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A PREFACE to a book, is not always a mere formality: it is sometimes a necessary preliminary, to give the Reader a general view, both of the design and the execution of the whole work.

Of the design of this slender effort to do good to mankind, I can speak not only with confidence, byt with boldness also. For many years I have been extremely pained in my mind, 20 see the multiforın and complkated evils, brought upon almost all the human race, by the devilish practice of WAR: and, I have been the more troubled, because I knew that these “ wars and fightings" were not so much the dispensations of heaven, like Pestilence and Famine) as the effect of men's “own lusts.:" the “luftings." of Ambition Auerice and Revenge. By these three “ lụsts," the offspring of Hell, the world has, almost from its foundation, been a Bedlam, an Hospital and a Charnel house. ws:

Si * I can truly fay, that I have "groaned in the fpi

rit" over the miseries of mankind, occasioned by the horrors of war; and, I have long wished to see some laudable effort made by an able hand, towards throwing War and Iurriers into that disgrace and


. ahorrence which they. fo justly, de serve. But, tho' spany good things have been said against this bad practice, as appears by the selections in this book, yet these good things have been desultory and fugitive, and so enwrapped with other matter, as toʻren. der them almost nagatory: they are like a dispersed. fire which loses its heat for want of concentration. They were too small to be published seperately, and too diffuse and reinote to be dilcovered where they are respectively, by one perfon i ten thousand. This therefore, is an humble aitempt, to supply the lack of service due to the world from abler hards....

With regard 10 the execution of this public effort, I must speak with camion, in order to avoid the imputation of effrontery ; but, tho' I may not boast, yet I think I have a right to explain... .. . i The Book contains two parts; Seligions and an Appendix. "The seledrions are, nearly all of them, froin eminent men, Divines, Historians, Efayijls and Puets; and, every Article, has its authority at

atched to il; the anthor's name lands ai the head, and the work from which it is taken, at the foot;. except in one instance, Page 149, There is a serap of Poetry given in the fate it. w2found, Anonymous. The Appendix is my own, and thofe who wish to

krew its merit, may read it, if they please. m . '10 Perhaps, it will be enquired, why the matter of


the book was not arranged under the proper heads of Causes of war, Nature of war, and Effects of war? To this, I reply, that it was at the outset designed to dò fo; but, finding, (as the Reader may find also) that many of the selections, individually participating of Cause, Nature and Effect, made a division impracticable, without exposing the book to ridicule. All, therefore, that could be done in the Contents, was, to give the pieces in the order in which they stand, annexing the number of the page, which I have done

'in due order.

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To fome, it may appear an easy matter to make op a book of Selections and Extracts. But, I have not found it quite fo.eafy in practice, as I suppose, it will appear to others in speculation. It has really cost me much fatigue of mind to ruminate o: ver various volumes, to recolled what I had read, and to enquire of literary friends for books which I did not poffefs. Besides, I have derived fome assistance in my sele&tions, from an intelligent friendor ... I cannot conclude without noticing the conduet of Biographers, Historians and Poets, respecting Her tas,, when they too frequently, at the expence of humanity, to say nothing of christianity, emblazonand extol. Dr. Doddridge was a very good mailing But I think he would have been still better, if he had written the Life of Colonel Gardiner in a differ a

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ent manner from what he has done. So fas as the Colonel's conversion is detailed, and his experience as a christian, the book is praiseworthy ; but the christian and the hero together, is a compound !hocking to the feelings of every child of peace, and calculated to do much harm by being exposed to the world. The Dr. has also got the following moito for his hero, from an Heathen Poet,--Virgit. .

- - - - - - Fufior alter

Nec Pietate fuit, nef Bello major et Armis." It were to be wished that all such mottos as this might either remain in the Latin Language, or be put into it again, even when they have got out. The idea of a man being excellent both in piety and fighting, should not be proclaimed in chriftendom, por recorded in any nation where the Prince of Peace

is acknowledged ! : . I now launch my little Bark forth into a wicked warring world, without feeling much folicitude refpe&ting the opinions of men concerning it. I. neither fear the malignity of tongues nor the violence cf power. The Warrior's Looking Glafs has truth for its basis, and the happiness of mankind and the glory of God for its end; and, therefore, I shall neither be alhamed to live with it, nor afraid to die by it. ,, im Bes i G. B.:



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Rev. William Law, M. A. ...
Robert Barclay ore
Rev. Thomas Clarkson; M. A.
- James Saurin ..
*Peter Du Moulin, jun. D. D.
- Vicessimus Knox, D. D.

Thomas Hartley, M. A..
ieo - Burdon, M. A.
Thomas Tryon ..Por ;
Batista Angeloni .. .
Rev. Sanuel Clarke ..
Right Hon: Edmund Burke.

Rev. Jonathan Swift, D. D.
M de la Motte Fenelon, Abp. nbrai 94
Rev. John Wesley, M. A.

99 Samuel Johnson, L. L. D.

....: 101 Rer. J. Bradley Rhys ...

. 109
The Marshal Ďuke de Belleisle .. 105
M. De Voltaire
Mr. John Walker ...

114 Henry Redhead Yorke, 1

116 Mr. - Mandeoille M. de St Pierre

121 T. Jarrold, M. D... ..

122 Mr. Gordon ..

124 Dr. Oliver Goldsmith

126 Duke de St Simon

131 King of Prussia

.. 133 Barbauld and Aikin .

136 Sentiments on War in

...: 139 Falstaff's opinion of Honor ; commonly cal

led Falstaff's Catechism ............ 140


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