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mercifully vouchsafed you a considerable share of health : this is a great blessing ; because without it you can never have much enjoyment in any comfort of life. Wealth is is not once to be compared with it. He hath given you a precious and immortal soul, in comparison with which, all else is a mere trifle to you ; the things of this world “perish in their using," and "riches often make themselves wings, and fly away." Besides, how precarious is life! Though young, my dear boy, no one can insure, that another day or hour shall be yours. May your early cries be united with ours, that the God in whom you live, move, and have your being, may

make you a seed to serve him from your youth up; that all your life may be devoted to his service, that so, you may die in his favour, to be for ever with him in glory. These, are the very frequent petitions of your dear papa on your behalf, who offers them with a feeling, of which, at present


have very little conception. But, I earnestly hope you may live to receive answers to them; then, and only then, can you know the value of a praying father.

We shall be very glad to hear from you as soon as convenient: in the mean time, be assured we often think of you.

Now, this long epistle, like all other things, must have an end. Pray present our united, kindest respects to - Your dear &c. &c., are all as well as usual, and none, I believe, better in health, than Your truly affectionate mother,

M. C.


Margate, April 30, 1796. : Your letter of the 25th, my dear boy, was truly welcome, as we had been in expectation of hearing from you for some days. We es

teem it a distinguishing mercy, at the hand of our God, that you continue so well in health and spirits.

We are truly glad to hear so pleasing an account of you from all quarters ; and earnestly hope that you will continue to merit the kind approbation of your friends.

Go on, my dear boy, and endeavour to acquire every wished for degree of useful and profitable instruction ; and while so doing, forget not, I pray you, to be thankful to that GOD, who has given you a capacity for it. Remember who it is that has made you to differ, in these respects, from many. Be thankful to him then for this, and for all the very many other mercies and comforts with which you are surrounded. You have been very highly favoured indeed by Providence, as it respects temporal things. What could have been done more for you, than the LORD hath done? I mean in affording you the means of making the present life comfortable.

But ever recollect, you were born for greater ends, than the mere enjoyment of temporal things. You have a soul, the importance of which, if I were to labour to eternity, I could never give you a just and adequate idea of. May the LORD, the Holy Spirit, do this kind office for you, now while you are in early youth, and ere you are led away by the snares and temptations of a flattering,

flattering, deceitful world. Many are the promises, in the word of God, to encourage young persons to be found in Wisdom's ways. They are said to be

ways of pleasantness, and all her paths

peace.” The LORD says “I love them " that love me, and they that seek me early “ shall find me.” Do you then, my dear love, 6 remember

your Creator in the days of your youth :” “ call


him while he is near; “ seek him while he may be found.” Look to the instances in the Bible, of those who have done this. Samuel, Josiah, Timothy, and even our Blessed Saviour, of whom it is

recorded, that at twelve years old, he was found in the temple hearing, and, to the surprize of those about him, asking questions. Happy should we be, to answer all your little enquiries on this subject, and to take you by the hand, and lead you in the way of salvation.

But I must hasten for the present, to conclude, only saying that, through mercy, we are all well and unite in kindest respect to Mr. and Mrs. and tenderest love to


Believe me, my dear boy, &c. &c.

M. C.


Margate, Feb. 24, 1798.

We were truly glad to receive so good an account of our dear boy, by his letter of the 6th. I fully intended replying to it last

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