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3d article of which these acts are in clear contravention. It is no less an offense against the principles of public law and the civilization of the age. This government would be wanting in that duty which it owes to its citizens, and regardless of its own dignity, were it lightly to pass over so flagrant an outrage.

You will lose no time in bringing these views to the attention of Mr. Saavedra, expressing at the same time the earnest wish entertained by the President that the subject may receive the early and earnest consideration of the Venezuelan Government, and result in a speedy adjustment of Mr. Wheelock's claim for pecuniary indemnity. When the Government of Venezuela shall signify its willingness to make such reparation the amount of that indemnity may properly become a matter for further consideration by this Department. I am, &c.,




Acapulco: arrest, tria), and acquittal of Captain Jacobson, of American schooner

Dreadnaught, for alleged violation of Mexican contraband law; letter
by United States Consul Sutter....

contract for construction of railroad and telegraph line between city of

Mexico and, approved by the President; terms of the contract... 766, 767
Adams, Moses: schooner; claim against Great Britain....

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
Adams: United States ship; entry of a closed port of Colombia by..........326, 327,

335, 337, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343
(See Coaling Stations.)
Address : of the governor of Buenos Ayres to the people of the province..... 32

of the President of Mexico to Congress; foreign relations; commerce;
public debt; railroads; military training; Indians....

Belgium: damage to crops from heavy rains and inundations....

Brazil: the minister of agriculture recommends the government to grant

subsidy of $50,000 per annum to line of steamers between the United
States, Canada, and Brazilian ports ....

Hungary: results of the harvest in.

Morocco: hopeful prospects for harvest; misery and desolation from famine
in southern provinces....

790, 791
tithes demanded of all persons engaged in agricultural pursuits..


Albania: repudiation of the government of the Porte; rejection of the anti-

Albanian decrees of the Powers; a syndicate of bankers offer large con-
tributions for the maintenance of the forces under arins; Ottoman em-
ployés expelled from the public bureaus; Turkish troops in citadel at

Albania and Montenegro: affairs causing anxiety; proclamation concerning
extension of Austria's power..

Alcock, Sir Rutherford: convention with Chinese Government in 1869; 50 per

cent. additional import duty; regulations agreed to by, to be put in
force; proposal that this convention, concluded but not ratified, be
adopted by all the powers...

183, 184, 218, 255
Allegiance: naturalization; cases of citizens of the United States in Germany. 450

(See Naturalization.)
Alliance: rumors regarding, between Austria-Hungary and Germany....

Alsace-Lorraine: treaty with Germany of 1868 does not extend to; cases of

John Schehr, Michal Pacquet, the brothers Franz, Theobald Hess, and
Joseph Lauber; cases of Lester, Fischer, and Schaug; now decision of
the questions involved....

441-443, 445
Amar, Isaac: a Jew persecuted in Morocco; his illegal imprisonment and
subsequent release...

American doctrine as to what entitles a blockade to the recognition of

833, 834
life insurance companies in France; letter of Mr. Merrill...

355, 356
oil company at Talara ; destruction of their property; the Chilian navy
warned by the government against repetitions of such acts...

125, 131
property destroyed by Chilian fleet at Talara...

students in straitened circumstances charged passport fees in Germany;

necessity for passport; such persons deserving of aid ; free passports ;

423, 424, 433, 434
American citizens: Henry Pinkos, a Jewish citizen of the United States,
ordered to leave St. Petersburg...

impressment for service in Mexican army (see Army).

loans forced upon, in Chibuahua....


American citizens—Continued.
murder of three, in Mexico, State of Michoacan....

739-744, 745-752
naturalized German, fined or prosecuted for non-performance of military
duty on return to Germany; settlement in cases of ...

... 441-461
outrage upon Mr. John E. Wheelock, by an official of the Venezuelan

-.... 1028-1032, 1037, 1038, 1039, 1040–1044
right of consul-general to administer upon effects of, denied; case of Mr.

359, 360, 364
sale or lease of land to, in Fukien (see Fukien)...

298, 299
transfer of foreign-built vessels to, not to be considered as an evidence

of bad faith; the presumption rather the other way..
under the control of the consular courts; their rights as to person and

property under sole jurisdiction of the United States anthorities ...... 149, 150
American flag: right of foreign-built ships, alleged to have been purchased
by American citizens, to sail under...

American independence: commemorated at Tunis by display of flags at all
the consulates ; the Bey sends assurances of his friendship...

“ American University at Philadelphia": sale of diplomas by.

397, 400
(See Diplomas.)
American vessels: boarded and searched by Spanish naval officers; Spanish
Government orders au immediate investigation .....

929, 930
question of granting clearances to, in Peru, during the war between that

country and Chili..
Amoy: war power of; report of Consul Goldsborough (see Education) 274, 281
Anderson, John: case of, at Calcutta; Earl Granville admits lack of juris-
diction of the Calcutta court

479, 480
tried for murder at Calentta; in custody of local police ; jurisdictional

rights of the United States in case of; qnestion of jurisdiction not
raised at trial; extradition applied for..

480, 481, 434
Anganqueo, State of Michoacan, Mexico; murder of three American citizens

739-744, 745-752
Arctic Expedition : stores for British, placed at disposal of, from the United

482, 483
Arendt: memorandum of rules regulating official intercourse in China... 186-188
Argentine Republic: actual war begun on the 17th of June; engagement

between the provincial troops of Buenos Ayres and the national troops

near Merlar, twenty miles from the city..
anarchy and revolution in almost all the provinces; as yet, no fighting.. 24
Buenos Ayres declared the permanent capital; election of deputies to

Congress held on Sunday, resulted in the election of distinguished and

prominent men; return of Congress from Belgrano to Buenos Ayres... 34
chamber of national deputies at deadlock, and unable to organize..
civil war temporarily averted; continued peace conditional upon resig-
nation of General Roca...

concentration of forces in Buenos Ayres...
conference between the President and Ex-President Sarmiento; commis-

sion appointed to confer with General Roca; conference at Rosario with

Roca results unsatisfactorily.......
critical political situation; concentration of troops at Buenos Ayres; ap-

prehension of civil war..
discussion of the question of mediation in the difficaties between Chili

and Peru, by this government
division of the chamber of deputies, the majority act with the rebels; the

minority acting with the national government, declare the seats of the

rebellious majority vacant, and order new elections.....
General Roca reported elected president: Madero vice-president..
gold fallen in the market; Argentine stocks advanced; confidence of busi-

ness men the coming administration of General Roca...
hostility in, to Chili..

interview between Roca and Tejedor, opposing presidential candidates;

probability that a solution of the difficulties will be arrived at without
reference to the candidature of either

intimidation at the polls.....

peace established....
political situation unchanged; the city of Buenos Ayres in possession of

the municipal troops
preparations to oppose Chili, should the case require it.
proclamation of the President.

prospects of revolution upon the coming presidential election



Argentine Republic-Continued.

prospects of war with Chili; reconciling conflicting political elements... 9
questions by national senate, sent to the President; answers of the Presi-

quiet election of members of Congress.

refusal of Roca party to vote

resignation of Gonzales, minister of foreign affairs.

South American continental exhibition...

(See Exhibitions.)
steady progress towards establishment of better feeling; Buenos Ayres

under martial law until 30th of October, after inauguration of the Presi-
dent elect; no conditions offered the revolutionists; the names of all
officers concerned in the revolution dropped from the lists by President's

want of harmony between governor of Buenos Ayres province and legisla-

Arias, Commander of provincial forces of Buenos Ayres: engagement with

national troops under General Racedo; communication with the city

Armenians: their character as a people; their position under Turkish rule.. 971,972
Army: additions to German; infantry; field artillery; light artillery; pioneers;

bill for the extension of military enrollment in Sweden and Norway de-

feated; consequent resignation of the ministry and organization of new

impressment of American citizens for service in that of Mexico; report of

Consul Schuchardt thereupon; the United States minister instructed to
demand their instant release and indemnity.

increase, consolidation, and discipline of Haytien troops..

638, 639
maneuvers of the French, witnessed by officers of the United States

of Germany: military and naval expenditures; comparison between such

expenditures in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, and

of Japan...

(See Conscription law.)
parade of troops at Berlin; unequalled training of German soldiers...... 434
vain efforts of the United States minister to obtain permission of the

President of Mexico for the entry upon her soil of United States troops
in pursuit of hostile Indians and other marauders escaping across the
borders ..

and navy, Netherlands ...

Arnold, George: an American citizen, murdered in Michoacan, Mexico. 739–744, 745-752
Arosemena, Dr.: his special mission offering mediation for the settlement of

the war between Chili and Peru and Bolivia ; his hope for intervention
on the part of the United States

76, 120, 121
(See Colombia.)
Arreola : leader of a band of cattle thieves in Mexico, consigned with part of
his band to district judge of Coahuila for trial...

Assioût: Slave trade at; description of the place and of the vicinal facilities

for carrying on trade in slaves; arrest of slave traders ; commotion
ainong interested Europeans on question of slave-trade in Egypt; ideas
of the dominant native classes.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fé (see Railroads, Mexico)

719, 720
Atwater, Dorence, United States consul: French protectorate flag at Tahiti. 357
Austria-Hungary: Civil Engineer Eads' desire for information touching river

improvements in the empire; memorandum transmitted by Minister

effect of the English election; apprehensions concerning the observance

of certain articles of the treaty of Berlin; change in the heads of many
governments; the feeling against Mr. Gladstone..

emigration from Upper Hungary to the United States, the Government
of Hungary recommended to take steps to prevent it

growing cloud of war east of the Adriatic; repudiation of the Government

of the Porte by Albania; the anti-Albanian decrees of the powers

liquidation of Egyptian debt

(See Egypt.)
river improvements; results attained; statistics......




Roumanian recognition; interest of the United States Government in the

Hebrew race in foreign countries; desire to secure terms favorable to
them in Roumania

rumors regarding alliance between, and German Empire

State railways

(See Railroads.)
statistics of the population of “the new annexed provinces”.

Avellaneda, President of the Argentine Republic: demands for his resignation ;
proclamation and decree ordering disarmament of troops....

12, 13, 15
he asks permission of Congress to place the province of Buenos Ayres under
martial law; permission refused; he leaves the city

he declares Tejedor a rebel, and refuses to return to the city until the

insurrection is suppressed...
Avalos, Zeferino: convicted and executed for the murder of a fellow-citizen in

Texas; record of his trial and conviction; application for pardon re-
fused; review of the case; the sentence; article 186 of the Mexican
penal code; value of precedent established by the case.... 707,708,713-719,730


Babson, F. J.: (see Fortune Bay outrage.)
Bailey, David H., United States consul-general at Shanghai: transmits letter
to Mr. Seward

Baird : (see Fishery Exhibition, &c.)

letters with reference to international exchange of works of science and

884, 855
Balt, Mark: deposition of, in Fortune Bay outrage

Bancroft: late minister to Germany from the United States; his interpreta-
tion of treaty of 1863......

(See Treaty.)
Bandinel, J. J. F., United States consul (see war power of China).

Bandman, C. J., of New York: contract with Venezuelan Government for
construction of railways....

Bank, National: establishment of in Hayti

... 628,629, 632
report of the Imperial Ottoman ...

Barcelona, Venezuela : decree substituting port of, for that of Ciudad Bolivar. 1033
Bavaria : opposition to imperial control of railroads

(See Railroads.)
Bayley, S. P., United States consul at Palermo: report on Mormon emigra-
tion from Italy....

Becker, Benjamin: naturalization case of, at Berlin

Belgium : accessions from, to Mormon colony in Utah...

(See Mormon.)
heavy rainfalls and inundation; great danger to the crops...
proposition to suppress the word " alone" in Article XII of the Consular
Convention with the United States.....

resumption of diplomatic relations with Mexico

return of the Belgian ambassador to Rome; passage of the school bill;

manifesto of the priesthood; attempts against the life of the King ....
the opening and management of a permanent exhibition of arts, science,

commerce, and industry in Brussels; the establishment of sample-rooms

for American products....
Belgrano: government removed to; reply to United States minister's offers of

mediation, by national government..
Berlin: International Fishery Exhibition

394, 396
(See Fishery.)
parade of troops ; efficiency of the German Army......

Berlin treaty: Austria's benefits from, causing a change in the apparent rela-

tions between Russia and Germany; Germany and Anstria form an
alliance for the execution of; England's interest in the alliance; ap-
prehensions of war..

392, 393
conference of the powers at Berlin; countries represented; dames of the

representatives; direction and position of boundary; Austria's ten-
dency to hold back; decision of the conference not aeceptable to the

Porte; to what power can the succession at Constantinople be given.. 439-441
Bismarck : arguments on the railroad bill, 1876..

(See Railroads; history of, in Prussia.)
tenders his resignation to the Emperor ; cause of this action; dispropor-

tionate representation in the Federal Council; the Emperor declines to
accept his resignation; reform needed in representation ....


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