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forget the dark cloud of Providence which once hung over our earthly prospects, and seemed to threaten that it should never be light, Oh! how should a remembrance of the great and wonderful things the LORD hath done for us, incline our hearts to trust him with all future events! but I want to learn this lesson daily.-Lord increase our faith! Remember your unworthy wife in all your petitions at a throne of grace, as she does you; and, if possible, with equal feelings of love and affection. I ask not for greater. I hope to hear from you to-morrow, and beg you to believe me, Your truly affectionate wife,

M. C.

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TO I thank you for your very affectionate letter; and have no doubt but you will be

lieve, it afforded me pleasure to find that upon the whole, it was better with you than it had been.

Oh! how many mercies have we to be thankful for!-How are they heightened, by comparing our situation and circumstances with thousands and tens of thousands in the world !-How are they enlarged indeed, when we reflect on present ease and past pain of either body or mind, through the which we have been brought !

The LORD increase our thankfulness for the past, our faith for the future!—May we learn to live, as dependent creatures ought to do, on him by the day—then shall we not be over anxiously concerned about the uncertain to-morrow, which may never be ours. We shall have a sweet peace and tranquillity of mind, which none but he who feels it knows. The LORD grant it to you and to me, more abundantly!

As an individual, when I consider how

tenderly I have been dealt with in every respect, I can but be amazed, and say, why me? LORD, why me?-When I reflect on what great things the LORD hath done for me, especially of late, I hope I feel a grateful heart.—How have I been favoured as a wife, and now as a mother!—And here I can but tell you how differently the LORD has seen fit in his righteous Providence to act towards


who had indeed a time of sorrow and of difficulty, never I imagine to be forgotten.

Will you not join with me in saying that I have the greatest cause for thankfulness? for who hath made me and mine to differ from others in these respects ? My precious boy, though an uncertain comfort, here today and gone to-morrow, nevertheless gives us every flattering hope of life of life with health too-He scarcely ever ails any thing

I have the greatest pleasure in nursing and doing for him imaginable, and —'s heart too, is not a little drawn out towards him. She deals very kindly and tenderly with him indeed, for which I desire to be thankful. Your's sincerely,

M. C.


20th Feb. 1796. I have been in daily expectation of hearing from you, but till now am without


direct reply to my last, only as I am willing to accept your sentiments of love and affection breathed towards me in your's to -

You must be well assured in your own mind, from my general conduct, that I have a great love and regard for you; and I am as truly persuaded in my own heart, that your's is still as great for me. Under these ideas you cannot wonder that I was hurt-Nay,

put the matter home-place yourself in my situation, and you will easily account for all my feelings.

But, having honestly given you my sentiments on the subject, I desire no more to repeat them, nor even to think of, but to have entirely done with, the matter. You know, as I love


I must be concerned at having given you pain; and very gladly would I mitigate any unpleasant feelings with which you are or may be exercised, if it were in my power: for I can never forget that long, that sweet friendship which has happily subsisted between us for so many years.—No change of circumstance on my part has occasioned this, nor will any in your's. I must still remember the time when we were so situated, that we took sweet counsel together, and walked to the house of God as friends. A recollection of these times knits my very soul afresh to you; and, were you here, I believe I could weep over you with tears of affection; yea, with

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