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always esteem it a favour to lear from you, whenever inclination and opportunity concur. Even now I wish much to know how it is with my dear , but dare not ask a line from her ; indeed I hardly feel spirit enough to address a line to her, though it is what I wish to do. Will you present our most affectionate love to her and her's, and to your valuable and honoured mother, as well as to the rest of your family? Pray inform our friends that my — is much better, and believe me, my dear , that I really consider myself,

Your much obliged as well as affectionate,

M. C.



Margate, April 25, 1795.. 's return afforded us all much pleasure. We were glad to welcome him home;


but doubly so, as he gave such a pleasing account of our dear . Good children cannot fail of being esteemed by those who know them. What an encouragement is this, to you my love, to persevere in endeavouring, by all possible means, to gain the affection of those who will always have a pleasure in rewarding you for your good behaviour !_Your school-fellows will love you, if they observe you gentle, affable, and affectionate in your deportment. Always avoid entering into any disputes or quarrels; and above all, my dear

, never let it be said, that you are capable of telling an untruth. If your fault have been ever so great, always acknowledge it. This is the most ready way to obtain forgiveness: but to tell a falsehood is a very great offence both to God and man. Ever consider this, that the LORD knoweth all things. He knows indeed, every thought you think, and word you speak ; every breath you breathe you receive from him. He is always doing

you good ; for both your food and raiment you are indebted to hiin; and indeed there is nothing you enjoy, but you wholly depend on him for it. You can never, therefore, my dear boy, sufficiently love so great, so good, a God. I trust you do not then, as you are so bountifully dealt with from his liberal hand, omit thanking him for the past, and praying for the continuance of his mercies for the future. To live, and in the enjoyment of so many blessings, without

prayer morning and evening, would be very ungrateful indeed! But I hope better things of you, my dear, though I thus write.

I often think of you; and, could I travel with my thoughts, I should have paid you many a visit at C- In my busy imagination, I frequently see you in your studies and in your play-ground, but in these places, were I actually present, you could hardly find time to entertain me: very soon now, my love, (if the LORD please) we

shall begin to think of seeing you here. This will give us all much pleasure.

All here unite in the most hearty love and good wishes to their dear boy, in which none is more sincere than Your truly affectionate,

M. C.


Margate, Oct. 29, 1795. With great pleasure, my dear boy, do I now take up my pen to write you a few lines ; and the more so, as I trust they may not be unpleasant to you. My study shall be that they also may not be altogether unprofitable.

You are blessed with a very active mind; and my most hearty prayer and wishes are, that it may be early employed in pursuit of the noblest object. That your time and talents should be devoted to the acquiring of as great a degree, as possible, of useful know

ledge, in the different branches of learning to which your attention may be directed by those kind friends under whose roof you'are placed, is extremely necessary and proper : and I would always wish you to be very emulous in this respect, that none may excel you in diligence, and in your endeavours to do credit to those, whose labours are often very considerable in cultivating the minds of unsteady, unthinking youth. But never let this be your whole, or greatest concern. You know, my dear boy, to what I allude. Let your mind and genius be as lively as they may, yet in these things especially, your memory will frequently need to be refreshed : and, let the importance of the subject prove always a sufficient apology for being told the same thing over and over again.

How much,, my love, have you to be thankful for! You will never know the extent of your mercies. Consider what the Lord hath done for you already. He hath

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