Faith in Writing: Forty Years of Essays

Sampul Depan
Ridge Books, 8 Okt 2015 - 376 halaman

Through the difficult days of Indonesia's authoritarianism, in the face of violence, through the euphoria of democratic transition, and ensuing disillusionment, one Indonesian writer has never lost faith in the act of writing. Goenawan Mohamad is an activist, journalist, editor, essayist, poet, commentator, theatre director and playwright. These essays, translated by his long-time collaborator Jennifer Lindsay, reveal a vision both uniquely Indonesian and completely universal.

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Kami tak menemukan resensi di tempat biasanya.

Tentang pengarang (2015)

Goenawan Mohamad  (b. 1941) is an acclaimed Indonesian writer and man of letters.

Jennifer Lindsay  has been translating Goenawan’s columns since 1992.

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