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herences which no doubt will be found in this letter.-Oh that I could learn wisdom by the things which I am, whether by day or night, called to suffer ! I did not close my eyes for sleep till near four this morning, and was awake again at six: this has been my case for many nights, but yet I have to lament that these waking hours are not profitable to my soul:—the pain seems to render me all bewildered and confused ; but “ all is well :” Shall we receive so much good at the hand of the LORD and no evil at all? We must never complain while that promise lasts, “ All things work together for good, &c.” And “as thy day is, so shall thy strength be.” This last has been often a blessed promise to my soul when my situation was resembling yours, my dear friend ; so that the language of that hymn in the selection was as appropriate to my feelings as to yours—I mean—" Thus far the Lord has led me on.”—Ah, when I recollect what I


have been brought through, I can indeed feel for you, my dear, and often pray for you with much liberty of soul and expression : but how different, alas ! is our experience when engaged in the conflict, to what it is when we have escaped the battle it is easy then to justify God in his ways, and to sing of judgment after the display of mercy ; but to glory in the fire, and say with Habakkuk—"Although the fig tree shall not blossom, &c.” yet, (Oh, what a triumph of faith over the suggestions of unbelief!)“ I will “ rejoice in the LORD, and joy in the God of “my salvation.”—How truly happy am I to find that you are favoured with so much spiritual enjoyment !—This will, more than any thing else, make up the deficiency of creature-comforts, and I doubt not but you find it so. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once more let me assure you, that whether

present or absent, in all your joys and sorrows, I am unfeignedly, my very dear --, Your truly affectionate friend,

M. C.


Margate, sth August, 1801. Alas! that I should have been the reluctant messenger of such unwelcome tidings ! I would it had been any one rather than myself! And did I indeed, my beloved friend, fill your heart with grief ?—How painful the reflection to one, who would most gladly have commu. nicated all that had been pleasant, and without the least alloy !—but this was not to be my happiness at that time; it may be, who can tell? reserved for a period not far distant : but whilst you are in this gloomy state of suspense, who can but feel for, and pity you!—I know that I do to my very inmost heart, and would gladly say, or write,

or do, all I can that should, if but in the least, cheer your disconsolate heart.

I have felt great liberty in prayer for you and yours since these afflicting circumstannes have transpired.—Your particular case I have often been led, very feelingly, to lay before our best Friend—and are you not, my dear, in the very best hands ?-And is not the cause the cause of God And will he be silent ?-Does not Zion dwell upon the heart of everlasting love ?-Will not the LORD interpose for his own Vineyard's sake?

Thoughts like these sometimes still my rebellious, refractory, stubborn will: and then I think and resolve that it is only for Omnipotence to say to this mountain, Be thou removed-and to the other--cast into the sea, and it is as easily done as said.Though clouds and darkness be round about him, yet the darkness and the light are both aljke unto him.-When the set time there, fore, to favour Zion at, is come, nothing shall

impede, nothing retard ; no not for one moment. Let us then patiently wait : “It is " good that a man both hope and quietly wait “ for the salvation of God-for though he “cause grief, yet will he have compassion.”-Fear not then my very dear friend ;-Oh, that you may be enabled to leave the issue of all matters with him!. .

How pleasant, that I can meet you, my dear, at a Throne of Grace !-Oh for a good day to morrow!—The LORD come up with our dear friend and minister, and make his word a blessing to our souls!—The Sabbath after the letter I wrote to you, I had a good day indeed.--My heart was heavy, yet happy. Can you make this out ?-I mean it was oppressed with care, yet happy in God; and I hoped that it was a foretaste and prelibation of many blessed seasons, that may yet be in reserve for his unworthy and unprofitable servant.-Shall I say again how glad I shall be to see you? I trust you know and be

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