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house is our home, we are not of this world ; the world is without God, it saw no beauty in Christ to admire Him, only enough to hate Him. natural mind is enmity against God ;" when I get to God, nature is my enemy as it is His.

The nature we have received is not of this world ; our relationships are with God, our Father, and the one thing we have to do is, to manifest the life of Christ where we are.

I am sitting in heavenly places in Christ, and have to manifest Him. Fear not, little children, get your treasure in heaven, and your heart will be where your treasure is ; not only the kingdom, but Christ Himself. The character of the place we are in, and the character we have to maintain in it involves much care and watchfulness. I cannot go through the world at ease, I am obliged to have my loins welí tucked up, like a porter, with his hands upon the door, ready to open on the first knock of him for whom the watch is kept. When the heart of a believer is thus with Christ, the secret of the Lord is with him, and we learn how He is waiting with a perfect and infinite love. Love delights in serving, and when He has all things His own way, when He comes to put all things right, the

very first thing He does, is to take us to be with Himself

. Then no longer girded, the heart unsealed, all may be at ease, and flow forth without restraint. He will then take the place of service

e; as once before He girded His loins to wash His disciples' feet, now He will gird Himself, and come forth and serve them. His heart is set upon us, and He sets us in the place of service that we may serve Him. The service

may be ever so small; it is not the value of the gift, but the love that gives it, that is appreciated by the heart that loves. Do you love Him enough to watch for Him ? Do you believe He loves you enough to desire to have you with Him? Can your heart watch for Him as one thus loving and loved, in full expectation ; and while watching to serve ? Service is connected with the inheritance and rewards. There is practical difficulty in passing through this world, so as to shew all that is so precious to us. I have to go through it as He did. He saw all before Him; was there any shrinking or turning back? No! “How am I straitened till it be accomplished. When the world did its worst, God's love abounded over it. Our place is, to watch, to wait, and to serve. Let us ask our hearts, Is the place in which I am the one He has made for me? If I look back through the work of one day, how much of it has been for Him ? All else is lost time. How much of our service will bear this character in that day when He rewards the service done to Him?

J. N. D.


How He links us up with Himself at every step! In death together with Him, out of death into resurrection with Him ; to be made like Him, and to be in the same glory with Him! And this Thy purpose, O God, before the foundation of the world! Then I was present to Thy mind—the blood of Thy Son to be shed for me- -Thou wouldst needs have my voice in the hallelujah. There was in Thy eternal mind a needs be that I should be there to fill up

the number of the saved in the mighty chorus, saying, “Blessing unto unto him that sits upon the throne.” He brings out what we are in contrast to what He is. Have you ever known the sweetness of Christ saying the flesh is flesh ? Have you ever thanked Him for telling you your nature is utterly ruined. It is everything to accept God's testimony of what we are and of what Christ is." All flesh is

grass.... the word of the Lord endureth for ever.”

G. V. W.



“ Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus." Such is the Spirit's injunction by Paul to Timothy, when the latter was in tears, and when declension had fully set in. So, also, in parting from the elders of Ephesus, while referring to the character of his own ministry among them, he commends them to God, and the word of His


It is not to a set of rules and ordinances, but to the word of His grace. As another once wrote: “The call of the church is apart from the world, to do service in the light and strength of the Holy Ghost, and to maintain, in living spiritual grace, testimony to a rejected and heavenly Jesus. All within us and around us is contrary to this. Such a call can be upheld, such a dispensation maintained only in the direct grace of the Spirit ministered to elect vessels, and filling them with the freshness and apprehension of truth. No ordered



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