The Antiquaries Journal, Volume 3

Sampul Depan
Oxford University Press, 1923
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Halaman 310 - be returned to the President for his address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed.' The President signified his assent.
Halaman 396 - money to provide provisions or for contingencies or for intelligence ; none of the commissions yet sent down ; few troops and these almost naked. ... it vexes me sadly to think I must retire to Berwick if the French land on this side Forth.
Halaman 231 - The Master, Wardens, Assistants and Brethren of the Parish Clerks of the Parish Churches of the City and Suburbs of London and the Liberties thereof, the City of Westminster, the Borough of Southwark and the Fifteen Out-Parishes adjacent
Halaman 243 - of white or pinkish felspathic spots of all sizes from that of a pea to that of a walnut. These spots are composed of irregular crystals and crystal-groups of oligoclase-albite felspar, and are often so widely spaced in the rock that there is every possibility of their being unrepresented in a micro-section.
Halaman 98 - Progress Report of the Archaeological Survey of India, Western Circle, for the year ending 31 st March, 1920.
Halaman 393 - The Races of England and Wales; a Survey of Recent Research. By HJ FLEURE, D.Sc., Professor of Geography and Anthropology, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.
Halaman 325 - cultus image. But the surroundings of the sanctuary he wholly transformed. The corridor and the service-chambers on the SE. •were swept away, their walls torn down and the debris heaped in between them, and a new floor-level formed over the rubbish. Two small wings were built out from the front of the sanctuary,
Halaman 77 - of Rievaulx and his Biographer Walter Daniel. By FM POWICKE, MA, Litt.D., Professor of Medieval History in the University of Manchester.
Halaman 269 - Treasure of Traprain, a Scottish Hoard of Roman Silver Plate. By ALEXANDER O. CURLE, FSA Scot., FSA, Director of the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh.

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