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tend to your successors, and the ed ability to render them, were due United States thus continue to en- to the unanimous calls of niy counjoy an able, npright, and energetic try; and its approbation is my administration.

abundant reward. JONN ADAMS, vice president of When contemplating the period

the United States, and prefi- of my retirement, I saw virtuous dent of the senate.

and enlightened men, among whom

I rested on the discernment and The President's Reply.

patriotism of my fellow-citizens to

make the proper choice of a suca Gentlemen,

ceffor ; men who would require no It affords me great fatisfa&tion influential example to ensure to the to find in your address a concur- United States " an able, upright, rence in sentiment with me on the and energetic administration." To various topics which I presented such men I fall cheerfully yield for your information and delibe. the palm of genius and talents, to ration ; and that the latter will re- serve our common country ; but at ceive from you an attention pro- the same time I hope I may be in. portioned to their respective im- dulged in exprefling the consoling portance.

reflection (which consciousness sug For the notice you take of my gests), and to bear it with me to public services, civil and military, the grave, that none can serve it and your kind wishes for my per- with purer intentions than I have Fonal happiness, I beg you to ac- done, or with a more disinterested cept my cordial thanks. Those zeal. jervices, and greater, had I polier




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Dec. 2, 1795
For 49,000 men as guards and garrisons,
Forces in the plantations,
Difference between British and Irish pay,
Additionals to troops in the East Indies,
Recruiting land forces, contingencies, &c.
Subsistence paid to innkeepers, &c.
General and staff officers,
Staff officers, &c. on general Clarke's expedition,
Full pay to fupernumerary officers,
Allowanee to the paymaster-general, &c.
Reduced officers of the land forces and marines,
Reduced horse.guards,
Officers late in the service of the states general,
Reduced officers of Britih American forces,
Allowances to several officers of ditto,
Embodied militia and fencible infantry,
Contingencies for ditto,
Clothing for the militia,
Fencible cavalry,
Allowances for ditto,

1,358,624 2 9 1,666,900 3 6

40,195 4 9

8,345 16 360,000 OO 120,000 103,642 3

9,259 18 6 127,779 14 II 143,490 13 5 118,873 18 6

126 6 1,000 52,500

7,500 0 917,294 14 2:0,000 108,538 17 470,636 19

8 115,000


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APRIL 26, 1796.

2,646,990 19 10

885,673 19 10


MAY 2.

Scotch military roads and bridges,


MAY 3.

Subsidy to the king of Sardinia,

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MAY 7.

Chelsea pensioners,

146,057 4.2

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Dec. 2, 1795:


d. Land service for 1796,

875,488 14 Ditto, previous to Dec. 31, 1783,

279 4 4 Ditto, unprovided for in 1794,

45,656 o Ś Sea service, ditto,

61,000 8 Land service not provided for in 1795,

762,046 13 APRIL 26, 1796. Services previous to Dec. 31, 1795, not provided for, 210,194 15 if

£.1,954,665 17




Dec. 2, 1795

L. so do Civil establifhment of Upper Canada,

7,100 Ditto, Nova Scotia,

5,415 0 Ditto, New Brunswick,

4,550 Ditto, St. John's Island,

1,900 Ditto, Cape Breton,

1,800 0 Ditto, Newfoundland,

1,232 10 Ditto, Babama Islands,

4,200 O Salary of the chief justice of the Bermuda Ilands -5800 Ditto, of Dominica,

600 O Civil establishment of New South Wales,

5,241 O To discharge exchequer bills,


Feb. 11, 1796. To discharge exchequer bills,

2,500,000 Vote of credit,


MAY 2. To satisfy navy, victualling, and transport bills, 4,331,141 14 10 His majesty's service abroad,

233,485 4 10 French refugees,

129,350 Allowance to American sufferers,

28,5000 Prosecutions, &c, relating to the coin,

2,966 46 Printing journals of the house of peers,

1,858 12 5 Publishing weekly returns of the average price of sugar, 1,334 7 Mr. Whictam for attendance on a committee,

384 70


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2,741 16

£s. Mr. Gunnell, for ditto,

5 Address money,

29,921 12 Convicts on the Thames,

8,685, 114 Ditto at Latigston and Portliñouth,


6 Expences on account of New South Wales,

15,088 7 10% Ditto, on account of Mr. Hastings' prosecution, 5,000 Purchafe of the parliament office,

0 Superintendance of the Alien Ać,

2,232 14 Stationary shipped for Upper Canada,

306 1905 For reduction of the national debt,

200,000 0 American and East Florida sufferers,

197,803 5 57 Ditto,

53,387 7 African forts,

20,000 Turkey company,

5,000 Board of Agriculture,

3,000 Britih Museum,

MAY 10. .
Veterinary college,

f: 3,821,4301

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MAY 2, 1796.

£: Deficiency of Grants in 1795,

2,347,954 10 9 Navy,

7,552,552 8 Army,

11,911,899 9 10 Ordnance,

1,954,665 17 0 Miscellaneous services, 13,82 1,430 Deficiency,

2,347,951 to 97


6:37,588,502 0 61
WAYS and MSANS for raifing the Supplies for 1996.
Nov, 10, 1795.

6 Land and malt-tax,


Dec. 8. Annuities,


FEB. 11, 1796. Exchequer bills,

3,500,000 0

Fes. 15.




7,500,000 0 0


MAY 2. Profit of a lottery, 600,000 tickets, at £13, Surplus of the consolidated fund,

250,000 0

May 7.

3,500,000 0 6.38,030,000

Dec. 24.

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Public Arts pafed in the Sixth Sef

fion of the Seventeenth Parliament of Great Britain.

Mutiny bill.

An act to permit bakers to make Nov. 23, 1795.

and sell certain sorts of bread. Land and malt bills.

An act to amend fo much of an An act to prohibit the exporta- act, made in the 9th year of Geo. &

I. entitled, “ An act for amending mit the importation thereof, for a the laws relating to the settlement, limited time.

employment, and relief of the Dec. 1.

poor," as prevents the distributing

occaíonal relief to poor persons An act to prohibit, for a limited in their own houses, under certain time, the making of starch, hair- circumstances and in certain casesi powder, &c. from wheat and other articles of food, and for lowering,

March 7, 1796. the duty on the importation of Marine mutiny bill. starch, &c.

An act for increasing the rates An act to prohibit the exporta- of fubfiftence to be granted to inngion of candles, tallow, and soap, keepers and others, on quartering for a limited time.

soldiers. Dec. 13.

May 14. An act for the safety and preser

An act for the better regulation vation of his majesty's person and of mills. government, againit treasonable An act for the further support and seditious practices and at- and maintenance of curates within tempts.

the church of England. An act for the more effectually

May 18. preventing seditious meetings and affemblies.

An act for continuing the enAn act for the better relief of couragement and reward of persons the poor in the hundreds, towns, making certain discoveries for findand districts in England, incorpo- ing the longitude at sea, or making xated for their better maintenance other useful discoveries and imInd employment.

provements in navigation.

An act to exempt dairies, and

cheese and butter warehouses, kept An act for raising eighteen mil. folelo as such, from the duties on Lons by way of annuities.

windows and lights.

Dec. 19.

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