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"had been discharged by the payment of the arrears and commutation thereon.,

III. And be it further enacted, That all lands belonging to any Church church or literary institution, within this state, whether origioally lands, &c. granted to such chuch or literary institution, or subsequently acquir- from quit

released ed by purchase or gift, shall be and the same are hereby declared rents. to be released from all qui!-rents.

IV. And be it further enacted, Thai all lands upon which the Owners of owners shall within two years from the first day of May next, pay iu laods on money sixty per centum of what the arrears of quit-rents and of the per cent to

ha paying 60 commutation for future quit-reuts on their lands amount to at the be released. time of payment, shall be forever released from quit-rent; and the owners of land in the patents in which sales were made in November last, as aforesaid, may be discharged from the lien on their lands, by paying a like proportion of the sums owing by them respectively.

V. And be it further enacted, That where there are or.may be Quit-rent several owners or proprietors of any tract of land, and for the arrears ho

apportioned of quit-rent upon which a sale of the whole or any part of such tract among seve of land shall be made, it shall and may be lawful for any one or ral owners more of such owners or proprietors, at any time before the expiration living


one tract. of eighteen months after such sale, whether such tract shall be situated in one town, or in several towns or counties, to put up an advertisement at some public place or places, on the said land, notifying and requiring all the owners and proprietors of said land to meet at a certain time and place therein to be specified, not less than ten por more than twenty days from the setting up such advertisement, to raise and pay the amount necessary to redeem the lands so as aforesaid sold, and such of the owners and proprietors of the said tract, cut of which the sale may have been so as aforesaid made, as shall then meet, inay proceed to choose, by plurality of voices, two assessors and one collector ; and the assessors so chosen shall procure from the comptroller of this state, an account of the sum which will be necessary to redeem the said land, calculating the interest for six months after the time of choosing the said assessors and collector, and shall then proceed to make an assessment roll, containing the names of the owners or proprietors of the said land, where they can ascer." tain them, and the quantity of land to which they are respectively • entitled, and the sum with which each of them, or with which each parcel of land is chargable of said redemption monies, according to the quantity of land which every person, keown or unknowo, may be entitled to in the said patent or tract, with an addition of six per cent. for charges, taking care specifically to describe the lands of such persons as are not residents on the land, and subscribe their names to the said assessment roll, and annex the account received from the comptroller to it, and within forty days from the time they were chosen, deliver the same to the collector, so chosen as aforesaid, wlio shall collect from the several persons named in such assessment roll, resident on the said land, the several sums they shall be respectively charged with, in the same manner as the collectors of public taxes are or shall be empowered to do by law; and shall within one hundred and ten days after he receives such assessment roll, pay the sums by him received or collected thereon, for the redemption aforesaid, to the treasurer of this state, and deliver the said assessment rol

led !


to the comptroller, with a certificate thereon, signed by such collector, if the whole sum mentioned thereop is not paid, setting forth which of the persons thrrein vanaed are delinquents and the lands, if any, of owners unknown, which remains uupaid, and the reasons why the charges renaiving unpaid could not be levied: Aod such collector shall also pay oue sixth part of such part of the said six per cent. as he sball collect, to the assessors for their trouble, and retain the residue as a compensation for his services ; and the comptroller shall sell i he lands of the delinquents, whether residents or nou-residents, or 80 much of each piece or parcel, as returned to him, as may be necessary to raise the amount due on each respectively, with the expense of advertising and of sale, first giving notice of the sale in the manner prescribed in and by the act entitled - an act to amend the act evtitled an aet conceroing quit-rents," passed the fourteeuth day

of October, one thousand eight hundred and fourtero. Notice to VI. And be it further enacted, That at least twelve mo ths bebe given re- fore the time for the redemption of any lands sold for quit-rents shall lative to the expire, it shall be the duty of the comptroller to give notice thereof redemption of quit-rento in :be of the newspapers published in each of the counties in which

quit reuts are by patents reserved to be paid, once a week for at least

thirteen w eks successively. .. Patents suh- VII. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the divid

bow comptroller, at all lulure sales for quit-rents, in all cases where he to be charg

can a certain to his satisfaction, how any patent liable to be so sold has been subdivided, in while or in pari, to sell out of each separate

lot or sub division, for the quit-rents due on each respectively. Tiine allow. VIII. And be it further enacted, That two years f'om and after ed ine re- the diy on which riy sales of lands for quil-rents shall close, shali

be allowed for the redemption of any lands sold during such sale in

any "e year. When lands TX. And be it further enacted, That if at any sales for quit-rents, of one per. the lands of any one person shall be sold, not only for the quit-rents SOD is sold

1. on the lands of such person, but also on the lands of some other person for tie quit." rent of an or persois, every such person whose lands may have been or shall wther, how be so soll, shall if lie redeem the land so sold as provided by law, to be re died. eme be entitled to recover, in any court of competent jurisdiction, from

such other person or persons, a just proportion of the redenuption mo

pies so paid with legal interest until collected. Copies of X. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the this act to comptroller, to cause such a dumber of copies of this act to be be printed and distri. prin ed, as shall be equal to the whole dumher of towns within this buted. state, and thereupon to transmit by mail, at the expense of this state,

to each cou ty treasurer in this state, in which quit-rents are reserved or remaio due. a number sufficient to furnish each towd with one copy ; and it shall be the duty of said county treasurers respectiveJy, at the next annual meeting of the supervisors of their couilies re. spectively, to deliver to the supervisors of each towo respectively, one copy ; and it shall be the duty of the said supervisors respece tively, to read or cause the same to be read at the then nex' town meeting for the choice of town officers in order that all may have an opporlunity of becoming a quainted with its provisioos.

Xl, And be it further enacted, That the act, entitled “ ap act

for the limitation of criminal prosecutions, and of actions at lav," The opers shall not take effect or be in force, as to quit-rents, or any proceed

tions of a

certain act ing for the recovery of the arrears thereof, until the first day of Ja. when to puary, which will be in the year of our Lord one thousaud eight take effects buodred and thirty



AN ACT to incorporate a School for People of Color, in the city

of Abany.

Passed April 12, 1816. WHEREAS Thomas Latimore, Francis Jacobs, Thomas El- Preamble. cock, Samuel Edge, Jobn Edward, Baltus Hagedon and John Williams, free people of colour, have by their petition represented that they have been enabled, chiefly by the liberality of the citizens of Albany, to purchase a lot of ground in the city of Albany, and to erect a building thereon, for a school house, to give people of color and their children the advantage of education; and have prayed, that for the better management of their property, and regulation of their school, an act might be passed to incorporate them, and to vest the said lot and building in the corporation so to be created : Therefore,

T.Latimera I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New-York, repre- and others sen!cd in Senate and Assembly, That the said Thomas Latimore,

incorporat Francis Jacobs, Thomas Elcock, Samuel Edge, John Edward, Baltus Hugenon and Joho Williams, shall be and hereby are constituted and declared to be a body corporate and politic, in fact and in oame, for the purpose of educating people of color and their children, by style, deri the name of the “ Albany School for educating People of Color," and shall by tbat name have and enjoy the usual incideutal rights, powers and privileges of a corporation aggregate; Provided, That ibe yearly income of any real and persoual estale held by the said corporation, shall not exceed the sun of one thousand dotlars.

Lot vested II. And be it further enacred, That the lot of ground above to them. mentioned, particularly described in an indepture of the sixteenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, from Benjamin Latimore, jucior, to Benjamin Latimore, Francis Jacobs, Thomas Elcock, Samuel Edge, Johu Edward, Richard Landerson, Baltus Hugenos, John Williams and John De Peyster, aud the building thereon, shall be and the same are bereby vested in the said corporation.

Truster III. And be it further enacted, That there shall be seren trustees of the said corporation, who shall conduct and manage all the affairs thereof, any four of whom shall constitute a quorum for such purpose: That Benjamin Latinore, Francis Jacobs, Thomas Elcock, Samuel Edge, Baltus Hugenop, Jolin Williams and Richard Thompa m, shall be the trustees; and wheuever any vacancy or vacancies shall happen in the office of a trustee or trustees, by removal from the city of Albany, resignation or death, the remainiog trusteas at trustee shall and may fill such vacancies


AN ACT io raise monies for building a new Courl-House and fire proof Clerk's Office, in the county of Ulster.

Passed April 12, 1816. One mill on I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, reprethe dollar to sented in Senaie and Assembly, Ithat it shall be the duty of the be assessed.

supervisors of the county of Ulster, at their vext annual meeting, to raise the sum of one mill on the dollar, on all the property iu the county of Ulster, and now subject to the state tax, to be levied and collected in the same manner as the state tax is now raised, levied aud collected, for the purpose of building a court-house and gaol in the village of Kingston, in said county, and a fire proof clerk's office : And it shall be the further duty of the supervisors of the said county, and they are hereby required, annually thereafter, to raise such further sum of money, not exceeding in the whole the sum of twentyfive thousand dollars, as shall be requisite to complete the said buildings, not less in any one year than one mill on the dollar, nor

exceeding two mills on the dollar, in any one year. Commission- II. And be it further enacted, That Jacob Ten Broeck, John

Beekman, and James Cockburo, shall be the commissioners to superintend the said buildings, each of whom shall receive for every day of their actual attendance on the said business, the sum of two dollars and "fifty cepts, to be raised by the supervisors of the said

county, and levied and collected as other county charges are : And Their duty. before the said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall be au

thorised to receive the said money from the treasurer, for building the said court-house and fire proof clerk's office, the said commissioners shall deposit with the treasurer of the said county, and for the benefit of said county, their joint and several bond, with such surely or sureties as the supervisors of the said county, or the majority of them, shall approve, in the penal suni of ten thousand dollars, and conditioned for the due performance and expenditure of all movies which shall or may corne to their or either of their hands, for the purposes aforesaid ; which bond shall be executed to the people of this state : And it shall be the duty of the said commissioners, appu. ally, to account to the supervisors of the said county, for all monies by them received and expended in the execution of the trust aforesaid : And it shall and may be lawful for the supervisors of the said county, at any time, in case of the death or removal of any of the said commissioners, or in case of their or either of their defalcation in duty, and justly accounting for the monies which shall come to their hands as aforesaid, to remove all or either of them, and to appoint other commissioners in his or their place and stead, they complying with the provisions of this act, in giving the requisite security.

III. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the how to be said commissioners, by and with the advice and consent of a commiterected,

tee of three persons, to be appointed by the board of supervisors of the said county, or the major part of them, to contract for the erection of the said buildings, in the whole or in part, and upon such terms as to them shall seem fit and proper : And the said court-houe,


gaol and fire proof clerk's office shall be built on the lot on which the present court-houe and gaol are situated, according to such plau as shall have been previously agreed upon by the board of supervisors.

IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful Prisones for the sheriff of Ulster coup'y, to use the court-house and gaol of may be

y be con

ned in the county of Dutchess, for the safe keeping of felons and other pris- Dutchess oners of the said county, in case it shall be necessary for their safe. jail.. keeping; and when prisoners shall be so confined, the gaol of the . county of Dutchess shall be considered to all intents and purposes the gaol of the county of Ulster; and the sheriff of the said last mentioned county, shall be liable in the same manner for all escapes, as if the said prisoners were confined in the present gaol of the said county of Ulster.

V. And be it further enacted, That the board of supervisors of the The assesssaid county may, in their discretion, at their next meeting, by a vote of the majority of supervisors, postpone raising, assessing, levying ed for one and collecting the tax to be raised for the before mentioned purpos- year es, for one year, any thing hereiu to the contrary notwithstanding.

ent may


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AN ACT for the belter support and maintenance of the Public
Bridges in the town of Whitestown, in the county of Oneida.

Passed April 12, 1816.
I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, repre-
sented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful
for the inhabitants of the town of Whitestown, in the county of Onei-
da, qualified to vole in towo meeting, from time to time, at any appual
town meeting to be hereafter held in said town, to raise yearly by
vote, such sum of money to be levied op said town, for the building,
support and maintenance of the public bridges in said town, as the
inhabitants of said town, in such meeting assembled, may deem pro-
per and necessary, not exceeeding one cent in the dollar of the taxa-
ble property of the said town, any thing contained in any act hereto-
fore passed to the contrary notwithstanding; which sums of money so
voted, the supervisors of the said county of Oneida shall cause year-
ly to be levied and collected, on the johabitants of said town, and
paid over io the manner in which the like taxes for the support and
maintenance of bridges have beep fieretofore levied and collected :

And whereas, the inhabitants of the said town of Whitestown, at their last annual town meeting, did vote to raise by tax, on said town, the sum of five hundred dollars, in addition to the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, also at the same meeting voted to be raised, to be applied to the building and maintenance of the public bridges in said town, for the year one thousand eight hundred and sixteen.

II. Be it further enacted, That the same shall be, and hereby is declared to be valid; and the supervisors of the said county shall and are hereby directed to cause the amount of such sums of money, voted as aforesaid, at their next apnual meeting, to be assessed, levied and collected on the said town, and paid oyer in the manner in wbichi

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