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tears of gratitude for the many undeniable proofs I have had of your sincere attachment.

Can I ever forget the hours we have redeemed from sleep, that we might sweetly converse together of the good things of God? —No, I cannot.—When I have rejoiced, you have rejoiced, and when, through sudden temptations or trials, I have been constrained to weep, you have kindly wept with me. Yes! there was a time when I believe, if you had an idol in your heart, I was that idol :but even then, if you call to mind circumstances that are past, I was constrained out of pure love to you, to be faithful to you, in pointing out those things which I thought were not right ; and you always assured me, that you took it well of me. And in the end you will not be sorry that you have had my mind in this matter. Your confidence, as formerly, I can scarcely expect ;-though, if I have it not in part, I shall be mistaken. Oh! that the Lord would appear for you in every difficulty with which you may be exercised through life!—That he may graciously forgive all that has at any time been amiss and give you wisdom and prudence to fill up whatever situation and relationship the LORD has designed for you.

Your's, &c. M. C.



Margate, 1st Dec. 1798. I have frequently stood reproved in my own mind, for not acknowledging the receipt of two very friendly letters from dear Mrs.

I have nothing worth the name of an apology to offer, unless it is a sameness of ill conduct to all my other friends. With christians, however, these things may in a measure be dispensed with; and would, could I persuade myself you had not taken, or rather mistaken, it as a mark of disrespect: for this I should be grieved ; but would willingly persuade myself it is not so.

We thank you for all your kind information relating to the missionary business; and heartily wish them God speed. Without his blessing what do we to prosper? and with it what shall fail? the poverty of means is nothing with him. Herein he works like a sovereign, and lays aside the petty distinctions we are continually making respecting men and things..

I hope the LORD is prospering you and your's in all your attempts for the advancement of his glory and the good of his creatures; and that your domestick comforts of every sort, are continued and enlarged, as far as we may wish them to be so in this wilderness, where the bitter follows the sweet, and the comfort has its attendant cross; so that we may always sing a mingled song of judgment and mercy.

The Lord bless you and your's, my dear friend. Accept our united kind remembrance to yourself and children,

· Believing me, Your affectionate friend,

M C.



Margate, March 29, 1796. Well indeed may I be ashamed, on looking back to the date of your last kind letter. Will you pardon the neglect, my dear friend? I have nothing to say by way of excuse, much less to justify myself for the omission. I am sure I have no right to expect a single line from you ; but your past kindness to me encourages me still to hope that you will not yet give me up to my deserts.

Believe me, it afforded me much pleasure to learn by the return of Mr. , of the ge


neral welfare of your family, and more particularly to find that the presence of the LORD seemed to be with you. I heard him speak with much satisfaction of the profit he derived, by uniting with you in family-worship, the morning he breakfasted at your house, and how much he considers himself indebted to Mr. — , for his great kindness to him: indeed the very ingenuous, friendly part he acted, ought never to be forgotten. I speak as I think, my dear friend, for, however my dear partner and myself are given to see some things in a different light, I bless the LORD, this never gave us one dissenting word. I was therefore truly happy (seeing the anxiety under which he laboured, and the scruples he was exercised with,) that he was directed to one so well calculated to act the faithful unprejudiced part. Oh! how much are we indebted to the LORD for domestick peace and happiness! I can never tell you the depth of my obligations to him for this and the many

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