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Perhaps no history can, more than that before us, furnish a striking instance of the vanity and uncertainty of all earthly enjoyments- enjoyments the most lawful, the most rational! Blessed, indeed, and only blessed are they who have been taught of God" to set their affections on things above," and to seek “an inheritance in"corruptible and glorious, and that fadeth “not away!”-At an hour, perhaps, when she least expected, Mrs. C. was called upon to attend the sick bed of a beloved mother. By nature ardent in her affections, her mind, without divine consolation, would have been overwhelmed with sorrow; but she expressed to a friend who visited her at this melancholy period, the blessedness of those who have the Almighty God for their support. “Oh, said she, “ what ' a mercy it is that we are in the Lord's hands!—What should I do now, if I had not a God to go to?–Mrs. B's illness, though severe, was not supposed to be so immediately dangerous as it proved.--In a few hours her life was cut off, and the sudden news of it, received just on waking out of sleep, produced most alarming effects on the health of the daughter.—Mrs. C. was immediately seized with very dangerous symptoms, and her malady so much oppressed the powers of her mind, that, during her illness, she was in a great measure incapable of noticing any thing around her.-She survived but a few days, and died at St. Peter's, September the 4th, 1802.

The following extracts might have been greatly enlarged; but it is deemed

preferable to select only a small number of such as are most original and peculiar; and which are best adapted to elucidate the genuine spirit of the exemplary christian, and the real tendency of evangelical principles, when truly received into the heart by living faith, under the sacred influences of the Holy Spirit.

We must not, however, conclude these remarks without observing, that the principal excellency of the character here exhibited, seems to have consisted, in a habitual earnest desire of rendering every incident subservient to the glory of God, and in a jealous watchfulness over her own heart. Of her it may be truly said, that “in all her “ways she acknowledged him,” that he might “ direct her paths.”—The duties

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of every relation, and the great importance of performing them in an exemplary manner; the difficulty of discharging them aright, and the danger and ill effects of failing, or seeming to fail, in any of them, evidently occupied a great part of her thoughts and devotions.—It is particularly deserving of remark, that when about to enter on the married state, with circumstances very likely to engross and dissipate the mind of so young a person ; her great concern was, how to perform the many and arduous duties of the different relations in which she was going to be placed; and lest she should fail of recommending the religion she professed, to those around her. When also she had the prospect of becoming a parent, the great importance of

Even in every

the maternal duty was habitually present to her mind, and prominent in her prayers and meditations.

and meditations. Even in new arrangement that concerned her domesticks, she always sought to GOD for direction and success; constantly aiming to glorify him in her whole conduct, and to prove instrumental to the salvation of the persons whom she employed. The fears too which she expressed, lest the entering upon new and more prosperous scenes, should in any wise ensnare and elate her, and render her less mindful of her poorer brethren; with many similar reflections which the attentive reader will not fail to observe, shew a knowledge of her own heart, a tenderness of conscience, and a genuine sensibility united with soundness of judgment, which, her time of life considered, appear truly admirable.

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