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10. Inspectors to audit and settle accounts of Warden, and report to Governor,
11. Inspectors to examine into reported misconduct of Warden.
12. Inspectors to examine into disorderly conduct of prisoners ; punishment.
13. Proceedings of Board to be kept by Clerk.
14. Rules and regulations to be established by Inspectors.
15. Printed copies of rules and regulations to be furnished the officers of Prisoa.
16. Warden and Deputy Warden to keep journal of their proceedings.
17. Officers of Prison to have no business connected with workshops of Prison.
18. Salaries of officers; to be paid out of State Treasury.
19. Appropriation for the purchase of books for prisoners.
20. Bonds to be executed by Warden, Deputy Warden and Clerk.
21. Per diem allowance for services of Inspectors.
22. Special duties of the Warden.
23. Prison business transactions to be in name of Warden.
24. Provisions to be supplied by contract, or under direction of Inspectors.
25. All contracts to be reduced to writing.
26. Medicines, clothing, &c. to be purchased by Warden, under direction of Ia-

87. Warden and Deputy Warden to keep account of moneys received and diso

bursed. 28. Annual report to be made by Warden. 29. Names of convicts pardoned to be reported annually to Legislature. 30. Vacancy in office of Warden, how supplied. 31. Physician to keep register of cases under his charge. 32. Books, accounts, &c. deemed public property. 38. Prohibits officers from employing convict-labor for their own benefit. 34. Prisoners to be confined in soparate cells. 34. Clothing, bedding, and fare of convicts, to be of coarse quality, 36. Warden shall furnish a Bible for each convict. 37. Warden to take charge of and preserve property of convicts until their relesde. 38. Convicts upon their releasо to be furnished with suit of clothes, at expense of

State. 39. Prohibits bringing in or carrying out any writing without consent of Warden. 40. Persons entitled to visit Prison. 41. On taking charge of a convict, Warden to roceive certified copy of sentence. 42. Escape of convicts, Warden to offer reward. 43. Rewards for convicts, and necessary advertising, to be audited by Auditor and

paid out of State Treasury. 44. Forbids the sale of liquor about the premises of Prison. 45. Expenses for conveying convicts to Prison to be paid out of State Treasury. 46. Auditor to draw warrants for expenses, under direction of Inspectors. 47. Uniform rules for admission of visitors to bo adopted. 48. Officers of Prison to be exempt from military and jury duty. 49. One hundred copies of annual report of Inspectors to be printed for use of

Prison. 50. Auditor to set tle account of Wardon on removal or resignation. 51. Workshops to highest and best bidders. 52. The rents and revenues thereof to be paid into State Treasury. 53. Lotting of convicts; price to be received for sorvices. 54. Stipulation to be made in lease for constant employment of all convicts. 55. Warden to be entitled to dwelling house free of rent. 56. Attorney-General required to inquire into conduct of former Warden and

allairs of Prison. 57. Attorney-General to investigate title to land apportaining to State Prison, 53. Provides for the removal of the machinery and tools now connected with the

Prison, at the expense of partios owning the same. 59. Repeals Act of May 23d, 1857, and other acts for the government of the Prison. 60. Act takes eflect on passage.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota : Location of stato

Section 1. There shall be maintained for the security and prison reformation of convicts in this State, a State Prison at Still.

water, in the County of Washington. Prison inspectors Sec. 2. The State Prison shall be under the direction and how appointed

government of three Inspectors, who shall be appointed by the Governor by and with the consent of the Senate, and

ork, physician

shall hold their offices for the respective terms of one, two and three years, and shall take and subscribe to the constitutional oath.

Sec. 3. The Board of Inspectors shall, as soon as may be Organization of after their appointment, meet at the State Prison office and board-terma shall elect one of their number President, and determine by lot their respective terms of office.

Sec. 4. The Governor shall, on the first Monday in Jan- Annual appoint: uary, A. D. 1859, and annually thereafter, appoint one State ment of inspector Prison Inspector who shall hold his office for three years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified.

Sec. 5. The officers of the prison shall consist of one Warden, who shall be principal keeper and reside at the oficers of the prison; one Deputy Warden, one Clerk, one Chaplain and prison one Physician, and such other assistant keepers and guards as the Inepectors may deem requisite.

Sec. 6. The Warden shall be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and Warden shall hold his office for two years, unless sooner removed by the Governor.

Sec. 7. The clerk, physician and chaplain shall be ap-clor pointed by the Inspectors, and shall hold their offices during and chaplain the pleasure of the Board. Sec. 8. The deputy warden, assistant keepers and guards

Deputy warden, shall be appointed by the Warden, with the assent of the assis

assiscant keepers Inspectors, and shall hold their offices during the pleasure and guards of the Warden. Sec. 9. It is the duty of the Inspectors to meet together

State d meetings at stated times, at the prison, once at least in every three of inspectorsmonths, and oftener if necessary, to attend to and inspect their duties the concerns of the prison, the manner of keeping the books and accounts, and the register of punishments kept by the warden, and from time to time carefully to examine the same, and to keep a record of their doings; one of them, at least, must visit the prison as often as once in each month, to examine into all the concerns thereof, and to see that the laws and regulations thereof are duly observed, and the duties of the warden faithfully performed, and to advise with the warden of the prison on the concerns thereof, whenever thereto requested; and each of them shall at all times have free access to all parts of the prison, and be allowed to inspect and examine all the books, accounts and writings pertaining to the prison, or the business, management and government thereof; and the Inspectors as soon as may be after each stated meeting, or oftener, if necessary, shall transmit to the Governor a transcript of the record of their doings, and such other information relative to the concerns of the prison, as they may deem proper.

Sec. 10. It is the duty of the Inspectors, on the first To audit accounta Monday of January, annually, to audit, correct and settle of warden the accounts of the warden with the prison and the State,

of warden

of proceedings

for the year ending on the last day of December, preceding, and make report thereof in the same month to the Governor, which report must exhibit all particulars necessary to give the Governor a full understanding of the fiscal and other concerns of the prison, and must, at the same time, furnish an estimate of the probable income and expense of the prison for the ensuing year,

Sec. 11. It is the duty of the Inspectors to inquire into To investigate any improper conduct which may be alleged to have been improper conduct committed by the warden of the prison in relation to the

concerns thereof; and for that purpose may issue subpænas for witnesses to compel their attendance, and the production of papers and writings, may examine witnesses under oath to be administered by the President, and may adjudicate on such alleged improper conduct in like manner and with like effect as in case of arbitration,

Sec. 12. The Inspectors must examine into all disorderly To punish impro- conduct among the prisoners, and when it appears to them per conduct of

that such conduct is disorderly, refractory or disobedient, prisoners

they may order such punishment as they may deem necessary to enforce obedience, and as shall not be inconsistent with humanity.

Sec. 13. The Board of Inspectors shall keep regular To keep minutes Minutes of their proceedings, which shall be signed by the dlaes President and attested by the clerk and kept in the prison


Sec. 14. The Inspectors shall from time to time establish To establish rules such rules and regulations, consistent with the law of the and regulations

State, as they may deem expedient for the government and regulation of the prison and prisoners, and shall cause a copy of the same to be laid before the Governor, who may approve or modify the same.

Sec. 15. A printed copy of the rules and regulations of To farnish print the prison shall be furnishd to every officer and guard at the ed copies to offi- time he is appointed and sworn in. cors of prison

Sec. 16. The Warden and Deputy Warden shall keep a

journal of all their proceedings of the Prison, in which he The warden to keep record of

shall note all the infractions of the rules by any officer or proceedings

prisoner, and make a memorandum of all complaints made by prisoners of cruel and unjust treatment; also, what punishment was inflicted, which journal shall be laid before the Inspectors at their stated meetings, and at any special meeting when demanded.

Sec. 17. No Inspector, Warden or other officer shall be No officer to have

ave connected with, or have an interest in the business or shops interest in the

connected with the prison.

Sec. 18. There shall be paid to the several officers of the Salaries of off prison the following salaries, and compensation to be paid

quarterly out of the State Treasury, on the warrant of the Auditor, to wit: To the warden, the sum of six hundred dollars; to the clerk, three hundred dollars; to the deputy warden, three

work shops

ooks for prison

Pay of inspectors

Amount of bonds


hundred and fifty dollars ; to any and all assistant keepers and guards, a sum not exceeding two hundred dollars per annum, and to the physician such sum as the Inspectors shall allow; Provided, That if the warden shall perform the duties of deputy warden and clerk, or either of them, he shall receive the salary to which they or either of them are entitled by virtue of this Act.

Sec. 19. It shall be the duty of the Inspectors to appropriate annually the sum of twenty-five dollars out of the Purchase of avails of the prison labor and fees received from visitors, for bo the purchase of books for the use of prisoners.

Sec. 20. The Inspectors shall receive for their services, the sum of two dollars per day, for each day actually employed in and about said prison.

Sec. 21. The warden, deputy warden and clerk of the prison shall, before entering upon the duties of their offices,

100, of the officers execute to the people of this State a bond with two or more sureties, to be approved by the Governor, the warden in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, the deputy warden in the sum of ten thousand dollars, and the clerk in the sum of six thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of their duties according to law,

Sec. 22. It shall be the duty of the Warden to attend constantly at the prison, except when performing some other

Wardon-his duty connected with his office, to exercise general supervision over and give necessary direction to the keepers ; to examine whether they have been vigilant in the discharge of their respective duties; to examine daily into the health of prisoners, and to take charge of the real and personal estate belonging to, or connected with the prison.

Sec. 23. All the dealings and transactions of the prison Business transshall be conducted in the name of the Warden.

actions Sec. 24. The prisoners confined in the State Prison shall be supplied with provision by contract, unless the Inspec. provis tors shall otherwise direct; such contract to be made by the contract warden, on such terms as may be most beneficial, to the interest of the people of this State, and subject to such regulations as the Inspectors may prescribe.

Sec. 25. All contracts to be made shall be reduced to writing, and a copy thereof filed with the clerk of the prison.

Sec. 26. The necessary medicines, clothing and other medicinos and stores shall, from time to time, be purchased by the warden, clothing under the direction of the Inspectors.

Sec. 27. It shall be the duty of the warden and deputy Account of mon. Warden to keep a correct account of all moneys received by eys them or either of them, by virtue of their office, and the person to whom, and the purpose for which it was paid, and make out and deliver a quarterly statement verified to the Inspectors of the prison.

Sec. 28. The Warden shall annually, on the last Monday

Provisions by

victe pardoned

of warden

Physici an-his duties

interest in

of December, close his accounts, and prepare and submit an Annual report

accurate report of all moneys received on account of the prison, and of all moneys expended and the vouchers therefor, which report shall be submitted to the Legislature.

Sec. 29. It shall be the duty of the Warden to report on Names of con- the last Monday in December in each year, to the Secretary

of State the names of convicts pardoned the preceding year, the counties in which they were tried, and the term for which they were sentenced.

Sec. 30. Whenever there shall be a vacancy in the office Vacancy in office of warden, or the warden shall be temporarily absent, all the

duties of warden shall devolve upon and be performed by the deputy warden, until the vacancy be filled or the warden return.

Sec. 31. The physician shall keep a register of all con. victs placed under his care, the disease with which they are afflicted, also of the decease of any and all convicts, stating their names, ages, time and cause of death.

Sec. 32. All books, accounts, documents and registers Books and ac

shall be deemed public property, of which the Warden shall coants preserve at least one copy of each. Convict'labor-of. Sec. 33. No officer of the prison shall employ the convict ficers to have no labor on any work in which he or any other officer has a

personal interest.

Sec. 34. Whenever there shall be cells sufficient, each Solitary confine- prisoner shall ha confine

prisoner shall be confined in separate cells.

Sec. 35. The clothing and bedding of convicts shall be of

bed coarse material, and they shall be supplied with a sufficient Clothing and bed Course materton, alla wey

quantity of coarse wholesome food. Bibles for conor cone Sec. 36. The Warden shall furnish, at the expense of the

State, a Bible to each convict who can read.

Sec. 37. It shall be the duty of the Warden to take Property of coco charge of any property that convicts may have at the time

of entering the prison, and if the value is of five dollars or more, shall sell the same and place the proceeds at interest for the benefit of such convict, his or her representative, when he or she may leave the prison, and shall keep a correct account of all such property and the proceeds thereof.

Sec. 38. When any convict shall leave the prison, the

Warden shall furnish such convict a suit of clothes, not to Discharge of con. exceed in value the sum of ten dollars, (if he or she be not

already provided for,) at the expense of the State.

Sec. 39. No person shall, without the consent of the Warden, bring into or carry out any writing or any information to or from any convict.

Sec. 40. The following persons shall be allowed to visit visitors-visitors the prison at pleasure: The Governor, Lieutenant Governor,

Members of the Legislature, all State Officers, Prosecuting Attorneys, and all regularly authorized Ministers of the Gospel; and no other person shall be permitted to go within the walls of the prison without the special permission of the






Prohibition to



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