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Princess had oooupied her long of the Orpbrites, a hardy and days of leisure within the thriving race that inbabited silent palace by the lake in the plain beyond the bills of oompiling & Pang-los of her Ping. This young man knew own. It already extended to no Wise Rules, but he was seventeen volumes, and con. exceedingly well-favoured, rode tained flat contradictions of a magnificent blaok horse, and all the Rules which her suitor was followed by a retinde of had 80 painfully and won a hundred masked arobers derfully digested. Ti Yung with gaudily - painted bows. Seng remonstrated with her He wore body-armour of in vain, and eventually com- bronze-green lacquer, and on plained to the Emperor, whe his head a oloth-of-gold mitre offered to exeoute the Princess, that was set with emeralds but could suggest no other and seed pearls. His eyes were solution of the diffioalty. Ti like the eyes of a faloon, and Yung Seng was greatly per- quite unlike the eyes of Ti plexed, for none of his Wise Yung Seng, who wore speoRules was of any assistanoe in taoles, and in physical stature argument with a reoaloitrant he mightily excelled that pbil. young woman of imperial osopber. When he entered the birth who had never been Palace to do obeisance to the contradioted in her life; on Emperor, the Princess, who one oooasion, indeed, when he was standing at her father's had persisted in reasoning side, contemplated him with with her, she had ordered a deep interest and became slave to whip him, and only thoughtful. Ti Yung Seng, the timely arrival of the who by this time had a seat Emperor had prevented & in the Throne Room, received painful scene. Her temper, the congratulations of the ho discovered, was of the most Prince with complacenoy, and primitive kind in spite of her quoted several extremely Wise great wisdom, and she bad & Rules relating to the bebaviour habit, when annoyed, of making of young men; they did not & bonfire of all her garments appear to impress the Prince, and retiring to bed until now who frowned and made remarks ones oonld be obtained.

in his own language. The Ti Yung Seng was troubled Emperor invited the Prince by her obduraoy, but he de- to be his guest until the oided that he would postpone wedding festivities were ended, any further attempt to reason and the Prince consented with her until after the mar- gladly. He was lodged with riage oeremony, when he would his retinue in the alabaster be able to employ the more garden-house beyond the lake. oogent methods that are usual Ti Yung Seng oontinued to between husband and wife. visit bis betrothed, and was This pious resolution, however, pleased to note that she bewas defeated by the arrival of oame less reoaloitrant, and the Heir Apparent of the King that she even consented to learn some of his Rales. She sultation with him. Ti Yang invented various pleasant de- Seng had been equally annoyed vioes for his entertainment, with the Princess, and for a and it beoame her habit when certain space the fountain of he was visiting her to hoist his philosophy had been choked & yellow flag from the highest by the hot band of anger; bat tower of the Lake Palace. All when he became calm he went well until the morning realised that the affair might before the day appointed for the be turned to his own ultimate marriage ceremony, when Ti advantage. He produced a Yung Seng, as he approached Wise Rule which showed that the Lake Palace, heard the any insult to the child of strident and reiterated sound the Sun and Moon and the of female lamentation. At descendant of the Goddess of first he supposed that such Wisdom was punishable, not unpleasing discords formed merely with death, but also part of some bridal custom, with the sequestration of all but on entering the palace the possessions of the culprit, he disoovered that the Princess these becoming the property had departed during the night, of the insulted divine ope. It taking with her a confidential behoved the Emperor, therefemale slave, and all her fore, to deolare war on the dresses and jewels in thirty- King of the Orphrites, to five camphor-wood boxes. In conquer bis country, and to faot, she left nothing of any set up Ti Yung Seng as king value except her seventeen in his stead, with the Princess volumes of Wise Rules, and as his Queen. After some these she had addressed to debate the Emperor, being Ti Yung Seng, with a short one of those monarchs whose oovering note expressing her rage most easily found allevi. fervent desire that he might ation in the slaughter of other benefit by a careful study of men, consented, though he dethem. Further investigations oided privately that although showed clearly that the Prince his respeot for the Goddess and his retinue had also de- of Wisdom was great, it was parted.

soarcely profound enough to The Emperor was exceed. induce bim to get up Ti Yung ingly angry when he heard Seng as a rival potentate. of the eccentrio behaviour of Then the Emperor sent men the Princess. He lay face with trumpets into every part downward on a bed of dried of the Empire, and tbey sumrose-leaves for a whole day, moned the population to arms. ordered the Court to wear Every one who was oapable of crépe bows on their pig-tails, fighting was compelled to join and caused the great Gong the Army, with the exoeption, of Lamentation to be beaten of course, of Ti Yung Seng incessantly for twenty-four and the Bopzes and the Prohours. Then he sent for Ti fessors; rich men also, by Yang Seng, and held & con- paying a great price, were able to escape. Soon a mighty the old men and the women host that was armed with were unwearied in hurling stinkpots and great bows and vituperation and insult at the painted flying dragons began young men who were too to maroh on the Orphritos, siokly or too lame to fight. and the noise of rattles and Now when Ti Yung Seng gongs was like the thunder had evolved a great number of the angry gods. Bat the of Rales of War, the Emperor Orphrites were andismayed, sent them to his Generals and and came out to meet the ordered that they should imArmy of the Emperor with a mediately be put into praotioe. multitude of arohers who were Three of the Generals oommounted on small, very swift mitted suioide as soon as they horses, and the Prince of the received this command, bat Orphrites led them. There the remainder were obliged to Was & mighty battle and great obey. The Emperor's Army slaughter, and the region of fell into an ambash and was the mountains of Ping was defeated with great slaughter; devastated by both armies, the survivors fled back to the for it was inhabited by an Capital, pillaging their own warlike shepherds and farmers. country as they went, for they Then the two armies erooted had received soanty rations barrioades and fortifications and no pay. And when they and dag great pits, and reached the Capital they prehurled stinkpots continually pared to defend it against the for two months. And they advanoing Orphrites; but they blew horns and beat gongs deposed the Emperor and shut until the whole world was him in an iron oage that hang filled with the noise.

from the city wall, and they In the meanwhile Ti Yang foroed the Bonzes and the Song vat in his palace and Professors and the divine Ti evolved many Rules of War, Yung Seng to join the army all of the most bloodthirsty as common soldiers, and to and terrible oharacter, and the perform the last and most Professors were full of rage and monial of offices. fury, and made plans concern. Then Ti Yung Seng suffered ing the vengeance that should great anguish, for the brutal overtake the Orphrites as soon soldiery sacked his palace and as that race was conquered. took away his fine raiment and Also they invented many novel his golden sword and his and deadly stinkpots, but Batton of the Sapient Owl; he owing to a misunderstanding was olothed in coarse and dirty these engines exuded noxious garments and was beaten with vapours before they were punotilious regularity, and he hurled at the enemy, and lost his speotacles. Further. Blew many of the soldiers of more, when he meditated on the Emperor. The Bodzes the advanoing hosts of the breathed forth destruotion and Orphrites, his bowels were slaughter in the temples, and turned to water and his knees trenabled. None of his Wise when weak men's hearts die Rales afforded him any assist. within them and even the anoe in performing the squalid bravest are troubled, Ti Yung and disgusting duties that Seng, burdened with a mighty were assigned to him, and his load of stinkpots and repeatedly baok was sore and bloody from falling in the slime, went stagthe stripes whioh he received gering over the marsh that and from oarrying great bur- surrounded the oity with a dens of stinkpots. And the great horror of death in bis soul. fear of death was a shadow on Dawn had not yet broken his eyes and a parching drought when they reached the enemy's in his mouth. He thought of camp. The Orphrites, who all the examinations that he were aware of their advent, had passed, and of all the suddenly discharged a quantity wisdom to which he had at- of fireworks and raised a loud tained, but it was no comfort shout. Ti Yung Seng dropped to him; and when he tried to his load and began to run atter a Wise Rale, they loaded towards the city, but he fell him with more stinkpots and headlong in the slime, and the kioked and reviled him. Then man with the goad pricked he received a direot revelation him and compelled him to take from his anoestor the Goddess, ap his stinkpots and advance whioh showed that War was to the attaok. The Orphrites not, as he had formerly discharged a olood of arrows taught, a splendid and glorious and oame rushing out of their thing, but that it was ordel camp like a swarm of angry and brutal and senseless ; bat bees from a hive, brandishing when he tried to reveal this great swords and torches and truth to others he was beaten shouting their war-song. Ti again. And they made a song Yung Seng uttered & yell of of his Wise Rules and forced terror, hurled all his stinkpots him to sing it.

at the man with the goad, who Very soon food became fell heels over head into a deep soaroe in the city, and there- ditoh, and ran towards the fore the Commander of the Orphrites, orging ont that be Army ordered his troops to was Ti Yung Seng, the great sally forth and to attack the philosopher and the Apostle of Orphrites an hour before dawn Peace. The Orphrites rushed on a certain morning. Ti at him and would certainly Yang Seng found, to his dis- have carved him into smail may, that he was expected to fragments with their swords, assist in the attaok. He wopt, but at that moment their and protested that he was Prince oame among them and, extremely unwell; but his reoognising Ti Yung Seng. pleading was of no avail, and ordered that he should be made a fieroo and brutal soldier with prisoner. So they led him into & sharp goad was ordered to their camp, and placed him in assist his progress towards the a small but with a sentry on enemy. In the dark hour guard at the door. And the

Orphrites drove their enemies of the hanging on the morrow, baok to the oity, killing many. he beat his breast and grov

When day broke Ti Yung elled on the floor of his prison, Seng was brought into the and lamented bitterly. And presence of the King of the he thought of all his Wise Orphrites, who was wise and Rules, but there were none just and a great captain. that availed to render the The King received him courte- aspeot of imminent death less ously and ordered that a obair hideous. And he howled like should be placed for him. & dog and beat on the bars Wherefore his soul revived, of his prison. and he counted his troubles After he had done this for as ended. But when he offered some time he perceived that to lead the Orphrites by a one of the bars of the window secret way into the oity, the was loosened in its sooket, King frowned and said : and a faint hope awoke in “Doubtless, O Ti Yung Seng, his heart. He worked at the you are the most learned of all bar very quietly, in order that the philosophers, but you seem the sentry might not bear to be singularly ignorant in him, and at last he was able matters pertaining to ohival. to remove it from its place. rous conduot. My beloved There was an aperture suffidaughter-in-law, whom you ciently large for his body to doubtless remember, has em- pa88, and looking out, he saw ployed her leisure during the that the sentry was sitting absence of the Prince, her by the door with his baok husband, in compiling Rales towards the window. Ti Yung of Honour in several large Seng forgot all the Wise volumes, and has sent them Rules and Rules of Honour; to me. They shall be plaoed his soul was empty of everyin your present residence, and tbing except a fieroe desire to I trust that you will benefit kill the sentry. He olimbed by a careful perasal of them, through the window silently And if you do not know them and pulled the iron bar after by heart after three days and him. Then, as the sentry three nights, you shall in- turned, he heaved op the bar dubitably be hanged."

and smote him on his helmet. Ti Yung Seng pored over The sentry fell without a the books for two days, but sound, and Ti Yung Seng the effulgence of his intel- crept silently away into the leot had become darkened by darkness. adversity, and the learned For some time he wandered maxims of the Princess to and fro within the oirouit seemed to him the ravings of the oamp, and exceeding of one demented. And on fear possessed him, for he exthe evening of the 86oond peoted every moment to hear day, when he knew that his & Bhout proolaim that the wisdom had left him, he body of the sentry had been wept; and when he thought found. Whenever he heard

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