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I.-Proposing an amendment to Section ten, Article nine, of the Con

stitution, and providing for the submission of the same to the

II.- Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of

III.-To authorize a loan of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to

defray the current expenses of the State,
IV,-For the relief of the creditors of the State,
V.-To extend the time for the collection of the County, State and Ter-

ritorial Taxes for the year 1857,
VI.-To provide for the Assessment and Collection of a tax for State pure

poses, for the year 1858,
VII.-In relation to the revision and compilation of the Statutes
VIII.-Providing for the terms of the Supreme Court,
IX.-To prescribe the qualifications and duties of the Clerks of the Su-

preme Court,
X.-To confer the authority of changing the names of persons, towns and

villages upon the District Court,
XI.-Authorizing the Clerks of Courts to grant orders of publication,
XII.-Authorizing foreign administrators or executors, to sue in the Courts

of the State, XIII.-To allow Justices of the Peace to enter Judgment upon confes

sion, XIV.-To extend the Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace, XV.-To provide for the issuing of commissions to take testimony by Jus

tices of the Peace, XVI.-Authorizing a change of venue in Justices' Courts, XVII.-To prevent trespass on School, University, Swamp and Internal Im

provement Lands,
XVIII.---To provide for the location of the County Seat in the counties of this

XIX.-For the protection of Game,

XX.-To provide for the qualification of Clerks of the District Court,
XXI.-For the establishment of a State Agricultural College,
XXII.-Providing for the transfer of the Records of the late Territorial Courts

to the State Courts,
XXIII.-Amending an Act entitled a Bill for an Act relating to Public Roads,
XXIV.-To provide for the Letting of the State Printing, Binding and Adver-

XXV.–To make certain Appropriations for the Current Expenses of the

XXVI.-To Appropriate Money for Certain Purposes therein named,

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XXVII.—Providing for the appointment of Notaries Public and prescribing

their duties,
XXVIII.—To extend the time for taking the Assessments in this state,
XXIX.-Relating to Prairie Fires,
XXX.—Relating to the powers and duties of Commissioners appointed to

take the acknowledgment of Deeds and other instruments in

writing to be used in this state,
XXXI.-For the protection of Religious Meetings,
XXXII.—To authorize and regulate the business of Banking,
XXXIII.—To amend an Act to authorize and regulate the business of Bank-

ing, approved July 25th, 1858,
XXXIV.—To provide for the government of the State Prison of the State of

XXXV.-For a Homestead Exemption,
XXXVI.-To amend Section 105, Chapter 71, of the Revised Statutes,
XXXVII.—To provide for the publication of the General Statutes of the
XXXVIII.-To provide for the creation and regulation of Gas Light Com-

XXXIX.-To amend an Act to exccute the Trust created by an Act of Con-

gress, entitled “An Act making a Grant of Land to the Terri-
tory of Minnesota in alternate sections, to aid in the construc-
tion of certain Railroads in said Territory, and granting public
lands in alternate sections to the State of Alabama, to aid in the
construction of a certain Railroad in said State," and granting

certain lands to Railroad Companies therein named,
XL.- To provide for the incorporation of Institutions of Learning,
XLI.-To amend an Act entitled an Act to provide for the location of the

County Seat of the Counties of this state,
XLII.-To legalize certain Conveyances heretofore made,
XLIII.-To Encourage Emigration,
XLIV.-To extend the laws of the State over all the Indian Tribes within

the boundaries of the State, and to confine them to their own

XLV.-For the protection of Trout Fish,
XLVI.--To secure the free passage of Logs and Lumber down the several

rivers of this State,
XLVII.—Making Appropriations for the support of the Government,
XLVIII.-Conferring the Powers of a Court Commissioner upon Judges of

Probate, and prescribing their duties and fees,
XLIX.-Relating to the powers and duties of the District Courts and Dis-


L.-To provide for Sessions of the Legislature,
LI.-To establish an Uniformity of Office Seals,
LII.--Regulating the Recording of Conveyances affecting Real Estate,
LIII.--Securing to Mechanics a Lien on Lands and Buildings,
LIV.-To create a Lien in favor of Mechanics and others, in certain cases,
LV.-To provide for the creation and regulation of Corporations,
LVI.—For the preservation of the Muskets, Accoutrements and all other

property belonging to the State, in and around the Capitol not

otherwise provided for by law,
LVII.-To authorize the appointment of an Assistant Secretary of State,

and defining his duties,
LVIII.—To authorize the sale of Grass upon School Lands,
LIX.—Providing for the Election and prescribing the duties of Treasurer

of State,
LX.-To amend Section 115 of Chapter LXXI, Revised Statutes,
LXI.--To regulate the Foreclosure of Real Estate,
LXII.-Regulating Estrays and Articles Adrift,
LXIII.--To require Clerks of District Courts, Judges of District Courts, and

District Attorneys to file copies of their official bonds and oaths

in the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court,
LXIV.--To provide for the creation and regulation of Emigrant Aid Societies,









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LIV.-Prescribing the general duties of Auditor of State,
LXVI.-Regulating the Hours of Manual Labor,
LXVII.-To establish the Terms of the District Court of the State of Min-

LXVIII.—To prescribe the duties of Attorney General,
LXIX.-Regulating Limited Partnership:
LXX.–To provide for the Incorporation and regulation of Railroad

LXXI.-For the location and establishment of the Minnesota State Insti-

tution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb,
LXXII.--Concerning Land Grant Railroads,
LXXIII.—To regulate and encourage the Draining of Lands,
LXXIV.--To regulate the traffic in Spirituous Liquors,

LXXV.–To provide for Township Organization,
LXXVI.-To authorize the establishment and regulation of Ferries,
LXXVII.- To organize and discipline the Militia and Volunteer Militia,
LXXVIII. –To regulate Corporations for Manufacturing, Mining, Agricultu-

ral, Mechanical and Chemical purposes,
LXXIX.--To provide for the establishment of State Normal Schools,
LXXX.-To regulate the traffic in Logs and Lumber,
LXXXI. - To provide for the regulation of County Jails,
LXXXII.-To provide for the assessment and collection of a Tax for State

purposes for the year 1859, and for the better collection of

taxes heretofore levied,
LXXXIII.—To provide for the election of United States Senators for the State

of Minnesota,
LXXXIV.–To encourage the organization of Fire Companies,
LXXXV.-To provide for the organization of the Legislature,
LXXXVI.-To provide for the election of Electors of President and Vice-

President of the United States,
LXXXVII.—Providing for the election of Governor of the State, and further

to prescribe and define the powers and duties of his office, LXXXVIII.-To authorize the Governor to select Lands, and secure the title

LXXXIX.–To provide for the Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme and

District Courts,
XC.–To amend an Act to appropriate money for certain purposes, ap-

proved March 20th, 1858,
XCI.--To authorize the Regents of the University of Minnesota to borrow

XCII.—To amend an Act entitled “A Bill to encourage the erection of

Mill Dams and Mills,"
XCIII.--To amend Article IX, of Chapter VIII, of the Revised Statutes,
XCIV.-- Relating to the title of Pre-empted Land,

XCV.--To create and regulate Bridge Companies,
XCVI.-To amend Section 4, of Chapter 75, of the Revised Statutes,
XCVII.—To amend an Act, entitled ** An Act prescribing rules and regula-

tions for the execution of the trusts arising under the Act of
Congress, entitled An Act for the relief of citizens of towns
upon lands of the United States, under certain circumstances,"

approved March 3, 1858, XCVIII.--Making certain Appropriations,


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An Act to authorize the business of Banking. [Repealed.)
An Act to provide for Township Organization. [Repealed.)


1.-Relative to the Sioux and Winnebago Reservations,
II.- Instructing Assessors to tax pre-empted but unpatented lands,



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III. Concerning Land Grant to Minnesota and North Western Railroad Co.,
IV.-Authorizing the Governor to procure an Engraved Seal-of the State,
V.–Of the Legislature of the State of Minnesota, relative to certain Mail

Routes in this State,
VI.-Relative to the Swamp Lands granted to the States by the Act of Sep-

tember 28th, 1850,
VII.-Complimentary to Lieutenant M. F. Maury, of the United States Navy,
VIII.-Asking a grant of land to a railroad,
IX.-Instructing Senators in Congress and House of Representatives,
X.-In favor of an Overland Route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific

XI.- Relative to obtaining appropriations from Congress,

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1.-For a Mail Route from Chatfield to Winnebago City,
II.-For a Mail Route from Glencoe to Watertown,
III.-For a Mail Route from Glencoe to Clearwater,
IV.-For a Mail Route from McGregor to Owatonna,
V.-For increase of Mail service on Route No. 13,848,
VI.--For land grant to an Agricultural College, and for a homestead

to settlers,
VII.--For a Special Pre-emption Law for the benefit of settlers on the

Dakota or Sioux Half-Breed Reservation,
VIII.To the President of the United States against land sales,
IX.-For a Mail Route from La Crosse to Winnebago City,
X.--For Indemnity for certain expenses incurred,
XI.- For an appropriation to defray the expenses of expeditions

against hostile Indians in the Territory of Minnesota,
XII.-For a donation of land for an Agricultural College,
XIII.--For the relief of settlers whose claims have been lost by the grant,

of lands to Minnesota for Railroad purposes,
XIV.-For an appropriation for the erection of a Bridge across Root

XV.-For a Mail Route from Hastings to St. Peter,
XVI.--Relative to Mail service in Southern Minnesota,
XVII.-For a Mail Route from St. Peter to the Sioux Agency.
XVIII.-For a Mail Route from Elliota to Blue Earth City,
XIX.-For a Mail Route from Minneapolis to Henderson,
XX.–For a Mail Route from Minneapolis to Kandiyohi,
XXI.-For an appropriation for the improvement of the Mississippi River

from the mouth of the Minnesota River to Sauk Rapids, XXII.-- For an appropriation to aid in the construction of a Wagon Road

from Lake Superior, in the State of Minnesota, to the South

Pass of the Rocky Mountains,
XXIII.--For an appropriation to complete the Mendota and Big Sioux

River Military Road,
XXI V.-To the President of the United States in relation to land sales in

XXV.--To the President of the United States for the establishment of a

Military Post at Graham's Point, on Red River,
* XXVI.-For a grant of land to aid in the construction of the Nininger,

St. Peter and Western Railroad,
XXVII.--For a grant of land to aid in the construction of a Railroad

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from Winona to the Southern boundary line of the State, XXVIII.-For a grant of land to aid in the construction of a Railroad

from the Southern branch of Root River to Sioux Falls City

on the Big Sioux River, XXIX.—To Congress, for certain appropriations,

XXX.–For the improvement of the St. Croix River, XXXI --For a Mail Route from Prescott to Taylor's Falls, XXXII.-For a Mail Route from Looneyville to Elliota,

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