Deconstructing Travel: Cultural Perspectives on Tourism

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Rowman Altamira, 6 Agu 2004 - 128 halaman
As a visible marker of globalization, the increased role of travel and tourism in our lives makes it a remarkable force in contemporary culture. Deconstructing Travel provides an easily understood framework of the relationship between travel and culture in our rapidly changing postmodern, postcolonial world. Beginning with an examination of classical expeditions in mythology, history, and literatures, Arthur Asa Berger explores the role of travel in contemporary lives, from university travel-abroad programs to package tours and family vacations. This volume is a highly-engaging look into why people travel, examining travel and tourism as a cultural phenomenon through social, cultural, psychological, and economic forces.

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Arthur Asa Berger, retired professor from San Francisco State University, is the author of over 40 books, including the mystery novel/textbook Postmortem for a Postmodernist and The Kabblah Killings and editor of The Postmodern Presence: Readings on Postmodernism in American Culture and Society.

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