New Directions for Research in Foreign Language Education

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Simon Coffey, Ursula Wingate
Routledge, 19 Okt 2017 - 236 halaman
Navigating precarious territory: teaching Turkish in Greek-Cypriot classrooms / Panayiota Charalambous, Constadina Charalambous and Ben Rampton -- Language learning as opportunity across the life span / Simon Coffey -- Foreign language teaching for citizenship development / Mairin Hennebry -- Not English but English-within-multilingualism / Jennifer Jenkins -- Glocal languages: the "globalness" and the "localness" of world languages / Manuela Guilherme -- L2 learning outside the classroom: new directions for research on intercultural interactions during study abroad / Rachel Shively -- French language textbooks as ideologically imbued cultural artefacts: political economy, neoliberalism and (self) branding / David Block and John Gray -- The need for new directions in modern foreign language teaching at english secondary schools / Ursula Wingate and Nick Andon -- Developing competence for French as a foreign language within a plurilingual paradigm / Nathalie Auger -- Assessing the diverse linguistic and cultural repertoires of students of diverse languages / Angela Scarino -- Embedding the assessment into the learning: a new direction for high-stakes speaking assessments / Martin East -- Toward an educational policy for U.S. collegiate foreign language instruction: Curricular considerations / Heidi Byrnes

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Simon Coffey is Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages Education at King's College London, UK. He is joint editor of the Language Learning Journal.

Ursula Wingate is Senior Lecturer in Language in Education and works in the School of Education, Communication and Society at King's College London, UK.

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