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sanctified; we are set free from what we are naturally, and introduced into an entirely new order of being. It is therefore very interesting to note the separate and distinct effects produced, according to the measure or the nature of the truth apprehended in faith. Each truth has its own effect; and no truth would produce the effect of another truth. There is no confusion. If the desired effect is not possessed, the truth that would produce it, is not in faith apprehended.

It is very evident that the truth of the death and resurrection of Christ laid hold of by faith could alone produce peace. But then, consequent on justification, I have to reach deliverance; that is, that I am free in the life of Christ from the law of sin and death; not only cleared from all guilt, but alive in the One who cleared me; because He not only died for my sins, but God sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, condemned sin in the flesh. I do not reach to the proper effect of justification

until I have deliverance, and any one can notice that if justification be known, and yet deliverance---the practical experience that I am free from the law of sin and death- be not reached, the believer, in so far as he is conscientious, is occupied with his own state ; and he does not come up to the proper effect of justification. The proper

effect of one dead to sin and alive to God in Jesus Christ is the absolute surrender of the body to the Lord. It may be objected that many are very clear about the efficacy of the work of Christ, who do not present their bodies a living sacrifice. True, but if the proper effect of the truth has not been produced, it is plain that it is not the truth that is at fault, but the way it has been received. It is impossible that one should be clear from all sins by the blood of Christ, and free from the law of sin and death in the life of Him in whose death God condemned sin in the flesh, and not feel that truly the only reasonable service is, that the body should be a living

sacrifice to the Lord. The effect of a truth always defines the measure of it that one has apprehended in faith. One might scan the whole range of revealed truth, but the exact measure of it that has been received in faith, will be defined by the effect that it has produced. Hence, when there is


limitation of the grace that justifies, and sets us up free in the life of Him through whom we are justified, there must necessarily be always a corresponding lack in selfsurrender to the Lord. We too often expect to find souls clear as to a truth, though in practice we see that they are far from it; and we are often too much occupied with their acceptance of the truth verbally, instead of judging by its effect on them, how far thic acceptance is in faith. It is quite truc that if there is defect in the knowledge of a truth, there must be a defect in its effect; though it is better, and conduces more to prosperity, when the effect of truth is in a measure beyond one's knowledge of it.

If the truth of Romans produces such a very marked and blessed effect; that is, if the knowledge of justification and deliverance produces the effect of my body being presented to the Lord a living sacrifice, let us now see what would be the effect produced by learning our approach to God as set forth in Hebrews, where we have the right of entrance into the Holiest, (the brightest spot with God) through the blood of Christ. In Romans I am clear of all sins, and in the life of Him in whom sin was condemned in the flesh. There can be no deliverance if this latter be not known; but in Hebrews I can, through the blood, approach God; my heart sprinkled from an evil conscience and my body washed with pure water. The two parts of Roman truth are thus assured. The effect of this nearness is, that I am running on to heaven in the power of faith ; while here on earth, and visibly, as in chapter xiii., we express the characteristics of God's people on the earth, from “brotherly love

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proper expression of Christians on the earth, and the effect of the truth that they have approach to God, in the Holiest, unseen by man; where the Lord Jesus is the great Antitype of the ark of the covenant which was all that ever was in that place. His blood entitles us to be there; and He is there Himself, the concentration of the glory of God, “crowned with glory and honour. He is there as the burnt-offering--glorified. Thus there is now the shining forth of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

In Colossians we find a remarkable confirmation of how a particular truth has its own and peculiar effect. The Colossians were simple and earnest, noted for their “faith in Christ, and love to all the saints,” but they were in danger of being carried away by religiousness. Now the truth which would preserve them from this was the mystery of God, even that the church is the body of Christ, and that from the Head everything flows, “from

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