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not, but I could as readily relinquish all other temporal things now, as ever, but for these three worldly attachments, the best of hus. bands, and the two dear pledges of our mutual affection. I feel


very sensibly cleaving to the dust : but I will hasten to sum up this long digression, upon my own personal concerns, by once more ascribing glory to the name of the LORD for all his goodness to the unworthiest : and let him deal with me as seemeth best to him ; only give me patience to act like a Christian under all, and, by a passive suffering of his will, may my conduct speak as loud as words, that I believe him “ righteous in all his ways, as well as holy in all his works.” I thank you, my dear friend, for


welltimed present, which I have read with

general approbation of its contents : indeed, a few sentences excepted, I think it extremely judicious. I will not tell you what these are ; you would only attribute it to a mother's

weakness : indeed, I have much to lament, and need fresh supplies of wisdom, courage, &c. every day I live.—I was sorry to hear from your son the reason you had not been able to write before, but desire to be thankful with you on your recovery. With united love and respects,

Believe me yours, &c.




Margate, May 11, 1801. My obligations are increased to my dear Mrs.

for ner speedy and unmerited attention to my last, which gave me pleasure on several accounts : to find that I

my surmise, and to hear that all your family were so well.— I hope that we shall soon have the pleasure of seeing you at Margate ; the season of the year and fineness of the weather, are very inviting, and I hope may induce you to come down.


Indeed, I have reason to be thankful for the kind interest you take in my happiness, which is much, and perhaps too much, made up in the welfare of my family. Through mercy, at present we are all well. My dear boys enjoy a good share of health : they are grown since you saw them, and grow daily into my affection. I feel truly inadequate for the management of them, and the bringing them up; so that I am often saying, “Who is sufficient for these things?" I think I do prize that part of the word, " If any man lack wisdom," &c. for we know there are treasures of wisdom and knowledge in God, and that he often communicates them, according to our needs. We never do worse than when we foolishly think we can manage for ourselves. It is a mercy that we thus meet with disappointments, as it serves to wean us from that spirit of self-dependence which is very congenial with our nature.

I have abundant reason to be thankful for the ministry of Mr. -, as I believe it has been much blessed to the real profit and advantage of my soul.

soul. I have often felt comforted under his labours, and trust I have generally experienced deep humility, and such sensations as I think have had some influence in moderating my attachments to creature-comforts (which are a great snare to me), and of giving me a general indifference and deadness to the world, in aspiring after holiness, and hatred to sin, &c. &c.

Pray accept, and present our kindest love to Mr.- and your family; and believe metruly,

Your affectionate and obliged, &c.



Margate, 4th Dec. 1800.

I hope my dear friend had the satisfaction of finding her dear children quite well. I desire to be thankful that William has got quite through the cow-pock, and Thomas and John promise for doing as well. This I shall esteem a fresh mercy from the hand of the Almighty, and which I hope may have its due effect to lead me to love and serve him with my whole heart. The heart is what God requires, and nothing less; more we cannot give him.. Of what infinite importance it is, to be satisfied how it is with us in these respects, seeing that nothing short of eternal death or life depends upon the disposition of our minds with regard to religious concerns. God and Mammon are irreconcileable, and we must be either the LORD's friends or hisenemies. You will, I hope, pardon me for this digression, and not think me an intruder for touching upon this subject, which I perhaps

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