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No. 22. WASHINGToN, May 25, 1920.
Discontinuance of Reserve Officers' Training Corps unit in Muhlen-
berg College ---------------------------------------------- I
Travel of officers commissioned at training camps--------------- II
Act of Congress—Training of officers in aeronautic engineering---- III

I__Discontinuance of Reserve Officers' Training Corps unit in Muhlenberg College.—The authority for the establishment of an Infantry unit of the senior division, Reserve Officers' Training Corps, in Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., granted in Bulletin No. 2, War Department, 1919, is withdrawn.

[000.862, A. G. O.]

II__Travel of officers commissioned at training camps.-The Assistant Comptroller of the Treasury decided, May 6, 1920, that a student who was graduated from a training camp held under the provisions of section 54 of the national defense act approved June 3, 1916, and who upon graduation was appointed a second lieutenant in the Army, is entitled to mileage for the journey required in joining his first duty station. In view of this decision, the travel performed by all such officers in proceeding from the camps to their first duty stations is hereby confirmed and approved as having been necessary in the military service.

[245.6, A. G. O.]

III--Act of Congress—Training of officers in aeronautic engineering.—The following act of Congress is published to the Army for the information and guidance of all concerned :

An Act To provide for the training of officers of the Army in aeronautic engineering.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be, and he hereby is, authorized to detail such officers of the Army as he may select, not exceeding twenty-five at any one time, to attend and pursue courses of aeronautic engineering or associate study at such schools, colleges, and universities as he may select.

SEc. 2. That the Secretary of War is authorized to pay tuition for the officers so detailed and to provide them with necessary textbooks and technical supplies from any moneys avail

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2 able for the Air Service of the Army not otherwise specifically | appropriated. Approved May 10, 1920. [210.66, A. G. O.] BY ORDER or THE SECRETARY OF WAR : PEYTON C. MARCH, General, Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: P. C. HARRIS, The Adjutant General.


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