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ministration of a country like go quietly to their homes—to Southorn Baluchistan is bound spread his teachings in proto be pretty sketehy.

paration for The Day. "Now suppose your Bolshe. “But he made a mistako vory vik'agont has managed to reach 'oommon with agitators. Ho India. Whero does the best overrated his powers of confield for his labours lie? trol over the foroes that he Where better than at the Was generating. And before great contres of pilgrimage ? he realised it his leadorship For at these religious fairs was gone, and the Aghori thousands — in some cases, ruled the meb. So then Peter hundreds of thousands - of decided that the time had pilgrims oolloot from the four come for him to seek pastures oorners of India; 80 seed new; for he had no wish to down there is sown broadoast. share in the limelight of an And the pilgrims are then just untimely murder. in the right frame of mind, “¢Bat'--my friend remarked too, to be carried away by the 'do not fear; he will not pornioious dootrines of any esoape us. For every policeself-styled saint or reformer. and lovy-post is warned. And

"So it was with these con. he has given me much useful siderations before his mind that information, such as the my friend was sent to Southern names of their agents under Baluchistan, with orders to training at Tashkend end koop & special watoh on Nani Merv and Askabad, with the Mai. He travelled to the routes they mean to follow. shrine in the disguise of an Oh yes, we have done very agóetio, and there he found Stre- well. But you, sir, you had an wal Poter already in possession. 'anoommonly narrow shave.'

“The rest of the tale is briefly “With that verdiot I entirely told. My friend soon saw that agree. And, if over any one Strewal Poter was the very asks me to visit Chandragup, man he was after. So he took I shall think of the reply of oare to pal up with hina, and Sinan bin Selama, the Arab, to listen reverently to his teach- when appointed by the Caings. When the pilgrims ar. liph to command the Makran rived, the work of propaganda Expeditionary Force : Thou at once began. And in his showest me the road to Makran pose of Yogi, Strewal Peter —but what a difference lies know well how to combine between an order and its exereligious arguments with all oution! I will never enter the the subtle dootrines of the country, for its name alone Soviet-to kindle fanatioism terrifies me.' He knew a thing against British rule. But at or two, did Sinan; and Makran this stage mere murder was no has not altered greatly for the part of Peter's programme; better during the twelve hunfor he wanted his hearers to dred odd years since his day."

Nani kotes there have som had, at



ing hoard maand out solved me to the assisted that

BY LYDIA MILLER MACKAY.' Not long ago two simple swore stoutly that they had Soottish elootors, having been watohed the door of the flats delugod by loaflets either advo- during the whole of the time eating or denounoing Prohibi- in question, and that no human tion in view of the Looal Option boing had gone in or out. poll expeeted next November, After a long period of beand having heard noob talk wildermont, the mystory was and many arguments in and out solved by some olover amateur and round about the Temper. who oame to the assistanos of ance (Scotland) Act, 1913, took the law and discovered that the extreme and, as it would the dood had been done by the now almost appear, the' un- postman. . This supposodly usual step of expending 2d, in harmless official had callod at the parohase of a copy of the the usual hour, and, contrary Aot, and reading it over for to all procedent, had taken themselves. To their amaze- away the body of the old ment they found that it had gentleman with the mails in nothing whatever to do with his post-bag. So little, howProhibition, and that, so far ever, had the witnesses associfrom those who framed it ated the thought of murder having apparently so extreme with a postman, and so sure a stop in view, it seems to have had they upoongoiously been been drawn up with the that a post-bag could contain caution that has long been nothing more mysterious than associated with our national letters and newspapers, that oharsoter,

they had not ever seen the I think it is G. K, Chester- postman in this bow and ton who, in order to prove how unexpeoted 'charaoter. ! our senses may deceive us Esaotly the contrary seems under the influence of a pre- to have happened in conneotion oonoeivod idos, onoo wrote a with this Temperance Aet. So fantastio tale of an old gentlo- sure has the publie been that man who was murdered on it oontains Prohibition, that the the top flat of some London shadowy form of this gigantie mansions. The murder, it was spootre has been seen Aitting in proved by ciroumstantial' ovi- and out of pages where åssurdonco, must have been com- odly it is not. ..!! Linn mitted and the body removed The other alternativo one within a fow minator of midday, dismissos hastily. It cannot and the case was the more be that people writo leaflets puzzling boonuse the porter and make speechos about Aote and several other persons which they have not road! Esports here and there have, Aot. If, thon, the No-License doabtless, put the facts plainly, Resolation is not Prohibition, but those faots seem, for the what is it, and why has it most part, to have fallen on been tho Nemesis of the unboeding ears. Let us, then, “Trade” and the hope of the rid our minds of all procon- Temperance Party for the ooivod ideas, and see what the last seven years ? On what, Aot really contains.

exaotly, are we asked to vote Words and names are often in November ? 80 loosely applied as to befog We are to have three options the imagination, and a defini- put before us. (Here are the tion may olear the air.

exaet words of the ballot Prohibition, as demonstrated papor.) qoross the Atlantio, means that i. No Change Resolation. the manufaoture, sale, importa

(Means that the tion, or distribution of alooholio

powers and disoretion drink is entirely forbidden. The of the licensing court wealthy classes may still be shall remain anobanged.) able to have wine on their 2. Limiting Resolution. tables from oollars stocked

(Means that the pum. under the old system, but no bør of certifioates for the one, from end to end of the sale of exoisable liquors United States, oan now bay a shall be reduced by one single glass of spirits without

quarter in accordance patting himself into opposition with the provisions of

the Aot.) Under the “No - Lioonse 3. No-License Resolation. Resolution ” of the Seottish

(Moans that no oerti. Aot, on the other hand, the

fioate for the sale of exwholesale trade in liquor is oisable liquors shall be allowed to go on pretty much

grantod exoept for inns, as it did before, and hotels, hotels, or restaurants, in inns, and olubs will still be special cases, in accordallowed to sell alooholio liquors anoo with the provisions to their guests, or to any one of the Aot.) takiag a moal on their pre With the first two options mises. With a dootor's order we are not here oonoerned, but liquor may be bought at & as to the third, half the story ohemist's ; restaurants may of the meaning of the Resolu. provide spirits, wipe, or ale tion depends on the little word with meals, and the well-to- “except," and the exceptions do person nood not be under above mentioned seem to the any apprehension that his writer to olear our post-bag oellar will be interfered with; from any suspicion of confor, providing that he bays not taining the body of that less than two gallons at a time, muoh-mordered old gentleman, his liberty to drink may even “Probibition.” dogenerate into license, with. And now for the more out any interference from the partioular meaning of the

to the late the

the sa


otoopt. de or in the

Depielar posts, the

No - License Resolution. If, out very much as they did in by a majority of 55 per the Carlisle area experiment; oont of tho reoorded votes (not and the “Trade," which, in less than 35 per cent of the many instances, seems sincerely electors for the area having desirous of doing its work in voted in favour thereof) tho a better atmosphere, would be Resolution is carried in any given the opportunity of fularea, the grooers' license and flling the aspirations which the drinking bar go out of many of its members have existence. Tho cause of Tom- recently expressed in regard peranoo reaps the enormous to reform. benefit that this entails, for And here an interesting the serious temptations to point may be noted. After goerot drinking offered by the the expiration of the first one, and the scandals of the year of the new restaurant streets se largely oa usod by license, tho proprietor of what the other, are immediately we may call the Reformed swept away.

Publio- house must satisfy tho This is not all, however. The licensing authorities, through licensing authorities, and, be it the figures shown by the exnotod, the same licensing ap- oise, that he has not made more thoritios as we have at present, than two-fifths of his profits may in any area issuo fresh from the sale of alooholio licenses for inns or restaurants, liquors. This provision, which where, as in the Carlislo ex- sooms to have beon somewhat periment, any one may have overlooked so far, should work boer, wine, or spirits with his out, it seems to us, in such a moals. It is true that the way as to make the limitapremises of suoh a publie-house tien most felt prooisely where or restaurant must be struo- it is most needed. It sureturally adapted to the pro. ly means that where the inn, vision of food; but the almost hotel, or restaurant makes sure result of the passing of largo profits through the provithe No - License Resolution sion of lodgings, food, &o., this would be that a certain num- enactment will be little felt; ber of the pablio-houses would, while in the lower distriots of in their own interests, altor great oities for instance, whore their promisos 80 as to moet the the whole profit must be demands of the Aot, and that made on those very meals thoso pablio-houses would go with which “drink” is proon with their business undor vided, there will be very real

now and roformod system restriotion. If any one wants in May 1921, whon the Ro- beer or spirits with his meal, solution will oomo into force. he may have it; bat, on the Things would indood work othor hand, if he only wants beer or spirits, with a bisonit & loaf, however, is surely, in thrown in, it will have to be the present instance, better rathor an expensive bisedit. then no broad, and the

1 This two-fifth provision is only indirectly mentioned in the Act. The reader is referred to an older Act, which gives this as the condition of the renewal of the restaurant-keeper's license.

It must be admitted that objections before mentioned the No - Lioense Resolution is are not, after all, insuperable. far from perfoot. It goes too Since the Aet gives the whole far for some of us, and not matter into the hands of the far enough for othors. It is electorate, the working man not free from a suspicion of will not voto for “No-Lioense" olaos legislation, although on unless he likes it. As a matter this head it may be noted of fact, when in 1887 & plebi. that the Independent Labour soite of the oity of Edinbargh Party has recently, by & was taken on the subject of majority, voted in its favour. Prohibition, the largest number It removes drinking-bars and of votes for the closing of the grooers' licenses without com- publio-house was reoorded in pensation, and it is so hedged the poorest part of the oity, about with “bats" and "ex and the smallest in the West copts” that it practically End, where the miseries oonleaves the situation in the neoted with the present system hands of the licensing au- were known only to the thoritios —- & body that has imagination. As to the hard. not always been 80 whole- ship entailed by the publioan heartedly in favour of Tom- and licensed grocer, they, aftor perance as some of us would all, have had seven years of desire.

warning and of plenty in With all its faults, how- which to insure against loss; over, it is the only measure the licensed grocer, moreover, of teraperance reform now loses only part of his trade, before the country. An inter- and the publican may rooonesting artiole, whioh appeared struot his premises and turn in the November number of restaurant-keeper. To add to

Maga,' advooated State this, the whole thing is in Purobaso as an amendment the nature of an experiment, to the 1913 Aot. Sootland and need only last for three did not, however, rise to this years, a reflection which should idea, and although it is being make an appeal to the candy disoussed for England, there is Soot; while, as & gaide to no suggestion of its being possibilities, it is interesting offered to us Soots at progont. to remember that Ontario Neither does the country ap- tried the same experiment pear to be ripe for Prohibition. many years ago, and that Whatever might have been the when, after three and a half page in the early days of the yoars, . sbe bad an opporwar, it seems certain that tunity of going baok to the Sootland is not now inolined old conditions, the demands to follow Amerioa's example. for Repeal were almost negRightly or wrongly, she does ligible. not wish to go “dry." Half If, then, the Aot is a real

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