First Deficiency Appropriation Bill, 1924: Hearing Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Apropriations ... in Charge of Deficiency Appropriations. Sixty-eighth Congress, First Session

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1924 - 811 halaman

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Halaman 498 - Provided further, That no employee shall be paid a reward under this act until he has properly executed an agreement to the effect that the use by the United States of the Invention, suggestion, or series of suggestions made by him shall not form the basis of a further claim of any nature upon the United States by him, his heirs, or assigns: Provided further, That this appropriation shall be available for no other purpose (act Feb.
Halaman 483 - Service shall be found to be responsible, and report the amounts so ascertained and determined to be due the claimants to Congress at each session thereof through the Treasury Department for payment as legal claims out of appropriations that may be made by Congress therefor.
Halaman 400 - November ninth, eighteen hundred and forty-three, two dollars; for hearing and deciding upon the case of any person charged with any crime or offense, and arrested under the provisions of said treaty or of said convention, five dollars a day for the time necessarily employed.
Halaman 175 - An Act to fix and regulate the salaries of teachers, school officers, and other employees of the Board of Education of the District of Columbia...
Halaman 48 - Said sums shall be allotted to the States in the proportion which their population bears to the total population of the United States...
Halaman 374 - States to consider, ascertain, adjust, and determine any claim accruing after April 6, 1917, on account of damages to or loss of privately owned property where the amount of the claim does not exceed $1,000, caused by the negligence of any officer or employee of the Government acting within the scope of his employment.
Halaman 400 - States and the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, against any parties charged with any crime or offense set forth in said article, two dollars; for issuing any warrant under the provision of the convention for the surrender of criminals between the United States...
Halaman 399 - Copy of warrant of arrest, with certificate to same when defendant is held" for court and the original papers are not sent to court, forty cents.
Halaman 542 - Representatives; and in case said apportionments are waived or modified as herein provided, the same shall be waived or modified in writing by the head of such executive department or other Government establishment having control of the expenditure, and the reasons therefor shall be fully set forth in each particular case and communicated to Congress in connection with estimates for any additional appropriations required on account thereof. Any person violating any...
Halaman 498 - General is hereby authorized to pay a cash reward for any invention, suggestion, or series of suggestions for an improvement or economy in device, design, or process applicable to the Postal Service...

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