Fast, Long Distance, Controllable, Beautiful Soap Boat: How to build a fast, long distance, controllable and beautiful Soap Boat

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Maruza, 21 Mei 2015 - 23 halaman
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This book is a complete guide to build a beautiful model boat that can sail without burning fuel, without electric power, and without wind blow. The boat can achieve maximum speed about 23 centimeters per second, about 9 inches per second, which is fast enough for a toy boat.   

The boat is very simple, nothing complicated moving parts inside the boat to propel it. The boat is very easy to be crafted by using household materials and can be done by 10 years old kid. 

The basic principles that support the boat performance is state of the art technology. Therefore, this book is a good education for kids or adults who would like to learn about boat technology. 

Some boat designs are tested to find the best performance. This way readers can analyze, compare and hopefully find and create their own design, which could be even better. 

The boat is using soap as ‘fuel’. Some soap, shampoo, body wash, detergent are tested. Although some chemical such as alcohol, acetone also can be used, but this book focuses only on benign household materials. Chemical propellants will be included in the second book. 

Using origami of plastic paper, boat can be made with top body so it will look like a real boat. 

Go to  below address to view a video about a simple yet fast and long distance soap boat.        


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