The History of the Life and Times of Cardinal Wolsey, Prime Minister to King Henry VIII. ...: In which are Interspersed the Lives and Memorable Actions of the Most Eminent Persons: and the Whole Illustrated with Political and Moral Reflections, Volume 3

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J. Purser, 1748

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Halaman 259 - This to be paid in two years. I have heard no man in my life that can remember that ever there was given to any one of the king's ancestors half so much at one grant.
Halaman 90 - Till the freed Indians in their native groves Reap their own fruits, and woo their sable loves ; Peru once more a race of kings behold, And other Mexicos be roof 'd with gold.
Halaman 34 - Hamptoncourt, and there to hunt likewise; and the lord cardinal there to make a banquet, or supper, or both : and from thence they should ride to Windsor, and there hunt; and afterwards return to the King at Greenwich, and there to banquet with him before their departure. This determined, they all repaired to their lodgings; then was there no more to do, but to make preparation in all things for the entertainment of this great assembly at Hampton-court, at the time appointed by my lord cardinal,...
Halaman 37 - I noted, there was a chess-board made of spice plate, with men of the same, and of good proportion. And, because the Frenchmen are very expert at that sport, my lord cardinal gave the same to a French gentleman, commanding, that there should be made a good case, to convey the same into his country.
Halaman 19 - ... train were lodged in the high base town. The next day, after he had heard mass, he rode to Muterel, where he was in like manner saluted by the worshipful of the town, all in livery alike, where also a learned oration was made to him in Latin, which his grace answered again in Latin. And as he entered in at the gate, there was a canopy of silk, embroidered with like letters, as his men had on their coats: And when he was alighted, his footmen had it, as due to their office. There were also made...
Halaman 25 - ... short of Champaigne, at a great walled town, called Moundrodrey, the suburbs whereof my Lord of Suffolk had lately burned ; and early in the morning 1 came to Champaigne, being Saturday, and market-day, where at my first coming I took up my inn, over-against the market-place, and being set at dinner in a fair chamber, that looked out into the street, I heard a great noise, and clattering of bills ; and looking out I saw the officers of the town, bringing a prisoner to execution, and with a sword,...
Halaman 17 - King's indignation, or deserve his highness's thanks ; the which I will set forth at our return, as each of you shall deserve. Now to the second point, the nature of the Frenchmen is such, that at their first meeting, they will be as familiar with you, as if they had known you by long acquaintance, and will commune with you in their French tongue, as if you knew every word ; therefore, use them in a kind manner, and be as familiar with them, as they are with you; if they speak to you in their natural...
Halaman 90 - Till the freed Indians in their native Groves Reap their own Fruits, and woo their sable Loves, Peru once more a Race of Kings behold. And other Mexico's, be roof'd with Gold.
Halaman 21 - Latin, to whom my lord made answer, ex tempore. Then was word brought him, that the King was ready to meet him, wherefore he had no other shift, but to light at an old chapel, that stood hard by the high-way, and there he newly apparelled himself in rich array ; and so mounted again upon another mule| very richly trapped with a foot-cloath of crimson velvet, purled with gold, and fringed about the edges with a fringe of gold very costly, his stirrups of silver...
Halaman 13 - Cardinal in a snare. pass a present peace amongst these great princes and potentates, encouraging him thereto, and alledging, that it was more meet for his wisdom, discretion, and authority, to bring so weighty a matter to pass, than any other within this realm; their intent was no other, but to get him from the King, that they might adventure, by the help of their chief mistress, to deprave him unto the King, and so, in his absence, bring him into his disgrace, or, at the least, to be in less estimation....

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