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I. EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT. The 14th Presidential term of four years, since the establishment of the government of the United States, under the Constitution, began on the 4th of March, 1841 ; and it will expire on the 3d of March, 1845.

Salary. JOHN TYLER, of Virginia,


$25,000 Vacancy,

Vice President. 5,000 General William Henry Harrison, of Ohio, having been elected by a majority of 174 of the electoral votes, was, on the 4th of March, 1841, inaugurated President of the United States, in the city of Washington, and died on the 4th of the succeeding April. In consequence of this event, the duties of the office have devolved on John Tyler, of Virginia, who had been elected by the same major Vice-Presi nt; in accordance with the provision of the Constitution of the United States, which says: " In case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death, resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of said office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President."

THE CABINET. The following are the principal officers in the executive department of the government, who form the Cabinet, and who hold their offices at the will of the President.

Salary. Abel P. Upshur, Virginia, Secretary of State, $6,000 John C. Spencer, New York, Secretary of the Treasury, 6,000 James M. Porter, Pennsylvania, Secretary of War, 6,000 David Henshaw, Massachusetts, Secretary of the Navy, 6,000 Charles A. Wickliffe, Kentucky, Postmaster General, 6,000 John Nelson, Maryland, Attorney General,



Abel P. Upshur, Secretary.

Salary. Wm. S. Derrick, Chief Clerk, $2,000 W. C. Zantzinger, Clerk, $900

J. B. Ayres,


800 Diplomatic Bureau. William Hunter, Jr. Clerk, 1,600

Rob. Greenhow, Translator, 1,600 Francis Markoe, Jr. 1,500

1,450 Edw. Stubbs, Disbur. Agent,

800 A. H. Derrick, do. 1,400

W. H. Prentiss, Packer,
Consular Bureau.

Patent Office.
Robert S. Chew, Clerk,

H. L. Ellsworth, Com, Pat. 3,000

1,600 Jas. S. Ringgold, do.

Jos. W. Hand, Chief Clerk,

Charles M. Keller, Exan- 1,500 Home Bureau.

Charles G. Page,

iners, 1 1,500 T. W. Dickins, Clerk. 1,400 Henry Stone, Assist. ( 1,250 George Hill, do.

1,400 W. P. N. Fitzgerald, ) Exum. I 1,250 Geo. S. Watkins, do.

1,400 A. L. McIntire, Draughtsman, 1,200 Horatio Jones, do. 1,000 Hazard Knowles, Machinist,


1,400 1,400


John C. Spencer, Secretary.

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McC. Young, Chief Clerk, $2,000

Treasurer's Office.

William Selden, Treasurer, $3,000
James W. Mc Culloh, 1st Comp. 3,500

W. B. Randolph, Chief Clerk, 1,700 James Larned, Chief Clerk, 1,700

Register's Office. Albion K. Parris, 2d Comp. 3,000

Thomas L. Smith, Register,

3,000 Jonathan Seaver, Chief Clerk, 1,700

Mich. Nourse, Chief Clerk,

1,700 Auditors.

Solicitor's Office. Tully R. Wise, 1st Auditor, 3,000 Ch. B. Penrose, Solicitor,

3,500 John Underwood, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Wm. B. Lewis, 2d Auditor, 3,000

Land Office. James Eakin, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Th. H. Blake, Com. Gen.

3,000 Peter Hagner, 3d Auditor, 3,000 John Williamson, Recorder,

2,000 Jas. Thompson, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Charles Hopkins, Solicitor,

2,000 Aaron 0. Dayton, 4th Auditor, 3,000 John M. Moore, Chief Clerk,

1,800 Th. H. Gillis, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Jos. S. Wilson, Chief Clerk of S. Pleasanton, 5th Auditor, 3,000 private Land Claims,

1,800 Thomas Mustin, Chief Clerk, 1,700 W. T. Steiger, Chief Clerk of




James M. Porter, Secretary.

Salary, Daniel Parker, Chief Clerk, $2,000 Richard Gott, Chief Clerk, $1,600 Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Pay Bureau.
T. H. Crawford, Commissioner, 3,000 N. Towson, Brev. Br. Gen. &
S. Humes Porter, Chief Clerk, 1,600

Paymaster Gen.

Nathaniel Frye, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Pension Bureau.

Medical & Surgical Bureau. Jas. L. Edwards, Commissioner, 2,500

Thomas Lawson, Surg. Gen. 2,500 Geo. W. Crump, Chief Clerk, 1,600

H. L. Heiskell, Surgeon. Head Quarters of the Army. R. Johnson, Chief Clerk. 1,150 Winfield Scott, Maj. Gen. Com’nding.

Engineer Bureau. R. Jones, Brev. Brig. Gen. & Adj. Gen. J. G. Totten, Col. & Chief Engineer. L. Thomas, Maj. & Assist. do.

D. P. Woodbury, Lieut. & Assist. Eng. Quarter Master's Bureau. Benj. Fowler, Chief Clerk, 1,200 T. S. Jesup, Br. Maj. Gen. & Q. M. Gen. Topographical Bureau. A. R. Hetzel, Capt. & Assist Q. M. John J. Abert, Col. & Chief Top. Eng. Wm. A. Gordon, Prin. Clerk, $1,600 Geo. Thompson, Chief Clerk, 1,400 Subsistence Bureau.

Ordnance Bureau. G. Gibson, Brev. Br. Gen.& Com. Geo. Bomford, Col. & Chief of Corps. Gen. Subsist.

W. Maynadier, Capt. & Assist. John C. Casey, Capt. & Assist. Com. Geo. Bender, Chief Clerk, 1,200


David Henshaw, Secretary.
A. Thomas Smith, Chief Clerk, salary $2,000.

Salary, Lewis Warrington, Chief of the Bureau of Docks and Navy Yards, $3,500 William M. Crane, do.

do. Ordnance and Hydrography, 3,500 Beverley Kennon, do.

do. Construct. Repairs & Equip. 3,000 C.W. Goldsborough, do.

do. Provisions and Clothing, 3,000 do.

do. Medicines & Surg. Instrum. 2,500

W. P. C. Barton,


Charles A. Wickliffe, Postmaster General.

Salary, Selah R. Hobbie, 1st Assistant Postmaster Gen., Contract Ofice, $2,500 John A. Bryan, 2d

do. do. do. Appointment Office, 2,500 John S. Skinner, 3d

do. do. do. Inspection Office, 2,500 John Marron, Chief Clerk, Post Office Department,

2,000 Elisha Whittlesey, Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office,

3,000 Peter G. Washington, Chief Clerk of the Auditor,


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