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This distressing circumstance happened within sight of the pier, but the sea was so rough that no assistance could be given in time. They have left wives and friends to lament their loss ; and Capt. P. a son, a dear little infant about the age of mine, which is very pitiable indeed : and, if we turn our eyes for a moment to another view of the subject, and reflect what an important change it was for them! Launched out of time into eternity! Oh, what a sermon was this circumstance to all the spectators! God grant that it may be improved to the advantage of them all! The event admonishes all who hear of it, in language like this, “ Be ye “ also ready, for in such an hour as ye think “ not, the Son of man cometh.”

Our friends here, are about as well as usual. Present our respectful remembrance to --, and believe me truly, my dear boy's, Most affectionate mother,

M. C.

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That I may not be disappointed of the great pleasure I promise myself, my dearest love, I begin to write immediately after breakfast. I did not find myself so much disposed for the work yesterday as I expected, which was all very well, as my hands were pretty well kept in action by our sweet babe.

Thus have I given you a full account of my dear little charge ; but have not told you how I long to hear of your welfare. I trust the LORD will presently put a fresh song of praise into my mouth, by the receipt of a letter, for which I am in eager expectation. His mercies have known no bounds for us. Oh! that our gratitude were but propor

tioned to his goodness !—We know, I trust my love, by blessed experience, how pleasant a thing it is to give thanks, in our small and languid breathings : but, what mut it be, to do it to the full import of these words ?

“When all thy mercies, Oh! my God,

“My rising soul surveys,
• Transported with the view I'm lost

"In wonder, love, and praise.' There was a time (Oh! how sweet is the recollection,) when I could more emphatically adopt them as my own. You know to what I allude; even to those many months, which, however trying and tedious to some, were, I believe, the best I ever knew in my life. I would wish to repeat this to you over and over again. Oh, that the LORD would write it upon our hearts as with the pen of a diamond! At the remembrance of it now, I cannot but rejoice, when my heart is not in tune for any other spiritual service whatever. The eye of the mind may look backward as


well as forward. Here is my soul's delightful repast ; oft times I can rejoice in the past when I tremble for the future: many a sweet refreshment doth it afford me, when I can talk or write of all those his wondrous works; well may I say wondrous works, for I could never have believed my mind could have been brought to such a state of serenity in a situation, in which I once thought, I should have been the most exposed to storms, to gloomy doubts and fears; but, for ever adored be the name of the LORD! the very reverse was my case, and a sweet calm was given! I felt an absolute indifference concerning the event, as it respected myself ; so that I could truly say:

Or life or death, 'tis equal weight.” If life; Oh may I live to thee. But for you, my greatest earthly treasure, I did most sensibly feel : on this account I conflicted with many sorrows and sighs, only known to myself, and that God who sees



the inmost recesses of the heart, and to whom, of all creatures, surely I stand the most indebted. In all respects my cup hath run over. I have had a contented mind, which has been a continual feast; “ Not unto “ us, not unto us, but unto his name be all “ the glory!" Oh how great is the goodness of the LORD to those who put their trust under the shadow of his wings! I heartily unite with you, my love, in thankfulness to the God and Father of all our mercies, for this fresh one of taking care of you and our dear boy, so far on your journey. I hope to-morrow to hear that he is quite well.

Ah! on how many accounts have we occasion for thankfulness ! Nor is that the least which you particularize. May we remember with humility the cause of all differences in religious matters ; but with gratitude, who hath made us so happily to agree to differ. My heart deceives me not, surely, when I

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