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“Christ every

whom all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and united together, increases with the increase of God." There is no when clear as to Romans, dead to sin and alive to God, who does not incline in some degree to religiousness, and devotionalism, unless he apprehends the mystery; then he values nothing but Christ who is his life. thing and in all.” He is not only dead to sin but dead to the world.

Again, surely we can easily admit that no one is heavenly in power and practice who does not enjoy in spirit that he is heavenly. Many desire to be apart from the


and influences here, but no one can come forth in the tastes and power of a heavenly man here, who has not the truth first, that through grace his place is in heaven, and in spirit he has crossed the Jordan, and is in association with Christ where He is, a member of His body, in the sense and possession of the power which led him up there ; so that he can come forth here to act in all the

marvellous practice detailed in Ephesians iv., V., vi. Many try to be unearthly and unworldly, but nothing will produce the true type of a heavenly man in practice, but the truth that we are heavenly; that our citizenship is there. And assuredly if the Holy Ghost has not led us there, as Stephen was led up there, we cannot have Christ's power here, to act for Him and do the things that are pleasing in His sight. We cannot have the works if we have not the faith ; and it is by our works that we shew our faith.

I may add, that when the Lord's supper is apprehended in faith there is a manifest effect. How could I really call to mind the death of Christ for me in the place where it occurred, without being in heart dissociated from that place? How could the scene where He died, when His death was vividly, according to my faith, before my eyes, be the scene of self-gratification or distinction for me ? Must I not, as I enter into what He endured for me, long to be apart from all that in myself and around, for which He died? The more my heart is drawn to Him, because of His great love for me, the more do I shrink from all of man and seek to walk in His ways and for His glory.

One example more. Could any one in faith hold that the Lord is in the midst where two or three are gathered together to His name, and not have a very sensible effect from this truth, an effect that no other truth could produce ? No one can define or imitate the influence of the presence of a loved one; how much more when that Person is the greatest and the dearest to us! The effect of His presence cannot be defined, but one is very conscious of it, and according to the measure of faith, He sways and controls every act and sentiment. Could I truly believe that the Lord was present, and not be controlled and influenced by Him, in conscious happy subjection to His will, and yet in gladness of heart, that while the Öne most loved is so near me, His light which cheers my heart, so keeps

my flesh in check, that I am enabled to wait on Him, without distraction?

I need hardly give more instances, because, once a principle is apprehended the verity of it will continually be corroborated. If one has the truth of the kingdom of heaven in his heart, he regards everything on this earth as it is in the mind of God according to the effect of His word. His word becomes his rule for everything. Thus his faith in the kingdom is proved, and all that concerns the Lord here on earth, and in that relation is before him. The word of God is the sovereign authority to him for everything. The maxims and wisdom of man are refused; he is here a pilgrim and stranger, in a land from which the King, his Lord, has been rejected ; and he will not in anything be swayed by principles in vogue here, even though the abrogation, as it surely will, should expose him to suffering. So also, if I hold in faith the truth of the Lord's coming, I am becoming more and more separate from everything here; going forth to meet the Bridegroom.

May each of our hearts be exercised, not only in ascertaining whether we hold this or that truth, but whether we so hold it that its effect is demonstrated by us—as “doers of the word.” May the truth in all its parts be more and more endeared to our hearts, rejoicing that as we hear His voice, some new and distinct effect is produced ; for surely He has His own way of forming us into likeness to Himself. Amen.

THE DAY OF ATONEMENT. The effect of the blood on the day of atonement, was to set God at liberty to receive the high priest and his house in the Holiest, and that from there Moses and Aaron should come forth and bless Israel. Hence when Christ, both sin-offering and burnt-offering, gave up the ghost the veil was rent from within. God could come out and receive the prodigal to the brightest spot because Jesus had gone in with His own blood, Hence the standing of Christians is within the veil. Besides, through

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