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shrink at affliction? Why not rather welcome it? as at those times especially, with the cross I have the consolation. Blessed be the name of the LORD for every trial I have and do experience! Oh that I might learn obedience by these troubles! Shortly I shall bid adieu to these waves.

“ The last, my soul, will surely come
And waft thee to th' eternal home.”

Oh then for more life while I do live, to serve my precious, invaluable LORD and SAVIOUR! Why am I so engrossed with trifles? Why so cleaving to the dust? Wretched that I aṁ! So stupid, dull and inactive ! Quicken this sleepy, drowsy pace! -When I awake up with thy likeness, then, and never till then, shall I be satisfied.

August 2, 1794. The dear boy of my truly best friend was yesterday taken from him to go to school, being the first day of August, in the eighth year of his age. We have heard the LORD was mercifully pleased to conduct him, with his dear and faithful servant, in perfect safety to the end of their voyage. Oh that he would be pleased to hear the breathings of his unworthy dust, that he may now, in an especial manner, be preserved spotless amidst the temptations and sins of an ensnaring world; that he may be kept by the mighty power of God, even preserved in Christ Jesus ; and in early life, called by his grace.-May the best of blessings, in answer to fervent prayer, be showered on his head while absent ; and if on his return, I should be placed in a near relation to him, the LORD give me wisdom that I may fill it up aright, to the glory of his name and the best interest of the child ! ii :

September 9.

How excellent is thy loving kindness, O LORD! Never surely was I given to see so much of it, as in this last trial. I have been carried through it, I can hardly tell how. My dear, my tender, affectionate, faithful friend and servant, has been this day taken from me.

Under apprehensions of this difficulty for many years, I have been oft times ready to sink. She was the guide of my youth. I mean she was my instructer when I was young, in the service of the LORD. Oh she was a valuable one, and her great love to me was almost unexampled. I was so supported through this trouble, that if she had not had indisputable and continued evidences of my attachment, from my wonderfully cheerful conduct in the last days and hours of her being with me, she might have been tempted to believe that I had no peculiar regard for her, and that her leaving me was not a trial ;

for it was not indeed till the last farewel, that I could shed a tear! I am in this instance a great wonder to myself, and no doubt to those around me; but I cannot appear otherwise than I feel. Surely, I am not insensible to her worth or to my loss! Surely, it was none other than the LORD that upheld me! :

September 22. There is none like unto the LORD-He is carrying me through, and supporting me under, difficulties that have appeared insurmountable. I am now experiencing how much better he is to me than all my past fears. Be it a lesson to me for the future ! All my afflictions, at least in general, seem to consist in dreadful apprehension and fearful anticipation: for when the trial comes upon me, I am so remarkably supported under it, that it often seems not to be compared with the bitter sensations I have expex

rienced in looking forward to it. He is stripping me of one and another; and I know not where this pruning time will end. May I be resigned! Oh may I be profited by all I am called to pass through! ...

December 5., ; Now the cloud is dissipated! Light, that hath been long sown, is at length sprung up! For ever blessed be the name of the LORD! Oh what a wonder working God! May I never forget my deep obligation to him, nor be remiss in looking up to him for the very great wisdom I shall stand in need of, to conduct myself aright in the very important situation I am looking forward to.

January 17, 1795. On the 18th of December last I was united to my dearest husband. It was a day to be remembered by me, in which the LORD kindly dissipated all my fears, and gave me

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