Proceedings of the Annual Session of the Bar Association of Tennessee, Volume 31

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Charter, constitution and by-laws, 1881, contained in the 1883 proceedings.

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Halaman 166 - Look round the habitable world, how few Know their own good, or knowing it pursue.
Halaman 39 - ... nothing in this Act contained shall in any way abridge or alter the remedies now existing at common law or by statute, but the provisions of this Act are in addition to such remedies...
Halaman 134 - Whenever any complaint shall be preferred against a member of the Association, for misconduct in his relation to this Association or in his profession, the member or members preferring such complaint shall present it to the Committee on Grievances, in writing, and subscribed by him or them, plainly stating the matter complained of, with particulars of time, place and circumstances.
Halaman 223 - This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any Annual Meeting, but no such change shall be made at any meeting at which less than thirty members are present. . CONSTRUCTION. Article XI. — The word "State," whenever used in this Constitution, shall be deemed to be equivalent to State, Territory, and the District of Columbia.
Halaman 76 - What hindered him from seeing this, was the childish fiction employed by our judges, that judiciary or common law is not made by them, but is a miraculous something made by nobody, existing, I suppose, from eternity, and merely declared from time to time by the judges.
Halaman 125 - The future of the Republic to a great extent, depends upon our maintenance of Justice pure and unsullied. It cannot be so maintained unless the conduct and the motives of the members of our profession are such as to merit the approval of all just men.
Halaman 170 - And the old are oft-times young When their hair is thin and white; And they sing in age, as in youth they sung, And they laugh, for their cross was light. But, bead by bead, I tell The rosary of my years; From a cross to a cross they lead; 'tis well, And they're blest with a blessing of tears.
Halaman 77 - Today, when all recognize, nay insist, that legal systems do and must grow, that legal principles are not absolute, but are relative to time and place, and that juridical idealism may go no further than the ideals of an epoch, the fiction should be discarded. The analytical jurists did a great service to legal science when they exposed this fiction, though their conclusion that a complete code should be enacted in order to put an end to the process of judicial law-making shows that they saw but half...
Halaman 227 - Each of the standing committees shall consist of five members, and shall be appointed annually by the President of the Association, and shall continue in office until the annual meeting of the Association next after their appointment and until their successors are appointed, with power to adopt rules for their own government not inconsistent with the Constitution or these By-Laws.
Halaman 27 - Bureau shall investigate and report . . . upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of children and child life among all classes of our people...

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