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VIII. General Reflections on the Embarrassments and the

Loss, which the Commerce of Britain will expe-
rience in consequence of the disadvantageous Terms
of the Peace.PostSCRIPT, containing an Ex-
tract from a French Publication, proving the am-

bitious and hostile Views of France Page 102 IX. Recapitulation.--Enquiry into the Reasons why the

Peace was made.-- Arguments in Fayour of a Continuance of the War.-Conclusion

I 21


1. On the Danger to which our West India Colonies

will be exposed, in consequence of the Peace 149 II. On the approaching Diminution of our Com

170 III. On the approaching Decline of our Manufac





A.-Notes presented to the French Governmerit hy

M. KALITSCHEFF, the Russian Minister at

Page i B. -Convention of St. Petersburghi, between England

and Russia, concluded June 5th (17th), 1801 iv C.-Treaty of Badajos. Treaty of Peace between Spain

and Portugal, concluded at Badajos, June 6th, 1801

xiv D.-Treaty of Downing-Street. Preliminary Articles

of Peace, between England and France, signed at London, October 1, 1801


Page xxiv

E.--Treaty of Paris: Treaty of Peace between France

and Russia, concluded at Paris, October 8,

1801 F.--Treaty of Paris. Preliminary Treaty of Peace be

tween France and the Ottoman Porte, signet at Paris, 9th October, 1801

xxvi G.-Treaty of Madrid. Treaty of Peace between

France and Portugal, concluded at Madrid, Sept. 29th, 1801

xxviii H.- Ministerial Declarations respecting the Treaty be

tween France and Portugal, signed at Madrid, 29th September, 1801.

xxxii 1. Exposition of the Principles of the Treaty of Ma

drid, as laid down by DEFER MONT, Counsel. lor of State, in his Speech to the Legislative

Body, on the 30th of November, 1801 xliv K.--Mr. ADDINGTON's Declaration respecting the

Treaty between France and Portugal, signed at
Madrid, 29th September, 1801

liv L.Mr. ADDINGTON's Declaration respecting the Plea of Necessity

Ivi M.--Mr. ADDINGTON's Answer respecting the sailing of the French Fleet and Army

Ixiii N..Extract from Lord HAWKESBURY's Speech in

the House of Commons, the 3d of November, 1801

Ixvii 0.-Buonaparte's Proclamation, issued in the Arabic

Language, on his landing in Egypt Ixix P.-Extracts from Speeches of Messrs. Pitt and Fox,

and Lord HAWKESBURY, respecting Buonaparté, and Peace with France


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