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the hand of my best-beloved friend. May a sense of this his great mercy, and wonderful appearance in our behalf, never be erased from my mind! I came bither on Thursday, Dec. 25, and was kindly received by my new relations; and their attention and indulgence to me have continued to increase. I have been indeed very, very happy; have had all that heart could wish, as it respects temporals; and I think I may add too, which is best of all, that I have been graciously and bountifully dealt with in my spiritual con..


February 3. Still the LORD is following me with great goodness and mercy ! O that in the midst of all, he would be pleased to keep me very humble, and under a continual sense of my utter insufficiency for any good thing, and in an entire dependence upon him for every supply of grace and wisdom that my new si

tuation calls for. Above all, may I be made more than ever earnest to promote his glory, that I may walk worthy the profession which I make ; and never be left in any respect to give occasion either to the world or to the church to say, that I am lifted up, or act inconsistently with being a disciple and follower of the meek and lowly Jesus. May the Lord in his great kindness be pleased to furnish me with all necessary wisdom, that I may recoinmend the gospel to those about me who are strangers to it, and help forward my dearest husband, or at least not in any wise be his hindrance in the divine life: finally, that I may carry it prudently, circumspectly, and affectionately to my dear charge. May I, now that I am called to it, act, as I have before expressed it, just such a part as I should wish another to do by mine.


February 26.

How can I describe the mercies and fa. vours with which I continue to be surrounded, or the snares to which I am exposed ? I find prosperity indeed to be a slippery path, and am often afraid of being disgracefully overcome by it. The LORD keep me prayerful and watchful, so that I may not be induced by solicitations, however plausible, to any thing sinful! I am' receiving many attentions that are pleasing to my nature, and feel not a little gratified. The LORD forbid that my

heart should be drawn away, much less given up to them! To this end, may he ever hide pride from my eyes ! Oh that I may indeed set my face as a flint against every


way, and not, as I fear I have already too much been, be over anxious to please the creature! Here is my easily besetting sin, and by which I am afraid I shall stumble. LORD direct 'me in every respect

for good! I am now looking up to him, to guide me in the proper choice of a servant.

same manner.

May 2. Oh that I had a heart to praise my God as I ought to do! But alas, alas, I grow careless, dead, and indifferent! I


but with how much formality! I read the word in the

How much difference in the performance of these duties now, and seven or eight years ago ! Then it was pleasant, then it was profitable. Oh that it were with me as in months past, when my soul drew near to the LORD in sweet and happy communion! Prayer was then my delight—How did I seek after opportunities for the enjoyment of it! But now I find an aching void. Creatures steal into my affections—I am not like the same person. Oh wretched that I am! Surrounded with every thing that heart can wish, as it respects this world, I cannot yet be completely happy, as I seem to be

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living at a distance from God. By and by the rod will surely come to scourge me-I shall yet be brought back, though with weeping and supplication. But, LORD, deal gently with thy servant. Remember she is but dust. In the midst of deserved judgment, Oh for mercy!

September 9. How good is the LORD to his unworthy servant! Oh that I had a heart filled with love and gratitude to him! He is dealing wonderfully with me, both in providence and grace: in respect of the former, I have every thing that I can possibly desire—I would never wish to be happier. And, concerning the latter, my comforts and consolations, as they relate to my present situation, are neither few nor small. I can sometimes, nay, in general, look forward to the moment of nature's sorrow and distress with a resignation and composure that cheers my very soul.

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