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Upon the whole your letter makes me hope you are somewhat better.-Oh that it may please God, to perfect that, which concerneth both body and soul !-Happy should I be to hear of the prosperity of both; but always practically believe the latter to be of far the greatest importance.-I am glad that you have religion enough to furnish you with strong desires for more—but, Oh, that I could hear you say, that you not merely desire, but that you delight in, God. In exact proportion as this is the case, do we understand the comfort connected with a life of faith in the Son of God. We know that there cannot be much felicity, while we only desire that which we cannot attain.May you be enabled personally to press forward, till you can say, as I trust I am enabled, at happy moments to do—“I know whom I have believed, and that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him, until that day." —And these blessings my

dear -, are not confined to one only. Many, blessed be God! there are, who are fully persuaded of their interest in redeeming love. and do you not be satisfied, I intreat of

you, till you happily know something of it for yourself.—Much has been gained by prayer: the history of the importunate woman with the unjust judge abundantly proves the truth of this remark.—Through mercy I am pretty well—as well as I must expect to be if it be the Lord's will I hope to keep up till the 10th or 12th of next month-and if not whether it be to night or to-morrow, grant me but his presence, and patience, and I desire to be indifferent-Oh! to be a witness, if but a silent suffering witness, for GodI can say, truly my soul waiteth upon him, and my expectation is only from him.- I am indeed poor and needy; yet I believe the LORD thinketh upon me--what a swe dearing word is that !-to be interested in the kind thoughts of JEHOVAH!.

That this may be your's and mine, is the real wish of, my dear Your's with affectionate concern,

M. C.


Margate, 6th Jan. 1802.

With how many blessings, dear has this new year been ushered into our nation-Oh, the invaluable peace!—and to our families, new comforts.-To us personally, how has it been ?-May I ask my dear is a new heart her new year's gift ?-Oh that it may!-How it would gladden my heart to hear you say so !—I heard of

you indirect way a few days ago.

in an

What great changes are often witnessed in a very little space !—to some, changes in proyou felt

vidence, to others, in experience; but what an unspeakable mercy, if all these do but pave the way for our happily meeting that all important one, which awaits us all, and who can tell how soon!_With all and feared a twelvemonth ago—perhaps you scarcely thought of surviving so long-and yet “He lengthens out your span, and yet your moments run"!-Oh, that it


be to accomplish the best ends, as it respects the good of your precious and immortal soul !

I have pleasure in telling you, that through the mercy

of a kind and indulgent God, my dear children are as well in health, as may be expected from the constant changes of weather we have witnessed.—My much loved and dear Elizabeth is quite well, and grows very nicely indeed.—Pray make our united love to all the dear family, and believe me, my dear Your most affectionate friend,

M. C.


Margate, 29th Jan. 1802.

Your's, my dear, and another instance of your kind —'s undeserved readiness to serve me, I received by Mr. -, and I thank you both sincerely for your kindness to one who feels herself so unworthy—and for all your disinterested concern for me and mine.

Thursday Evening, 4th Feb.

By the cries of my dear Elizabeth I was prevented in proceeding any farther in my

letter; and since that time, the date of the above, I have neither had opportunity or spirits to resume it.--The dear little creature was extremely ill all that night, and on Saturday my fond heart seemed preparing for a separation: we all apprehended she could not surviveat five o'clock that afternoon, I thought it would have been mine to have witnessed the

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