Journal of the Senate, Volume 110

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts., 1889

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Halaman 911 - I, AB, do solemnly swear or affirm, that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent on me as , according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably to the constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.
Halaman 789 - Representatives, and who shall have paid, by himself or his parent, master, or guardian, any State or county tax which shall, within two years next preceding such election, have been assessed upon him in any town or district of this commonwealth, and also every citizen who shall be by law exempted from taxation, and who shall be in all other respects qualified as above mentioned...
Halaman 788 - Commonwealth by the adoption of the subjoined article of amendment ; and that the said article, being agreed to by a majority of the senators and two-thirds of the members of the house of representatives present and voting thereon...
Halaman 890 - He shall preserve order and decorum; may speak to points of order in preference to other members, rising from his seat for that purpose, and shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the House by any two members; on which appeal no member shall speak more than once, unless by leave of the House.
Halaman 55 - ... a different apportionment of the hours of labor is made for the sole purpose of making a shorter day's work for one day of the week...
Halaman 897 - If two or more members rise to speak at the same time, the Chair shall decide which is entitled to the floor.
Halaman 531 - The general election shall be held on the first Tuesday of October, in the years of our Lord eighteen hundred and seventy-six, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven and eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and annually thereafter on such days as may be prescribed by law.
Halaman 900 - The rules of parliamentary practice, comprised in Jefferson's Manual, shall govern the House in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the standing rules and orders of the House, and joint rules of the Senate and House of Representatives.
Halaman 61 - Houses concerning the election of a Senator in the Congress of the United States for the term of six years from the fourth day of March next, inclusive.
Halaman 124 - ... amendment or amendments shall be entered on the journals of the two houses, with the yeas and nays taken thereon, and referred to the general court then next to be chosen, and shall be published...

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