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clerk of the town of Veropa; and it shall be the duty of the clerk « the town of Verona to receive and record the same.


AN ACT for the relief of Charles Harford.

Passed March 1, 1816. WHEREAS Charles Harford hath, by his petition to the Legi: lature, set forth, that to secure the payment of three hundred dollar he, on the seventeenth day of February, one thousand eight huudre and eight, mortgaged to the people of this state, lot number forty-sever in the subdivision of lot number one, in the short range of township situate in the town of Gates, in the county of Genesee; that defaul having been made in the payment of the interest, the mortgages premises were sold and purchased by the attorney-general for th state : that said mortgaged premises are very valuable, and tha said petitioner is ready and willing to pay the interest and cost which have accrued on said mortgage : Anul whereas the prayer o said petitioner appears reasonable : Therefore,

it enacted by the people of the State of New York, repre sented in Senale and Assembly, That if the said Charles Harford or his assigns, shall, on or before the first day of September next pay into the treasury of this state, the interest and costs which shal then have accrued upon the aforesaid mortgage, all the right, tith and interest, which the people of this state have acquired in and te the aforesaid mortgaged premises, by means of the above recited sale thereof, shall be, and hereby is vested in the said Charles Harford his beirs and assigos, subject to the aforesaid mortgage, in like man ner as if the aforesaid sale had not been made by virtue of said mortgage.

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AN ACT for the relief of David Tomlinson.

Passed March 1, 1816. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New-York, repre. sented in Senate and Assembly, That the title of David Tomlinson, of the city of Schenectady, merchant, to any lands, tepements and hereditaments, or the rents and reversions thereof, in the counties of Montgomery and Saratoga, in this state, conveyed by Edward Campbell, of the same city, to the said David Tomlinson, shall be valid and effectual in the law; any alienisın in the grantor, or in those through whom he claims title, to the contrary notwithstanding:


AN ACT to revive the act, entitled an acto incorporate the

Cambridge Branch Turnpike Company, and for other purposes," and to extend the time for complcling the road and bridge Therein menlioned, and for other purposes.

Passed March 8, 1316. I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New-York, repre- Act sevived sented in Senate and Assembly, That the act, entitled "an act to incorpo- and time al rate the Cambridge Branch turnpike company,and for other purposes,” plete the road passed on the second day of April, in the year one thousand eight hun. dred and ten, be, and the same is hereby revived from and after the passing of this act, with the same force and effect as if the said act of incorporation was now passed: And further, that the president and directors of the said corporation hereby revived, shall have time until the first day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, to complete the road and bridge mentioned in the said act; and that it shall be lawful for the presideet and directors of the said corporation to alter the route of the said road, from the north side of the Hoosick river, so as to intersect the northern turnpike road, at such place and in such manner and direction, as to the president and directors afore. said shall seem most conducive to public convenience, and shall best promote the object of the said corporation. And further, that the directors last elected by the said company, shall continue to be the directors theweof, until others be chosen in their stead, pursuant to the directions of the act relative to turnpike companies.

II. And be it further enactel, That the time allowed hy law for the completion of the Bowman's creek turnpike rosd, be, and the creek turn. same is hereby extended to the first day of October, in the year one pike. thousaud eight hundred and twenty-one.



AN ACT for opening and improving certain sirects in the village

of Troy.

Passed March 8, 1816. WHEREAS it appears to the Legislature, that it would greatly Preamble. promote the convenience of the inhabitants of the village of Troy, to remove the buildings erected on a certain piece of ground in said village, included between River street, Albany street and Second street, and to lay open the said piece of ground as a public highway or street. Therefore,

I. BE it macted by Ure people of the State of New York, repre. Como sented in Senate and Assembly, That the judges of the supreme ers of valua court of judicature of this state, or any two of them, upon the appli- sessment apo cation of the trustees of the village of Troy, shall and may appoint pointed three disinterested freeholders, who shall be citizens of this state, to be denominated ecuinissioners of valuation and assessment, for the

1. tion and as)


purpose of performing the duties hereinafter mentioned, which com

missioners, before they enter upon the duties assigned to them by thi Their duties act, shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, before the presi

dent of the village of Troy, or one of the judges of the court of com
mon pleas of Rensselaer county, faithfully and impartially to perforr
the trust and duties required of them by this act, which oath shall b
filed in the clerk's office of the county of Repsselaer; and it shall b
the duty of the said commissioners, after having viewed the ground anı
buildings thereon mentioned in the preamble of this act, and the lands
tenements and hereditaments in the vicinity thereof, and which in thei
opinion will be benefitted and increased in value, by removing th
buildings from the said piece of ground, and laying the same open fa
a street or highway, to proceed to ascertain and determine the valu
of the said piece of ground and the buildings standing thereon, an
also the expense of removing the buildings therefrom and levellin
the ground; and after ascertaining and determining the value of th
said ground and buildings, and the expense of removing the building
and levelling the ground, the said commissioners shall proceed to mak
a just and equitable apportiopment and assessment of the amount £
ascertained, among and upon the owners, lessees, parties and person
respectively entitled unto, or interested in, the lands, tenements, here
ditaments and premises, fronting on the ground so to be laid open, o
which are co situaled in respect to the said ground, as in the opinio,
of the said commissioners, to be benefitted and increased in value by
layiog open the said piece of ground for a street or highway, the sun
apportioned and assessed upon each of the owners, lessees, parties an
persons aforesaid, to be equitably proportioned to the ratio or degro
in which his or their property will be benefiited by layiog open th
said piece of ground for a street or highway; and the said commis
sioners, after ascertainiug and determining the value of the said piec
of ground and the buildings thereon, and the expense of removing th
said buildings and levelling the grouod, and after liaving also appor
tioned and assessed the sums so ascertained and determined, among aud
npop the severalowners, lessees, parties and persons respectively entitled
uto, or interested in, the respective lands, tenements, hereditament
and preinises, which in the opinion of the said commissioners, wil
be benefitted and increased in value, by laying open the said piece o
ground for a street or bighway, they shall make a report to the su
preme court of judicature of this state, of their doings in the premises
and subscribe the same with their pames, in which report the com
missiopers shall set forth the names of the respective owners, lcseces
parties and persons cotitled unto, or i terested in, the lands and build
ings so to be laid open, and each and every part and parcel thereol
as far forth as the same can be ascertained by them, and an ap
and sufficient desiguation or description of the respective lots or parcel
of land and other tenements, hereditaments and premises, contained
within or situate on the ground so to be laid open for a street oi
highway, and also the names of the respective owners, lessses, partie:
and persons entitled unto or interested in the respective lots or parcela
of laud and other tepements, hereditaments and premises pot included
within the said piece of ground so to be laid open as a street or high
way, but deemed to be benefitted by the same, and so assessed by the
Haid commissioners as aforesaid, and also the several and respective

gums ascertained and determined as and for the compensation and recompense to be drade to each of the owners of the fee or inheritance of the lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises, so to be laid open for a street or highway, and also to the respective owners of any lease hold or other interests therein respectively, and also the several aod respective sums so as aforesaid to be apportioned and assessed among and upon each of the otvners, lessees, parties and persons entitled to or interested in the several lots or parcels of land and other tenements, hereditaments and premises, deemed by the said commissioners to be benefitted and increased in value by laying opeo the said piece of ground for a street or highway; but in case the owners of any part or parcel of the ground so to be laid open as a street or highway, or the owner of any of the lots, parcels of land or other tenements or hereditaments, which the commissioners may deem to be bencfitted and increased in value thereby, or their respective estates and interests are unknown or not fully koown to the said commissioners, it shail be sufficient for them to estimate and to set forth and state in their said report, in goberal terms, the respective sums to be allowed to the person or persons who is unknown, or whose rights and interest in the ground and buildings so to be laid open, are not fully known; and also to assess and set forth and state, in general terms, the sums to be paid by the owners and proprietors generally, and of parties interested in such lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises, for the bepesit and increase in value to such owners, proprietors and parties interested in respect of the whole estate and interest of whoever may be entitled ucto or interested in the said lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises respectively, in consequence of laying open said piece of ground for a sireet or highway, without specifying the names or the estates or interests of such owocre, proprietors and parties interested, or any or either of them.

II. And be il further enacted, That upon the coming in of the Report le said report, signed by the said commissioners, or any two of them, to be

to be mate the said court shall, by rule or order, after hearing any matter which may be alledged against the same, either confirm the said report, or refer the same to the same commissioners for revisal and correction, or to new commissioners to be appointed by the said court, who sbal} be freeholders and citizens of this state, to reconsider the subject matter thereof; and the said commissioners, to whom the said report shall be so referred, shall return the same report corrected and revised, or a new report, to be made by them in the premiscs, to the said court, without unnecessary delay; and the same, on being so relurted, shall be confirmed, or again referred by the said court in mabner aforesaid, as right and justice shall require ; and so, froma time to time, until a report shall be made or returned in the premises, which the said court shall confirm ; and such report, when só conArmed by the said court, shall be final and conclusive, as weil upon the ownera, lessees, persons and parties interested in and entitled unto the lands, teacments, hereditaments and premises mentioned in said report, as also upon all other persons whomsocver; and on such final confirmation of such report by the said court, the trustees of the village of Troy shall become and be scised of all the said land, tene. ments and hereditaments included within the boundaries mentioned in the preamble of them aci; and Ikercupon the said brusters, or any

to be dis

person acting under their authority, may immediately, or at any time or times thereafter, take possession of the same, or any part thereof, without any suit or proceeding at law for that purpose, in trust, nevertheless, that the same be appropriated and kept open for, or as a part of a public street or highway, as the oiher public streets iu said

village are and of right ought to be. Certainbuild- III. And be it further enacted, That if any building or building sold by the shall remain on the said piece of ground so to be laid open for a street creators of at the time of the final confirmation of the report of commissioners of

valuation and assessment, the trustees of the village of Troy shall sell and dispose of the said buildings for the best price that can be got for them, aud the sum or sums so raised, shall be paid towards the recompence to be made to the owners of the ground so to be laid open for a street, and such sums shall be deducted in equal propor: tions from the sums assessed, on the owners of the lots, tenements and hereditaments deemed by the commissioners to be benefitted and increased in value by layiog open the said piece of ground for a street

or highway. Certain con. IV. And be it further enacted, That all the covenants, contracts wacts when and engagements, between landlord and tenant, or any other contract ebarged. ing parties, touching the lands, tenements and hereditaments so to be

laid open for a street or highway, shall upon the final confirmatior of the report of the commissioners, cease and determine and be abso lutely discharged.

V. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners o A copy of the valuation and valuation and assessment, to be appointed under and by virtue of this assessment to

the act, after completing their said valuation apd assessment, and at leas

Tourteen days before they make their report to the said court, shal * deposit a true copy or transcript of such valuation and assessmen in the clerk's office in the county of Rensselaer, for the inspection o whomsoever it may concern, and shall give notice by advertisement to be published in at least two of the public newspapers printed in the village of Troy, of the said deposit therevs in the said office, and o the day on which their report will be presented to the said court aud any person or persons, whose rights may be affected thereby, and who shall object to the same or any part thereof, may within tei days after the first publication of the said notice, state his, her o their objections to the same, io writiog, to the said commissioners and the said commissioners, or such of them as shall make such valua tion and assessment, in case any objection shall be made to the same and stated in writiog as aforesaid, shall reconsider their said valuatio and assessment, or the part or parts thereof so objected to, and in case the same shall appear to them to require correction), but po otherwise, they shall and may correct the same accordingly.

VI. And be it further enacted, That the trustees of the village o

de Troy shall, within four months after the confirmation of the report o streets, how the commissioners in the premises, by the said court, pay to the re to be paid.

spective persoas, mentioned or referred to in the said report, as owner of or interested in the land, tenements or hereditaments so to be laie open as a street or bighway, the sum or suras at which his, heroi their title or interest in or to the sapie, respectively, shall have beer valued and determined by the said commissioners; and in case o neglect or default of the payment of the same, within the time afore

be filed in the
olerk's offi

Valoeoflard, taken for

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