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your sins.

in the Lord's good time, lead

you to embrace the dear Saviour as all your salvation and all your desire. Then, and not till then, will happiness be your portion. Ask it not till you find it in the forgiveness of How truly melancholy your case, considering yourself as it were on the borders of an eternal world, and yet without solid satisfaction as it respects your fitness for that state ! God forbid that I should flatter you with a presumptuous hope! This would be cruelty in the extreme : and there are certainly many things, of which none can judge, so well as ourselves-I mean as it refers to our motives. Bear with me then, my dear —, when I say that the heart, the whole heart is that sacrifice which GoD requires; and if there be this sin indulged, and the other excused, we have good reason to doubt about the sincerity of our motives. But on the other hand, if we can make this appeal to the heart-searching GoD—" LORD thou knowest


all things, thou knowest that I love thee"though not so much as I would, for I wish to love thee ardently and supremely. That I feel sin whilst I am a sinner, is not to be wondered at; but if I hate and abhor it, because it is that accursed thing which God hates; which put his dear Son to death if I mourn over my stubborn will and rebellious passions ; if it is the grief of my heart, that I am so little conformed to the blessed Jesus, and in all respects so little like what I wish to be, as a follower of the Lamb of God, I ask who implanted these holy desires ? Who can have wrought such a change in that heart, which was once enmity against God?-None, surely, but the blessed Spirit of God! and if he has begun that good work, he has promised to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Take encouragement then, my dear : if these be your wishes and views, what should hinder you from appropriating the comforts of the Gos

pel to yourself! It is said that the LORD “ waiteth to be gracious;" that “ him that cometh, he will in no wise cast out ;" that whosoever will

may be saved. Are you then not willing to be saved ? Surely you cannot say that. Are you not willing also to be saved in God's own way ?-Jesus is the Way. Come then as a lost sinner and be ye saved by free grace. Pardon all imperfections, and ever believe me,

Your truly affectionate, M. C.


Margate, May 11, 1801. I am sorry, my dear, your letter has lain by me so long unanswered. Having but just returned from St. Peters, a suitable opportunity has not before offered, for the

purpose of writing to you. I hope you have not once thought me unkind : this would pain and grieve me. Let me, I pray you, hear as much and particularly, as you can,

how it is with you, both in body and mind. I thank you for taking the trouble of copying the psalm, but had rather have heard from then, than from Dr. Watts; for I long to hear the state of your mind, upon which subject you were very brief in your last letter. Do enter into particulars, my dear

and this will furnish me with somewhat to write upon. Is your mind more composed ; and do you gain a steadier confidence in the mercy of God? All things are ready, if you are but made ready to accept the blessings of the Gospel. And what an important thing it is, that we be assured upon this subject! How wonderful that a rational being can rest, without some hope upon this matter! without some assurance of personal interest in the favour of God! I hope, and believe that you are not of that thoughtless number, but that the Spirit of God, may have implanted a deep conviction upon your mind, which will not suffer you to be at rest,

till you find him of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets did write ; and till you receive him, as the altogether lovely; as one able to save you from sin here, and from the bitter, dreadful consequences of sin hereafter. Able also, to make you happy here; yea, happy under such a painful affliction as your's, and completely so, when you shall be admitted to that state where there is fulness of joy for evermore.

A well-grounded hope of this, will reconcile the mind to those circumstances which would otherwise be insupportable. I hope, and pray that

you may find it so. I was truly glad to hear from my — that you were better: if that be really the case, I shall hope to see you at Margate ; this would afford mutual pleasure, I am persuaded.— I was also glad to hear so good an account of

your I feel for her, and hope that God will be her Refuge and Strength in her time of need, and exceed in

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