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June 9, 1914.
The following military laws of the United States, revised and
morrected to June 1, 1914, under the supervision of Brig. Gen. E.
H. Crowder, Judge Advocate General of the Army, are approved
and published for the information and government of the Regular
and Volunteer Armies and the Organized Mitilia.
By Order of the Secretary of War:


Major General, Chief of Staff



This compilation contains all the permanent laws of the United States directly affecting the War Department, the Regular Army, the Volunteers, and the Militia, including the legislation enacted by the 63d Congress, which adjourned March 4, 1915.

As originally prepared and submitted to the Public Printer, it embraced all legislation enacted prior to June 1, 1914, and was set up in that form. The publication was delayed, and it became necessary to include legislation enacted after that date, during the remainder of the second session and also during the third session of that Congress. This later legislation will be found in the supplement. The numerical designations of paragraphs in the supplement correspond to those of related paragraphs in the original text, being distinguished for the purpose of citation by a letter added to the paragraph number, thus following the style of previous compilations.

It has not been found practicable to include, as in prior editions, all the laws directly affecting the civil administration under the War Department, nor to include certain laws indirectly affecting the administration of the department and the military establishment without expanding the volume to an inconvenient size. Accordingly only such laws of this character as are frequently consulted at the War Department and other military headquarters have been retained and the others have been eliminated, citations to the latter being placed in a table of related statutes. The references in this list will enable any searcher for a statute to pass readily to the section of the Revised Statutes or the volume and page of the Statutes at Large where the act is to be found.

As a further aid to ready reference, there has been inserted a table which will enable one to pass from a particular paragraph of this compilation to the corresponding provisions of the Revised Statutes and the Statutes at Large.


Judge Advocate General. March 18, 1915.


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Page. Camp I. The President

7 II. Executive departments in general...

15 III. The Department of War.....

51 IV. Provisions applicable to several classes of officers.

57 V. The Treasury Department—The accounting officers..

VI. Postal laws......

VII. The Department of Justice-Habeas corpus—The Court of Claims,

101 VIII. The Department of the Navy—The Marine Corps...

IX. The Revised Statutes—The Statutes at Large-The Army Regu-
lations--The Army Register....

X. The Military Establishment-General provisions of organization.. 133
XI. General officers and aids...
XII. Rank and command—Tactical and territorial organizations.. 143
XIII. The General Staff Corps.....

XIV. The staff departments-General provisions-Disbursing officers.. 153
XV. The Adjutant General's Department..

177 XVI. The Inspector General's Department..

189 XVII. The Judge Advocate General's Department-Military prisons.. 193 XVIII. The Quartermaster Corps......

201 XIX. The Medical Department..

235 XX. The Corps of Engineers..

303 XXI. The Ordnance Department-Armories and arsenals-Board of Ordnance and Fortification....

311 XXII. The Signal Corps.....

331 XXIII. Chaplains....

339 XXIV. Commissioned officers...

342 XXV. Brevets-Uniform and title of ex-officers-Medals of honor-Certificates of merit-Foreign decorations..

369 XXVI. Enlisted men......

377 XXVII. The troops of the line-Troops, batteries, companies.

393 XXVIII. The l'nited States Military Academy, The Army War CollegeThe Service Schools......

405 XXIX. Contracts and purchases.

431 XXX. Public property....

465 XXXI. The Militia...

491 XXXII. Volunteers....

513 XXXIII. Indians--Indian agents-Indian country..

521 XXXIV. The employment of military force..

529 XXXV. Pension laws......

555 XXXVI. The Soldiers' Home..

565 XXXVII, Care oi the insane..

573 XXXVIII. Flag and seal of the United States....

575 XXXIX. The Articles of War....

379 Buplement....

617 Tsje of Related Statutes.

653 Table of Suatutes at Large and Revised Statutes.

611 loder


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