the

His duties trustees whenever he shall thick proper, to receive complaints of the breach of any of the by-laws, to see that all the by-laws, rules and ordinances are faithfully executed and observed, and to prosecate in the name of the trustees all offenders against such by-laws; awl it shall more particularly be die duly of the said presideut of the

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board of trustees, to see that the public property belonging to the said village, and especially that the fire engines and utensils appertaiping thereto, be taken care of and kept in good order, and to do all such other acts and things as may be proper for him in his capacity as president of the board of Trustees to do: And in case of the death, absence or disability of such president, to discharge the several duties before mentioned, his place shall be supplied in the manner to be directed by the by-laws of the said corporation : Add

it is furthermore hereby made the duty of the said trustees, in ten Treasurer, days after their being elected, in every year thereafter, to appoint a collector & treasurer, collector and clerk for the said corporation, the duty of elerk.

which last mentioned officer shall be to record all the by-laws, rules, Clerk's

regulations and proceediogs of the said corporation, in a proper book to be by him provided for such purposes, to publish the same whenever so directed to do by the board of trustees, and also to do all such thing as the said trustees, or a major part of them, slrall lawfully from time to time direct or ordain.

XII. And be it further enacted, That the said trustees shall keep

a just and accurate account of their vecessary expenses and disburseTrustees to keep an ac

to ments, which account shall be open at all reasonable times to the count of ex. inspection of the inhabitants of the said village; and the said trustees, penditures, on exhibiting the said account to the treasurer, shall be entitled to and be paid. receive the amount thereof out of any money in the treasury, and it

is hereby made the duty of said treasurer to pay all such accounts on demand from the board of Trustees, and on their giving him receipts

for the same; and the said trustees, assessors, treasurer, collector and Allowance clerk of the corporation, shall receive for their several services such to be made reasopable compensation as the freeholders and inhabitants of said totreasurer, village shall, at their anual meetings, think proper to grant and


XHI. And be it further enacted, That the collector shall, within

such time as shall be specified by the laws of said corporation, next Taxes, how

lected after the receipt of his warrant for the collection of any tax that may disposed o:. have been ordered to be raised by the board of trustees, proceed to

collect and pay the same to the treasurer; and all movies, at any time in the hands of the treasurer, shall be liable to be drawo out by the trustees, or a major part of them, and applied to such objects as shall bave been designated by the inhabitants of said village.

XIV. And he it further enacted, That the trustees to be elected

by virtue of this act, shall continue is office, and be authorised to Trustees to continue

e in exercise all the powers and perform all the duties, in this act conoffice until a tained and belonging to their office of trustees as aforesaid, until the new election first Monday of May next fellowing after their election, and until

a new election for trustees of the said village shall be made, pursuant to this act, and until the trustees so last chosen shall have taken and subscribed the oath or affirmation of office.

XV. And be it further enacted, That the trustees of the village

hereby incorporated, shall be commissioners of excise, for grantiog Their pow- licences to the several persons residing in said village and applying ers and feer.

for the same, to keep inns and taverns, and to retail strong or spirituous liquors in said village; and the trustees shall have the same powers, perform the same duties, be entitled to the same fees, and be subject to the same restrictions, as the commissioners of excise of


the town of Brooklyin are subject to, pursuant to the act, entitled
“ao act to lay a duty on strong liquor, and for regulating ious and
taveros," passed the seventh day of April, one thousand eight hundred
and one : And also, that the money collected by the said trustees,
for granting licenses as aforesaid, shail from time to time, without,

Monies for unnecessary delay, be paid by them, after deducting the customary the poor fees, to the overscers of the poor of the town of Brooklyn, for the maintenance of the poor of the said town.

The village XVI. And be it further enacled, That the village of Brooklyo made avons be, and the same hereby is coustituted a road-district, and declared district, to be ex«mpt from the superipiendance of the commissioners of and exempt

from the the highways of the town of Brooklyo; and the trustees of the said co

osure said commiss'rg village of Brooklyp shall have all the powers over the said road- of highways. district, and discharge all the duties, which by law are given to or Trustees enjoined upon the said commissioners of highways, and subject to have similar

commiss'rs the like restrictions and appeals.

powers. XVII. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duly of the trustees of the said village of Brooklyn, or a majority of them, and they Trustees to are hereby authorised and empowered, to nominate, elcct and appoiul, appoint fire under the hand of the president and seal of the village, such a number wardensand

firemen. of fire-wardens and firemen, from among the inhabitants of said village, as the trustees may from time to time deem necessary, to have the care, management, working and use of any fire-engine or engines which may belong to the said village, and also all other tools and implements for extinguishing fires ; and every person so appointed, . shall, during his continuance io such office and no longer, be exempt Fire-men from serving as overseer of the highways, or constable, from being in

in other impauneled or any jury or inquest, and from militia duty except in services. cases of invasion or other immiucnt danger; and the said trustees, or a majority of then, are liereby authorised to extend, as circumstances May in their judgment may require, the number of said fire wardens tended or and fire men, and also to remove or dispiace any of them so appoint- removed, ed, when and as often as they shall think fit, and others in their stead and to nominate and appoint, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

appointed. XVIII. And be it further enacted, Thai the trustees of the village of Brooklyn, and all persons acting under their authority, are hereby

Trusteeg authorised and empowered to enter, iu the day time, into and upon may enter any lands, tenements and hereditaments, which they shall deem ue- on all lands cessary to be surveyed, used or converted for laying out, opening to be surand forming any street or highway: And it is hereby made the duty

veyed. of the said trustees, to cause, as soon as convenieutly may be, a survey of said village to be made by some capable person or persons, together with a fair map thereof, exhibiting the streets, roads and

roads and Survey and

oned alleys to be permanently laid out, and accompanied by such remarks by the presas the nature of the subject may require and admit, which map, ident, kept with the accompanying remarks, shall be signed by the president of the board of Trustees for the time being, and kept by the clerk of the inspection.

& subject to corporation, subject however to the inspection of any iobabitant of the village, who may have an interest therein, in order that no resident may plead ignorance of the permanent plan to be adopted, for opening, laying out, levelling and regulating the streets of the said village of Brooklyn.


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