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to the road called Sandy Hill road, and through the said road to the northward of Potters-field and the house of William Neilson, to the Bowery road, and across the Bowery road to a road commonly called Stuyvesant street, and through the middle thereof to the East river,

to be applied to the payment of so many watchmen as the mayor, For support of & watch, alde

Ich. aldermen aud commonalty of the city of New-York, in common &c. council convened, shall appoint and employ for watching and guarding

{he said city, to the purchasing of oil, providing lamps and putting up the same, and repairing, cleansing and lighting those which nov are or hereafter may be erected within that part of the said city last described, to the cleansing and repairing public wells and pump's in the said city, and to defray the other contingent expenses arising within and properly chargeable to that part of the said city to the southward of the line aforesaid, as the said mayor, äldermen and commonaity, in commou council convened, nay from time to time direct, and for supplying the deficiency of former taxes upon the same part of the said city last described, owing to the insolvencies and sees of collectors not heretofore provided for; such deficiencies however to be assessed on the estates, real and personal, of the freeholders and inhabitants of and situated within the said wards respectively, where they shall happen as aforesaid, to the southward of the line aforesaid.

III. And be it further enacted, That the said several sums of

money shall be assessed in manner directed by the act, entitled “ an Taxes how act for the assessment and collection of taxes," and each person's tax collected

in one ward shall be collected in one payment, and the movies so To whom

collected, paid into the hands of the treasurer or chamberlain of the paid. He said city, at such times after the passiog of this act as the said mayor, At what recorder and aldermen, as the supervisors of the city and couoty of time. .

New-York, or a majority of them, of whom tlie mayor or recorder
shall be one, shall appoiut and direct.
? IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the
collectors of the first, second and third wards of the said city, to

retain in their hands three cents on each dollar by then collected; Collector's the collectors of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seveoth, eighth and tenth feed. Fards of the said city, to retain in their hands five ceots on each

dollar by them collected, and the collector of the niuth ward of the said city to retain in his hands six cents on each dollar by him colJected, and ao mcre, as a full compensation to eachi of the said collectors respectively, for their trouble in collecting and paying to the said treasurer or chamberlain the movies which shall be raised by virtue of this act.

And, whereas doubts have been entertained, whether the third section of the act, entitled “an act for the assessment and collection of taxes," does apply to the city of New-York; therefore, for the removal of such doubts, ' V. Be it further, enacted, that the said third section of the said

act is not to be considered to apply to the assessmeut of real estales Agnessments within the city and county of New-York, but that such assessments to be made shall be made yearly under the anuual tax laws for the said city and annually.

county, i the mapper directed by the second section of the said act, entitled " an act for the assessment and collection of taxes;" and that the supervisors of the said city and county shall be, and are authorised, al such time as they may dcem rgeet, to add to or deduct from the valuation in any ward, such a per centum as in their Supervisors opinion may be necessary to produce a just relation between all the to graduate

a valuation yaluations of all real estates in the said city and couuty.

of real es-


AN ACT relative to the duties and powers of Commissioners of estimate and assessment on opening Streets and Avenues.

Passed April 5, 1816. WHEREAS the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New York have, by their memorial to the Legislature, represerited, Preambla that so much of the existing law in relation to the opening and improving streets io the said city, as confines the commissioners' assess ments for benefits within certain local limits, is inconvenient in its'operation, and have prayed that the said law may be ameoded in that particular; and whereas the said prayer appears proper to be granted? Therefore,

1. PE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, répresented in Senate and Assembly, That whenever commissioners of estimate and assessment may hereafter be appointed by the supreme court of judicature of this state, or by any oue of the justices thereof, for the purpose of opening any street or avenue, or any part or section of any street or avenue, laid out by the commissioners of streets and roads in the city of New York, under and by virtue of the act, entitled “an act relative to improvements touching the laying out of streets and roads in the city of New-York, and for other purposes." passed April 3d, 1807, or for the purpose of opening, extending, enlarging, straightening, altering, or otherwise improving any street, or part of a street, or public place, already laid out or hereafter to be laid out, in that part of the said city not laid out into streets,

Commisavenues, squares and public places, by the commissioners aforesaid,

", sioners of the said commissioners of estimate and assessmeot shall oot, in mak. estimate not ing their estimate and assessment of the value of the bencfit and restricted,

but to ex. advantage of the said operation, be confined to any definite limits, te but shall be and hereby are authorised to extend such estimate and all lands assessmeut to any and all such lands, tenements, hereditaments and benefitted,

and which premises as they may deem to be benefitted by the said operation, i and which they may judge expedient to include in their report in include in the premises : Provided, that in all and every case of opening any their report. street or avenue, ar part or section of any street or avecue, laid out by the aforesaid commissioners of streets and roads, the said com. missioners of estimate and assessment shall not be at liberty to exteód such estimate and assessment of the value of the benefii an advantage thereof to any lands, tenements, hereditatnents or premises, lying on Assessment * either side of such street or avepue, and beyond half the distance of limited. the next street or avenue thereto.

II. And be it further enacted, That the authority Derein and hereby given to commissioners of estimate and assessment hereafter to bc ap- Powers of pointed as aforesaid, is hereby vested in all the commissioners of esti- present and

ut future commate who have heretofore been appoiuted by the said supreme court, for mission Qoy of the purposes aforesaid, and who have not yet made their report the same.

tend it to

the c

Same pow- of estimate and assessment to the said court in the premises. And

to further, that the like authority is vested in the commissioners of estisioners for mate and assessment, who may be hereafter appointed for the purpose opening of performing the duties relative to the opening and extending of

St. Hudson street to the ninth avenue.



AN ACT to cnable the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the city of Albany to sell a lot of ground therein mentioned.

Passed April 6, 1816. WHEREAS the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal church in Preamble.

the city of Albany, have by their petition represented, that they own a lot of ground in the first ward of the city of Albavy, granted to them by the corporation of the said city ; praying thai they may be authorised to sell the same : Therefore,

BE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, repre

sented in Senate and Assembly, l'hat it shall and may be lawful for Methodist the trustees of the methodist episcopal church in the city of Albany, to church au

to sell, dispose of and convey, in fee simple, all that lot of grouod situate in sell a lot the first ward of the city of Albany, which was granted and conveyin Albany, ed to the said trustees by the mayor, aldermed and commonalty of

the city of Albany.



AN ACT to aller the act, entitled an act to incorporate the
Snake Hill Turnpike Road Company," passed 24th March, 1815.

Passed April 5, 1816.
WHEREAS the president, directors and company of the Snake

Hill turnpike road have, by their petition under their corporate seal, Dreamble. represented to this Legislature, the propriety and expediency of

certain alterations in their act of incorporation : Therefore,

I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, l'bat the president, directors and

company of the Soake Hill turopike road, shall have power to Capital may increase their capital stock, by receiving subscriptions for any addi. be increased tional pumber of shares, not exceeding one hundred shares, at twenty 300 shares. dollars for each share, that they may deem requisite to effectuate

the object of their incorporation.

II. And be it further enacted, That the chord of the arch of said road shall be of the width of twenty-four feet only, independent of the ditch.


ent to J. L

AN ACT for the relief of Jacob L. Larselere.

Passed April 5, 1816. WHEREAS Jacob L. Larzelere owns four hundred and fifty acres of lot pomber fifty-seven, in the township of Sterling, in the county of Cayuga; and the said Jacob L. Larzelere being desirous oferecting mills on his said land, but has discovered that it will overflow the lauds belonging to the people of this state:

BE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That the commissioners of the land office are hereby authorised and directed to cause to be granted and issued, letters patent to Jacob L. Larzelere, conveying and granting to

od contin Letters pato him in fee, the remainder of lot number fifty-seven, in the township Larzelere, of Sterling, in the county of Cayuga, excepting four hundred and except 450 afty acres that was granted to John Pope, the fifth day of April, in acres. the year of our Lord one thousand cight hundred and ihree; he the said Jacob L. Larzelere paying there for at and after the rate of which the said lot shall be appraised by the surveyor general of this state, To bom ooe eighth part of the said consideration money to the treasurer of this state before granting the said letters patent, and within six months paid before

1-8th to be after the said lot is appraised; and executing his bond and mortgage letters paon the said lands, to the comptroller of this state, or to the people tent issue, thereof, for the residue of the said consideration money, payable in morterare

P residue on six equal apdual instalments, with interest at the rate of seven per septum appually.


AN ACT authorising the building a nen State Prison in the
Western District of this state.

Passed April 12, 1816. L BE it eacted by the People of the State of New York, represealed in Smale and Assembly, That Elijah Miller, James Glover Comenica ad John H. Beach be, and they are hereby appointed commission- sioners. er, for the purpose of building a new state prison in the village of Auburn, in the coumy of Cayuga ; and they are hereby authorised to procure a suitable site for the same, for the state, and to build a state prison thereon, similar to the one now in use in the city of NewYork, with auch variations as they shall think will best promote the interest of such institution : And the treasurer is hereby directed to may over to the said commissioners, on the warrant of the comptroller, such sum of sums of money as they may want for the purposes of building said prison, not exceediog the sum of twenty thousand dollars, at such times as the same may be wanted for that purpose, ers of any monies in the treasury not otherwise appropriated : Provided that the commissioners shall not purchase any lands for Provise. the purpose aforesaid, but shall agree with the proprietors of any unds to grant the same; and before the site is fixed, they shall

receive a deed for such land from the owners thereof to the peopic of this state.

II. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners ap

pointed under this act, before they eoter upon the duties of their Duty of the

the office, or be entitled to receive any movies, shall give their bond, commission-jointly and severally, to the people of this statc, with sureties to be ért. approved by the comptroller of this state, for the sum of fifty thout

sand dollars, in the condition faithfully and putrctually to perform the duties required of them by this act. And it shall be the duty of the said commissioners to make a detailed report of all appropriations, and the state and progress of the building, to the comptroller of this state, on or before the vest meeting of the Legislature, and as often thereafter as the comptroller shall from time to time require.

III. And be it further enacted, That the commissioners appointPlan of the ed by this act, shall submit the plan of such state prison to the prison to be submitted, chancellor and judges of the supreme court, whose approbation, or

the approbation of a majority of them, shall be necessary to such plan, before the commissioners shall commence the building of the said prison. Aod the place fised upon for the site shall be approved of by one of the judges of the supreme court.




AN ACT dirccling the redemption of the lands lately sold for quit. rents, and further to amend the act relative to quil-rents.

Passed April 12, 1816. 1. BE it enacted by the people of the State of Neň-York, repre

sented in Senate and Assembly, That the comptroller of this state onde os shall ascertain the several amounts necessary to redeem the lands for quit-rent sold by him for quit-rents, in the month of November last, calcu. Nov. 1815, lating the interest to the day of the passing of this act, which several to be re

e amounts, when so ascertained, he shall place to the credit of the

purchasers of the land so sold respectively; and thereupon the said land shall be considered as redeemed, and be as effectually released from said sale, as if such sale had never been made; and the said sums to be so as aforesaid credited, shall be paid over to the persons

entitled to the same : Provided however, that this act shall no! be Proviso.

considered as discharging the quit-rents, for which said sales werd made, but the said quit-rents, together with the charges of advertising and of sale, and also the interest thereon, to be calculated as aforesaid since the sale, shall be and remain a lion on the lands charged will the quit-rents' before the sale, until the same quit-rents be paid of collected according to the provisions of this act. :

II. And be it further enacted, That all lands, upon which arrears a Lands on on quit-rent to the twenty-fifth day of March, in the year one thousand

quit which quit- eight hundred and fourteen, have been paid, shall be, and are hereby rents were declared to be forever released from all quit-rents, as well fulure a paid to Mar. post.

ato past; and that in all cases where a sale shall be made, to raise the quit be forever rents due on any tract of land, such tract of land shall be and is hereby roteased. declared to be as completely released from quit-rents, as if the same

25. 1814. to


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