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a Princeof Power, as well as a Saviour of Peace, “ to give repentance unto Israel,” '&c. Every good and perfect gift must come from him ; but nevertheless, for all these things he will be sought and intreated of, by such sinners as you and I. And, what a mercy it is that he is ever found of such as seek him ! Can we not give him our time, when he has given his life for us ? Surely we can approach the mercy-seat, and humbly ask the Father of Mercies, to give us those invaluable blessings, without which our souls cannot be happy. At least, —, you can pray for a heart to pray, to love, and long for, spiritual blessings. I hope I shall one day have the pleasure of seeing you triumphing in redeeming love, and enjoying all your happiness in God. Oh, what soul-satisfaction would it afford me, and those who love your best interest! Perhaps this may only touch the feelings, and not inform the judgment. I am sensible of the deficiencies, but let me hear that you approve, and receive it in love,

and it will be a great encouragement for my writing (though so imperfectly) again.

Answer in a long letter I beg of you. In the mean time, believe me,

Your real friend, M. C.


Margate, Jan. 3, 1801.


It was, I think, on this day week, my dear

that I was favoured with your truly affectionate letter. It gave me great pleasure; and Oh! that the Spirit of God may dictate every word, and guide my pen so to write as shall be everlastingly for the profit of your precious and immortal soul! I feel the importance of the task that devolves upon me; as I am persuaded, from your uniform conduct of regard to me, that you place some confidence in my opinion. Now, permit me to say, my dear that the things you mention lie so much between God and your

soul, that it it is perhaps rather difficult to ascertain your exact feelings; and how these feelings operate upon your judgment, and how both actuate your conduct. I perceive a great propriety in your being afraid to trust your own heart : because there is, no doubt, too great a truth in the observation you make, relative to that light and knowledge which is communicated by a religious education; and the great proneness there is in the human heart, at the moment of distress, to seek the LORD, and, as the affliction wears off, to depart from him. This, indeed, we have too often seen exemplified ; and I think I have lately been witness to something of the very same sort. This, my dear — should warn you; this should teach you to examine strictly your own heart, and to be jealous of your motives ; but it should by no means I repeat it-by no means discourage you.Though we have too frequently witnessed circumstances of the above painful nature, yet, blessed be God! there is a goodly company


of those who can stand up and say, “In the • school of affliction I learnt my best lessons-lessons to the eternal salvation of my soul ;” and why may not

- be of that number? If many, in the time of affliction, were to wait till the return of health for proof of the genuine nature of their concern, they would never have that opportunity afforded them. When disease enters, who can tell the end? The invitations of the Gospel do not run in this conditional kind of way; it is no where said, or even intimated, that I know of, to this effect; but thus it runs to every soul who feels his sin a burden, and his need of Christ in the

present unlimited sense : Nownow is the ac

cepted time, now is the day of salvation.” Do not lay your account of days, weeks, &c. to come, but come to-day: “ Come unto me,

ye weary heavy laden,” if you have never come before. Ask the LORD to teach pray, to instruct

in the


of salvation.

you to

Tell him your sins, and that which is most upon your mind, your not improving the means which have been offered. Acknowledge this your sin to him ; we have all sins to confess, but the Gospel proclaims salvation. Jesus CHRIST has laid down his precious life for sinners. Yet there is room-make application. What can he have done more ? or what could he say more than he has ? « Whos soever will, let him come.” “ Him that s6 cometh I will in no wise cast out.” “ He s is able to save to the very uttermost.” And, if you can't say you feel such contrition for sin as you ought, remember he is exalted on high, to give repentance as well as remission of sins. I think you can't say you have not a will to be saved ; but if you think even so, ask him (plead that word) to work in you both to will and to do. Oh that I could so wrestle with you, as effectually to prevail ! Let me, I pray you, hear how it is with you, and tell me more of your whole heart. I beg

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